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C9 Seduction?

"Young Master Ji?" There was a hint of surprise in Mu Yunfann's tone.

"Yes." "Gu Rou is your assistant," Ji Chenxi said.

Mu Yunfann probably did not expect Ji Chenxi to ask such a question. She paused for a moment before answering, "Yes, why?"

"It's said that she only came to the company for a year. How did you find her? I remember that you usually have high requirements for choosing people." Ji Chenxi's voice was low, and coupled with his slow and steady speech, it did not sound like a problem.

However, those who knew him knew that although Mu Yunfann looked calm on the surface, there were actually very complicated and unfathomable emotions hidden in his heart.

Therefore, a trace of anxiety arose in Mu Yunfann's heart. She pondered for a moment. She honestly explained, "She and I happened to know each other. She gave me the feeling that she was my sister, and I couldn't help but hire her. Young Master Ji. Why did you suddenly ask about her? Did she make a mistake at work? Gu Rou was not experienced, but she was very smart and diligent. Besides, I have arranged for some easy and scattered work for her at the moment. I don't think she will disturb you, right? "

"It's not about work. I'm just asking. It's nothing. You can continue working."

After saying that, Ji Chenxi hung up the phone without waiting for Mu Yunfann to respond. His deep black eyes looked at Gu Rou thoughtfully until she woke up.

Compared to Ji Chenxi's calm and collected expression, Gu Rou's eyes were filled with panic.

Why was she still with this person?

Also, where was this luxurious and elegant place?

Gu Rou only remembered that she was trapped in the elevator and did not remember the situation at the back.

She subconsciously grabbed the blanket and stared vigilantly at Ji Chenxi, questioning him, "Where is this place? Why am I here?"

"This is the private lounge of President's office." Ji Chenxi replied casually.

Gu Rou was shocked again.

This was the President office? Could he be the President here?

"You once climbed onto my bed and seduced me, but you still don't know who I am? Or do you want to continue pretending to be stupid? " Do you really think I'm that easy to fool? "

Ji Chenxi...

Isn't this the name of my company's Lord President?

He is Ji Chenxi?

He came from a wealthy family. He is handsome and outstanding, and he is also the founder of the famous King's Landing Century, Ji Chenxi.

Oh my god...

Gu Rou was shocked. Then she remembered that he seemed to have said something about her seducing him. She immediately panicked and explained subconsciously, "Boss Ji, don't misunderstand. That day, she seduced him. The incident on the cruise was just an accident. I don't know why I appeared on your bed. But I really didn't want to have sex with you. "

"You're still pretending?"

I'm not pretending! " Gu Rou could not help but raise her voice. When she was faced with this kind of information, her brain could not process it at all. Under his fiery and sharp gaze, there was only one thought in her messy heart, and that was to escape!

She wanted to immediately escape this cramped space that made her at a loss!

After thinking about it, she immediately took action.

However, she had only taken a few steps when she was stopped by a powerful force.

Ji Chenxi grabbed her from behind. His mouth was close to her ear, and his deep, almost hoarse male voice was bewitching as he said, "You want to capture but not control. Do all you women love this kind of trick? But what are you? What right do you have to play tricks in front of me? "


Not every woman has the right to play tricks on me. You're not worthy! " Stop your tricks, it's useless to me! "

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