CEO's Necklace/C1 There Was Only One Truth
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CEO's Necklace/C1 There Was Only One Truth
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C1 There Was Only One Truth

At Ye Group Group's hotel, there was currently a grand display of new jewellery items.

Su Tang's eyes were fixed on the stage, filled with admiration and envy.

Which girl doesn't love this bulking jewel?

At this time, the host continued to introduce, "Thank you very much, guests, for your comments on D. Love series of support and love, then, so, the main show is coming, is about to appear in this jewellery ceremony of the finale exhibition! Designed by the famous jewellery designer Gloria, it uses the 50 carat Naked Diamond that our company sold at the French Auction House as an item … "

What the f * * k! Fifty carats!

Just as Su Tang was lamenting, the lights suddenly dimmed and the entire venue turned pitch black.

The darkness brought with it all sorts of uneasiness. The frightened and screaming crowd immediately made the environment noisy.

However, the recovery of the electricity was also quick, and the venue became bright again.


Everyone's attention was attracted over and they saw the host's face fall to the ground in panic as he stammered, "Xiang … Necklace... It's gone! "

Instantly, the scene went into an uproar. Everyone looked towards the display tables. The item that was considered priceless had actually disappeared without a trace!

Almost reflexively, Su Tang's gaze swept across the few people closest to the stage.

There were fashion critics who were discouraged, young ladies who were still in doubt, and more guests who checked their belongings.

With such a big event, the Ye Group Group's security chief immediately brought his men in. At the same time, the inn was also sealed off, and the security personnel began to check out the guests one by one, arousing everyone's dissatisfaction.

"I'm very sorry, but I have to trouble everyone to cooperate with our investigation and give you trouble." The security personnel kept apologizing, but did not stop their investigation.

Su Tang stood still as a monk, pondering over the information — to be able to steal the necklace in such a short amount of time without exposing her whereabouts, it was clear that she had planned this long ago.

Right, turn off the lights! It should be a group crime!

After the incident, only those present could not enter. This meant that the necklace was definitely in the venue!

The security personnel had already begun requesting that the guests present be searched. Some expressed their understanding and willingness to cooperate, while others who were confused even began arguing.

This kind of chaotic situation was the best time for thieves to ship the gems out!

Su Tang's gaze initially locked onto the few people closest to the stage, but at this moment, she observed them more carefully.

She noticed that the host and the security chief, whose mood had eased a little, were looking at each other. Strangely enough, their gazes had only been in contact for a short period of time. If it weren't for Su Tang's coincidental attention, she definitely wouldn't have known who the host was looking at.

In a split-second, Su Tang suddenly thought of something. The light in her eyes suddenly grew brighter — there was only one truth!

The host was colluding with the Security Division's Chief, trying to steal from them!

Su Tang's eyes locked onto the suspect she had identified as she dashed away. When the staff at the side saw Su Tang's actions, they thought that she was planning on running away out of guilt. She shouted into the walkie-talkie as she gave chase.

The security chief hadn't noticed what had happened, but when he turned around, he saw a girl running towards him with a furious glare. Following that, a large group of subordinates also chased after him.

Finally, after trying his best to maintain his calm, he was unable to hold on any longer. The security chief ran away and quickly dashed into the crowd.

The security personnel behind him were about to go blind. What kind of wondrous operations did a supervisor have? He was still hoping to stop the girl, but how did he manage to run faster than a rabbit?

Lili chased after him, but the security chief was more familiar with the terrain. After a few twists and turns, Lili had lost someone several times. When she was almost to the hotel lobby, she saw someone again.

Strangely, this time, the security chief didn't dodge and instead chatted with others as if nothing had happened.

Little kid, you sure know how to act! Su Tang sneered. She quietly sneaked over, planning to catch him off guard.

However, just as she placed her hand on the bandit's shoulder and was about to exert her strength, the bandit twisted her arm, causing her to be unable to move.

Although Su Tang had suffered a loss, she didn't back down. She grabbed the man in front of her and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Someone come quickly! The one who stole the necklace is here!"

The sound of flustered footsteps could be heard. From Su Tang's angle, she could only see the legs of the people lining the rows. However, they were all standing aside and did not move forward.

This made her extremely anxious, "What are you all standing around for? He's the thief who stole the necklace! Hurry up and catch him! "

The ruckus around them had died down.

Su Tang struggled to get up. As soon as she lifted her head, she saw an incomparably handsome face. Her eyes were sharp like an eagle's, and her facial features were sharp as a knife.

He looked around and then looked back. None of them were the fierce-looking guy that the security chief was talking about.

Buzz. Buzz. She seems to be. He had recognized the wrong person!

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