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C10 When Is the Habit of Thinking too Much about Yourself

"No, CEO Ye, you are handsome and elegant. If you want to be your girlfriend, you can lead your arms around the world!" Su Tang put on a brilliant smile that made Ye Ziyao absent-minded for several seconds.

"What about you?" Ye Ziyao chuckled. However, his tone was shallow. For a moment, Su Tang didn't know whether he meant it to be teasing or serious.

Su Tang was frightened by Ye Ziyao's nonsense and stammered, "Of course... I also really admire you! "

"Is that so?" Ye Ziyao was dissatisfied with the sudden word "you" and felt that Su Tang was deliberately keeping her distance from him. Moreover, adoration was a completely different thing.

Ye Ziyao turned his head and lightly glanced at Su Tang. Su Tang happened to meet his eyes and hurriedly looked around. He then abruptly changed the topic, "About that... "Today's weather is perfect for hot pot. You drive and I'll navigate."

"Alright." Ye Ziyao didn't know what to do with his sudden dejected mood, so he nodded and didn't say anything more.

The place Su Tang pointed to wasn't too far away. After they parked the car, they went straight to the restaurant.

After finding a seat, Su Tang quickly ordered the dishes. The hot and spicy smell of the hotpot restaurant stimulated every single cell in Su Tang's body. Even the awkwardness from the car was gone. Her big eyes were bright and spirited.

"I always ask you to treat me to food. Next time, you must give me a chance to treat you. "Come, let's have a drink to celebrate!" With that, Ye Ziyao picked up the cup.

Su Tang replied, "Alright, thank you."

Su Tang had wanted to find someone to celebrate this good news, but most of her friends felt that writing novels was not a long term solution, and so they were unable to get her to be happy.

However... Luckily, she had her number one fan, Ye Ziyao!

There is nothing more joyful than celebrating with your own reader, though the reader is odd.

"Which publishing house did you publish your novel at?" Whether it was in public or private, Ye Ziyao felt that it was better for him to take the initiative when Su Tang's novel was being published.

Su Tang looked strangely at Ye Ziyao and didn't think much of it. She casually told him about it and then slowly asked, "It's just an ordinary publishing house. Why are you asking me this?"

Ye Ziyao lowered his eyes as if he was thinking about something, which made it hard for people to tell his mood. Su Tang could only support her chin as she bit her chopsticks and stared at him.

"I was thinking …" Ye Ziyao suddenly opened his mouth and saw Su Tang staring at him. He narrowed his eyes mischievously and said, "Is there something on my face? "He's so engrossed in it?"

"Huh?" Su Tang immediately came back to her senses and looked away in panic. What was she doing just now? Staring at a man who had fallen in love?

Thinking this way, Su Tang shook her head. The expression on her face was as rich as it could get.

Ye Ziyao found it interesting and was surprised. It turned out that a person could show so many expressions in just a few seconds.

"What did you just say?" After Su Tang adjusted her facial expression and inner turmoil, she returned to her normal appearance.

Ye Ziyao said, "I said, I was thinking about it. I've also heard that some of the more popular old authors in your publishing house have long term contracts with each other. Many of the books are in their hands, so the competition is fierce and the benefits aren't that great. Have you considered changing the platform?"

"How do you know so clearly?" Su Tang blurted out. She was curious. As a manager of a company, he must be very busy. How could he have the time to understand all this?

"I have a publisher under me, so I occasionally look at market figures." As someone who was good at negotiation, it wasn't difficult for Ye Ziyao to lie in front of his big eyes.

If the chief editor of Yelan Publishing House knew about this, he would definitely suspect that life wasn't good. Who didn't know that Ye Ziyao was merciless and only looked at the data.

Every month, Ye Ziyao only looked at the earnings of the publishing firm's monthly reports, making a lot of money. The less he earned, the more he would leave!

However, Ye Ziyao felt that there was nothing wrong with what he did. Since ancient times, it had always been the victor and the loser and the thief. If a dignified CEO had to manage the company's strategic decisions and operations, then what was the point of employees?

However, Su Tang didn't know about all of this. She only felt that Ye Ziyao was being too responsible. Under the effect of such a halo, she felt that his reputation points seemed to have increased a little!

"Actually, it's still alright! Besides, my books are not that popular, so those things have nothing to do with me. " Su Tang didn't understand any of this, she only felt that they had already signed an agreement and didn't intend to change it again.

"Why not? "I've read your essays and they are quite rigorous. Furthermore, you have a good grasp of the situation as well. But that publishing house is mostly romantic and court novels. Have you ever thought about changing it?" Ye Ziyao was seriously discussing this topic with her.

Su Tang also became serious. She might know Ye Ziyao's analysis, but it was easier said than done.

Furthermore... A family of a thousand would be inferior to this one!

"I've thought about it before, but after checking many publishers, I didn't have the energy to get in touch with them one by one. Furthermore, my books are not popular and those famous publishers might not be willing to accept them. " Su Tang said honestly.

Even this time, his second edition was going to drag Ye Ziyao down and give her so many benefits.

"What do you think of Ye Lan? If they can appreciate your book, they might have a chance. " Ye Ziyao asked Su Tang as a friend.

Su Tang shook her head like a rattle drum. "How is that possible? I'm already surprised that they're able to publish my book this time."

She might not know what she was capable of, but with her reputation of Yelan Publishing House here, she was at odds with other people. She would not be happy in the future!

"How would I know if I haven't even tried?" Ye Ziyao felt that Su Tang's appearance was extremely cute, even her voice contained a hint of a smile.

"You want me to try?" Su Tang looked at Ye Ziyao doubtfully. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, but her mouth was faster than her brain. She almost immediately said what was in her head, "You aren't thinking of taking me through the back door, are you?"

Oh my god, we've only known each other for a short while …

Su Tang thought with a trembling voice.

"What are you thinking? "I'm just giving you some advice to test it out. I know both the public and the private parts." Ye Ziyao's voice also returned to its original coldness and politeness.

Su Tang immediately realized that she was overthinking it and smiled guiltily. Sigh, when would she be able to change her habit of thinking too much!

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