CEO's Necklace/C2 Big Brother Can't Your Conscience Hurt?
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CEO's Necklace/C2 Big Brother Can't Your Conscience Hurt?
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C2 Big Brother Can't Your Conscience Hurt?

Su Tang, who wanted to cover her face but had no hands, felt ten thousand alpacas pass by in her heart. She simply couldn't be more embarrassed!

After making her mistake, she stood obediently by the side like a primary school student, watching as the man gave out orders. She quickly captured the security chief who was trying to fool around with his looks.

After interrogation, the case soon surfaced. The Minister of Security and the host, who had coveted the rare treasure, colluded with each other. The host took advantage of the time when the power was cut off to hide the necklace on his body, and then took advantage of the chaotic scene of the guests being searched to move the necklace onto the Minister of Security.

As long as they could find out the reason and the Security Minister left without a hitch, it would be considered a success for them! Although he might have to be a bit more low-key in the future, who would care about such details if they spent a lot of money like dirt?

Who would have thought that a little girl would suddenly appear out of nowhere and lock the suspect onto his body so easily. It was simply bad luck!

After learning about the results, a trace of pride appeared on Su Tang's face, and she even straightened her back.

Fortunately, she had just recovered from her embarrassment and told them all about her reasoning, which had saved her from having her arms dislocated.

Now that the truth was revealed, did he misunderstand her? Humph!

It was all because of her special insight and her calmness in the face of the situation that she was able to find the thief in such a short period of time!

It must be because the secretly delighted expression on his face was a little unrestrained, it finally attracted the attention of the bystanders.

Su Tang's gaze made contact with the other party and was immediately terrified.

Sigh, the original plot was just as she had imagined. Someone from Reasoning had stepped forward and successfully uncovered the suspect. It was a pity that she had been able to recognize the wrong person at such a crucial moment.

In front of so many people, there was really no place for her to hide her face.

The man was the young master of Ye Group Group, Ye Ziyao. Although he had returned to the country to study for a rich second generation, he had the face of an idol. How blind must she be to be able to confuse Ye Ziyao with the security chief?

Su Tang was powerless to retort and comforted herself with a guilty conscience. You only saw the back of her head!

Ye Ziyao wasn't just relying on his looks. The control ability he displayed and his pair of unfathomable eyes all showed that this man was unfathomable.

Su Tang always felt an inexplicable sense of respect towards such a person. It was probably … It was like being called into the administration at school.

Since the diamond necklace was saved, there was no need for her to stay any longer. The rest were matters that needed to be resolved within the Ye Group Group, so she and everyone else left the arena one by one.

However... It was a sunny day when he arrived, but after an hour or two, it had started to rain heavily.

"Sigh …" Su Tang lowered her head. She had not only gone out today to check out the calendar, she had not even looked at the weather forecast.

The other tycoons who had come to attend the press conference had all left in their luxurious cars. There were hundreds of people there, but now, she was the only one standing alone.

So what was she doing here today?

The Jewelry Master didn't look at it for too long. Following the rhythm of the rain, he was sure to be drenched and return. Just as she was about to go out in the rain to stop the car, a black sports car suddenly stopped in front of her.

As the car window rolled down, Ye Ziyao's handsome face that could overthrow all others was slowly revealed.

Su Tang could not help but exclaim, tsk tsk, looks are really extraordinary. A scene of parking a car gives the impression of taking a photo of a girl.

"Get in." Ye Ziyao said in a short voice.

Su Tang consciously moved to the side, afraid of blocking the other's way and making Ye Ziyao wait.

"The rain won't stop for a while, I'll send you home." Ye Ziyao frowned and said to Su Tang.

Why did this girl's reaction seem like she was half a beat slower?

Only now did Su Tang realize that Ye Ziyao was talking to her. In order to avoid any awkward misunderstandings, she looked around her.

After realizing that no one else was around, Su Tang pointed at herself, as if to confirm something.

Ye Ziyao didn't say anything and just looked at her with his pair of eyes that were as dark as ink.

Su Tang immediately got into the car obediently and closed the door behind her. Aiyo, the domineering CEO looks so cool, but it's actually very warm to send her home.

However... Neither of them spoke as they sat in the car. The atmosphere was even more awkward than when Su Tang mistook Ye Ziyao for the culprit.

"Mr. Ye, that …" Thank you for sending me home! " Taking a deep breath, Su Tang mustered her courage and took the initiative to break the silence.

"You're welcome. Miss Su added some strength to the necklace. I should be the one thanking you." Previously, Su Tang was wholeheartedly trying to catch the thief, but she didn't realize that Ye Ziyao's voice was so pleasant to listen to, it was as melodious as a slow playing cello.

"Don't, don't, don't. The ones who retrieved the necklace were all of you. I only spoke out my reasoning." Su Tang was elated at being praised, but she still remained humble on the surface. Her arrogant and delicate appearance was exceptionally quick-witted.

This was the first time he had used his own reasoning to help someone else. This feeling was simply blissful!

When Su Tang smiled, her eyes were curved like crescent moons. She originally had a round, small face with a little baby fat. Judging from this, she was definitely cute.

She didn't know that Ye Ziyao's eyes flashed when he saw this scene.

The two chatted for a while, mostly because Su Tang was talking. Ye Ziyao answered her at times, but at least they could continue their conversation.

She got out of the car and bowed towards Ye Ziyao, then waved to him, "Thank you for sending me back. Goodbye!"

Ye Ziyao nodded and backed down, ready to leave. But who knew that the old residential area of Su Tang's house had already been in disrepair for a long time and there were a few large holes in the ground. Ye Ziyao barely managed to get away. The splashing water thoroughly drenched Su Tang to the point where her heart was cold and her heart fluttered in the wind.

Seeing Su Tang's smile frozen on her face, Ye Ziyao couldn't keep her aloof attitude anymore. He really didn't do it on purpose. Who would have thought that there would be such a bumpy road these days!

"Are you okay?" Ye Ziyaoqiang held back his laughter and tried to look like a polite gentleman. Ye Ziyao didn't know why, but when he looked at the drenched Su Tang, he immediately thought of the short-haired gray cat at home bathing.

The smile only lasted for a short moment, but it was caught by Su Tang. Hmph, even though her current appearance is hilarious, is she really a real man when she laughs in front of him? Especially since he was the main culprit!

Su Tang looked at Ye Ziyao accusingly, her wide eyes seemed to be saying, "Brother, won't your conscience hurt?"

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