CEO's Necklace/C3 He Actually Laughed!
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CEO's Necklace/C3 He Actually Laughed!
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C3 He Actually Laughed!

The next morning, when Ye Ziyao went to work, he was distracted for once in a hundred years, which made even Ida, the assistant who was reporting the work, a little doubtful.

However, the boss was still a boss after all, so when he came back to his senses, he quickly returned to being the boss of the Ye Group Group, who had a quick and efficient style.

Ida was about to leave after reporting the work, but she was stopped by Ye Ziyao.

"Go buy a dress for Miss Su, who helped to retrieve the necklace yesterday." Ye Ziyao said as he looked down at the document, making it hard for people to see his expression.

Ida reacted. Miss Su... Wasn't it the girl that caught the boss wrongly yesterday?

Just that, gifting dresses and horses was a way of pleasing women. Wouldn't that be a bit too much?

"Okay, boss." Ida nodded in agreement, and the soul of gossip in her heart began to blaze. Could it be that the CEO was going to bloom like an old tree?!

When Ida came to visit with her present, Su Tang was in her pajamas, watching a horror movie.

The doorbell suddenly rang, causing her to shiver in fright. She took a long time before she could react and go to open the door.

Su Tang didn't expect that the woman dressed like a professional girl outside the door would be Ye Ziyao's assistant!

"Um …" What can I do for you? "

After Ida explained her purpose of coming, Su Tang looked at the dress that even her handbag revealed a significant amount of value. Even her hands and head were shaking like a rattle drum. Her intention to reject couldn't be too obvious.

"No need, no need. It was just a small accident. "What's more, I just need to wash my clothes."

Her clothes were a product of her conscience. Not only was the price fair, but she didn't need to wash her hands on a machine. At most, she would throw a dark light color into the washing machine.

Su Tang didn't want to take advantage of others. Actually, if Ye Ziyao didn't mention it, she would have already forgotten about it.

"Miss Su, this dress is a token of the BOSS's goodwill. Not only is it sorry for dirtying your dress, it is also grateful for your kindness yesterday." After all, the boss mentioned Miss Su who helped her to retrieve the necklace.

"There's really no need for it. It's just a small matter. Why do you need to cause such a huge commotion?" Su Tang felt embarrassed. Originally, she wanted to do something well without leaving a name, but who knew that things would turn out like that?

He felt that if he could help others with the task, no one would just stand by and watch, right?

In the end, Su Tang still kept her dress. After all, Ida had truly made her experience what it meant to be unable to refuse a favor!

Su Tang had no choice but to compromise and forget about it. If she accepted it, then she would accept it. After all, it was really someone else's heart.

If he continued to decline, it would be meaningless to be unreasonable. Ida also wouldn't be able to report back.

However, he couldn't just take someone else's things. He had to return the gesture a bit.

"Ida, wait a moment. I'll go get something and you give it to Ye Ziyao for me." Su Tang rushed into the bedroom.

When she came out again, she was holding a copy of her novel and a small hand card.

Su Tang looked at it. It seemed... This gift was a little thin!

She buried her head and walked around the house once more. When she saw the large apple that her mother bought, she brought it to Ida.

"Miss Su, you … "What is this?" Ida asked in confusion.

"Oh, this is a gift from me back to Ye Ziyao. It's a small favor." Su Tang nodded her head in satisfaction.

This was already the most meaningful thing she had ever looked for.

His only published novel!

It was impossible for her to sell her back to Ye Ziyao because the value of the gift was about the same. He hoped that Ye Ziyao would not mind.

When Ida saw Su Tang's return gift, her shrewd and capable image almost crumbled.

There isn't even a packing case, little sister, can you be a little more hasty?

"Miss Su, actually just accept this gift …" Ida tactfully expressed that there was no need to give these gifts to her.

She couldn't imagine what the boss looked like when it saw all these things. At least, from her experience working under Ye Ziyao, she wasn't expecting anything.

Su Tang didn't understand the meaning behind the secretary's words at all, but she still passionately begged Ida to bring it to Ye Ziyao.

Her mother had bought it specially for her. Although it looked a little shabby, it had a thin skin that was sweet and crisp and sweet!

Seeing that Su Tang insisted on sending her off, Ida could only silently pack up her things.

This silly girl, in these days, she had to pay attention to gifts. Su Tang would rather not see him off than send him the wrong way.

However, if he did not bring this gift back, it would become his problem.

So, when Ye Ziyao returned to his office after the meeting, he saw a bunch of things on his desk that didn't fit with his high-end and grandiose office decoration. He immediately frowned and looked at Ida with his sharp eyes.

Seeing that, Ida hastily explained: "The boss … …. This is what Miss Su gave you. "Please return the gesture …"

Ye Ziyao's expression relaxed a little when he heard that it was from Su Tang.

Ida was constantly paying attention to the boss' expression. Seeing that he didn't show any signs of getting angry, she relaxed a little.

Ye Ziyao sat on the seat and his gaze fell on what was called a "gift" pile.

It was the first time for Ye Ziyao to receive such a "simple" gift from a novel with a completely devoid of design on its cover, as well as a few equally ugly looking apples!

It really was like what that girl did!

He picked up the small paper card at the top. The color of the pencil was bright and beautiful, but the handwriting was elegant and graceful, especially the cute little smiling face …

Su Tang's smiling face suddenly appeared in Ye Ziyao's mind. It was curved like a new moon, with bright stars shining in her eyes.

Even Ye Ziyao himself did not notice that the expression on his face had changed.

Ida looked at her boss with a complicated expression and laughed.

Right! Just a small piece of paper made him smile in an inexplicable manner!

It wasn't a sneer, a fake smile, or a sneer. It was just a normal smile.

But for Ye Ziyao, this was already very rare!

That was why Ida was so shocked!

Who would have thought that their boss actually liked this type of strategy?!

Every time when Ida was in awe of Ye Ziyao, she would wonder what kind of woman could enter his eyes. A smart and rational man like the Boss.

She should be an equally intelligent woman!

However, Ida had never thought that Su Tang would be able to obtain the boss' green eye?

It wasn't that Su Tang's character was bad, but it was just that Ida had never matched up with someone with her character with a Boss before.

It always felt like it wasn't a person from the same dimension …

Perhaps the Boss was really interested in Su Tang. She had never seen a girl that could make the Boss show off his face like this before, not to mention that she had even been given a skirt before!

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