CEO's Necklace/C4 Who Was It That Threw Himself at Me!
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CEO's Necklace/C4 Who Was It That Threw Himself at Me!
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C4 Who Was It That Threw Himself at Me!

When the higher ups of the Ye Group Group were reporting their work to the CEO's office, it was rare to see a leader's concise desk actually with a "unorthodox" book placed on it, and they immediately read a few more.

Perhaps he was too curious and didn't pay attention to it. His actions were obvious and caught Ye Ziyao's attention.

Following his subordinate's gaze, he explained, "Suspended novels, not bad."

He blurted out a comment that was quite true.

Ye Ziyao didn't say this without any proof, but he really did read Su Tang's novels.

Although her writing was still young and tender, her strict logic and precise use of words gave others the interest of continuing to read on.

The person who said it didn't mean it. The person who heard it had his heart set on it. His subordinate had followed him for more than a day or two.

Who didn't know that Ye Ziyao was famous for being a working machine. He felt like he only had work left in his life, so how could he be attracted to such a novel?

The top leadership usually read books on management economics or research on contract reporting. However, today's abnormal behavior gave off the impression of three great students, who had been studying Upwards Ho!, suddenly reading a comic book. It was really fresh.

The higher-ups thought to themselves, either this novel was really written very well, or the person who wrote the book had something to do with Ye Ziyao.

Those who were able to climb to this position were definitely not ordinary people. The higher-ups naturally remembered this in their hearts, and they thought that it would be good to have more common topics to discuss with the boss!

After leaving the CEO's office, he immediately sent someone to buy the unknown novel. However, even after sending people out to search for it for a long time and running through more than ten bookstores, they still couldn't find the selling point of this novel.

It was only after some investigation that it became clear that the book was small in number and that it was now almost impossible to find in the market.

Sometimes, in the eyes of some people, the less represented the better.

The higher-ups thought to themselves. Maybe this author really had a special relationship with the BOSS. If there was such a hard to find book, then it was probably a gift from someone else!

He had his subordinates contact the publishing firm to discuss how to purchase the books. He didn't need to be afraid of it. He would just treat it as praising the author's popularity. Who knows, he might even leave a good impression on the author?

Su Tang didn't even know that everything was going to happen.

When she received the call from the publishing house to reprint it, she was lying on the sofa, looking very stiff because of Calvin.

Aunt Su frowned when she saw her listless and boneless look. "You're talking about you. You're such a big person already. Don't you even sit properly? You scared away all the boys!"

Su Tang sat up and sighed to herself. Every single person of her age would have a mother who would urge them to find a partner.

You can't be early in school, and graduation requires you to have a partner right away. She didn't even dare to design the plot that way.

Su Tang waited for her mother to leave before collapsing on the sofa like a soft noodle.

Suddenly, the bell rang.

Su Tang touched her cell phone and saw that it was a call from the publishing firm. She sat up straight on the sofa like a carp.

"Hello? How old is the editor? Why would you want to call me? " Su Tang's voice instantly became spirited, and her words contained a smile. She was as obedient as she could be.

"What?" You said that the novel I published is going to be printed and sold again? " Su Tang unconsciously repeated what her editor had said, afraid that she was hallucinating.

Su Tang had been writing novels ever since she entered university. Even though she had to take her studies into consideration, she truly loved writing novels.

Only one of these novels was published, and the sales record was the fighter aircraft in the back of the crane.

It was either a discount to promote the product or it had basically become a long-term inventory in a bookstore. Now that the editor of the publishing firm had told her to print it again, Su Tang felt as if her entire person was drifting around, okay?!

Su Tang took off her phone and carefully checked her phone number. After confirming that it wasn't a scam, she couldn't help but ask again, "Editor, is what you said true?"

After receiving a positive reply from the other end of the phone, Su Tang was completely controlled by her ecstatic mood.

Su Tang then asked her the reason why her novel would be reprinted. The editor told her that the publishing firm received an order from Ye Group Group for this novel, which was why they had the printing this time.

Ye Group Group?

Ye Ziyao!

Su Tang immediately thought of him, because not long ago, she gave him her novel in return for a present!

After talking with the editor about the reprint, Su Tang hung up the phone. She was still in a bit of a daze.

Since his writing was not bad, so he decided to take a look at the staff members as well?

Su Tang thought back to what the editor had just told her, and an indescribable satisfaction and happiness filled her heart.

She knew that if she persisted in writing, there would be a day when she would be seen by others!

But Su Tang did not expect Ye Ziyao to like her novel so much!

Writing is a lonely and insistent thing, and the reader will only care about the results of the presentation, not about the hardships of the creators.

No one had ever liked Su Tang like this before. She hastily ran to the study room to finish printing her completed work, and then rushed to the Ye Group Group's headquarters in a flustered manner.

Looking at the towering modern buildings, Su Tang, who was carrying a yellow folder in her arms, was suddenly a little timid as she walked in and out of the office.

She might still be at work by then, and it didn't seem polite for her to come in so recklessly.

Su Tang sighed and turned around to return home.

It would be better if he gave it to Ye Ziyao when there was a suitable opportunity in the future!

She walked with her head lowered. Suddenly, she felt something hard press against her forehead.

She raised her head and saw the man's clean and firm chin. It could only be said that her height was slightly different from his …

"What are you thinking about if you don't look forward?" A familiar voice exploded in Su Tang's head, making her scalp tingle.

It couldn't be a coincidence, the person she bumped into was Ye Ziyao!

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Su Tang retreated and apologized to Ye Ziyao.

Idake, who was at the side, could not help but twitch her mouth. This ninny really thought that she had bumped into him herself.

How could it be possible for her to follow the tortoise in its slow crawl?

When the boss and Ida entered the lobby, they saw Su Tang.

Ida even took the initiative to greet him, but it was a pity that Su Tang didn't hear him.

Then, Ida saw the expressionless boss charge forward.

Ye Ziyao could have easily dodged it, but he didn't make a sound or remind her. Instead, he just let her fall straight into his arms.

Who would throw themselves into his arms?

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