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C6 It's Time for You to Act

Su Tang came to the publishing house because the editor said he wanted to talk to her about something.

As she stood in the lobby waiting for the elevator, she noticed that one of the later group looked familiar. It was her editor, Xiaohe.

Since Su Tang began writing novels, she had always been mixed up with this editor.

The two had not met much and rarely contacted each other online. Every time, Su Tang would ask her for help when she had a problem with the website, but the rest of the time, they didn't interact much.

Su Tang noticed that Editor Xiaohe didn't seem to like her very much. Every time she replied, it was always very official and formal.

Su Tang only felt the same way when she saw how she treated the others.

However, this was just her own personal feelings. Maybe her understanding of the situation was off.

Since she saw him, she would greet him anyway. Su Tang was the first to greet him with a smile, "It's great to be the editor!"

When Su Tang smiled, she would make people feel especially sweet. This was what many of her friends had said.

However, Editor Xiaohe only took a cold glance before shifting her gaze away. She responded indifferently and stood together with the others, waiting for the elevator.

Su Tang felt a little awkward. Thinking about the fact that Xiaohe didn't like people who were too proactive, she obediently pretended to be silent.

But at this moment, the other party took the initiative to open his mouth. "I heard that your novel has been republished?"

Su Tang was very happy to see Xiaohe take the initiative to answer her. She didn't even notice that Xiaohe was acting weird.

"Uh-huh, yes! I came to the publishing house this time because of this matter. "

"Huh?" Xiaohe nodded meaningfully, her smile more or less fake. "Then congratulations!" After all, this kind of opportunity is really hard for you to come by! "

Xiaohe still listened to her colleague talk about this matter. The editor directly went past her. It would be strange if she was happy in her heart when she contacted Su Tang.

Su Tang was taken aback. Why does that sound strange to her?

Xiaohe continued, "Don't be so happy just because you reprint it, you have a lot to work on! "I got lucky this time. I don't know what will happen next time."

If she was a senior, she would have no problems. However, Xiaohe was still young, and her tone was somewhat sarcastic. Su Tang could hear the mockery in her words even if she reacted slowly. The smile on her face immediately disappeared.

She did not know where she had caused the editor to be displeased, and she spoke in such a way as to mock herself.

The good mood he had once had had completely vanished at this moment. It was enough to ruin the mood and ruin the scenery.

Su Tang was now completely sure that the editor did not like her!

She didn't have the hobby of using her hot face to cover someone's cold butt. She immediately distanced herself from Xiaohe and didn't say another word.

At this moment, the elevator arrived. Passengers who were waiting for the elevator entered one after another.

When the last one came up, an overloaded notification came from the elevator. Everyone looked at that person at the same time.

Xiaohe smiled apologetically at everyone but didn't go down. Instead, she looked at Su Tang, who had gone in first, as if saying that it was time for her to show off.

However, Su Tang raised her head and looked up to the sky without even glancing at her. This made Xiaohe, who wanted to wink at him, very depressed.

The elevator kept beeping because of being overweight, but the last person on board didn't get off. The people inside started to shout in dissatisfaction.

"Big Sis is overweight, so she went down to wait!"

"I'm in a hurry. Can the last one to come up feel better?"

Xiaohe was forced to embarrassedly leave the room, and the disgust she felt towards Su Tang increased.

This ninny's EQ might have fallen into her mother's stomach, but she didn't have any discernment!

How could Su Tang not see that? That was something she did not see on purpose. She was the kind of person who would treat others well even if they treated her well.

Although he was working under her, to try to please someone who clearly didn't like him was obvious.

Inside the office of the publishing house, the editor looked at the young girl and smiled even more amiably.

The reason why he called them over was to discuss the copyright for Su Tang's other works. With the incident with Ye Group Group, the editor started to pay attention to this little girl. Although her writing style was not considered mature, she could vaguely see her own writing style.

Therefore, the editor planned to buy the copyright in Su Tang's novel before she became angry. Once she became famous in the future, this would not be the price she was going to pay.

Su Tang was quite surprised to hear the editor's words. What was going on?

Before she could say anything, Xiaohe, the editor at the side, reacted even more loudly than she did, "Editor? You've seen Su Tang's first book, so you can forget about it, right? "

Su Tang's expression calmed down. She glanced at Xiaohe, who seemed to have suffered a huge loss.

She really didn't understand how she could be so unsatisfied with offending him, even in front of her.

Xiaohe continued to put forward her opinion, and asked the editor to reconsider.

The editor didn't expect Xiaohe to interrupt him at this moment. However, it would allow him to take advantage of the act and put some pressure on the other party's heart. When the time came to negotiate the price, they might be able to push it down a little.

Thus, one of them was singing "Red Face" while the other was singing "White Face". It was extremely lively.

Su Tang felt awkward sitting there. She wanted to interrupt a few times, but she felt awkward at the same time.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang. It could be considered as having saved her life.

"Um, since you guys haven't reached an agreement yet, why don't we discuss it later? "I'll be leaving first..."

Su Tang smiled apologetically and stood up with her phone still ringing.

As Su Tang walked towards the door, she picked up the phone, "... Sorry? Can you tell me more about your identity?. Mhmm... Yelan Publishing House? "

Su Tang had never heard of this name, so she planned to take it down and go through the relevant information regarding this publishing house.

This publishing firm actually said it was going to publish her novel? Could he be a swindler?

Su Tang opened her office door and left. She didn't notice the two people in the room looking bad at all.

"Yelan Publishing House..." The editor read it with a complicated expression.

Since they were in the same industry, they naturally knew the origins of Yelan Publishing House. With Ye Group Group as their backer, they were much richer than them.

But looking at this tempo … Were they going to fight over him with them?

Su Tang, who had gone back to check the information, was puzzled when she saw the computer display the publishing house that belonged to Ye Group Group.

She couldn't figure out what Ye Ziyao was thinking …

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