CEO's Necklace/C7 Of Course It's to Chase Her!
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CEO's Necklace/C7 Of Course It's to Chase Her!
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C7 Of Course It's to Chase Her!

At the top floor of Ye Group Group's headquarters.

Ye Ziyao, who was passing by the assistant's seat, suddenly thought of something and asked, "Ida, you …"

But before he could finish, he was interrupted by the assistant, "Report the boss!" Miss Su did not come over, nor did I receive her request for an appointment. "

Ida wasn't like a worm in Ye Ziyao's stomach, but she knew what he wanted to say. After being questioned by her boss more than once a day, she had a natural reaction to it.

She had already followed the boss' orders and notified all of the employees at the front desk. If a girl who claimed to be Su Tang came over, she would bring her over to the CEO's office.

However, the Lili hadn't come, so what else could she do?

Something must have happened between the two of them!

Ye Ziyao was stunned for a moment after being robbed by Ida. Then he entered the office without saying anything.

Ye Ziyao, who was sitting on the leather sofa, tapped the table with his slender fingers rhythmically and fell into deep thought.

Such an abnormal person … Just to wait for a woman to come looking for him?

Ye Ziyao had always had his own plans when it came to doing things, but now, he didn't seem like him at all.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Ye Ziyao rushed over in a hurry, but when he saw Shang Yiming's name on the caller ID, his eyes immediately dimmed.

"Just tell me what it is. I'm working right now." Ye Ziyao still has that cold tone of yours.

Shang Yiming had gotten used to his good friend's attitude. They had grown up together and their parents were close friends. With this kind of relationship, they couldn't be bothered by Ye Ziyao's bad temper even if they thought of him as a cat or dog, right?

"There's nothing else, it's just …"

Before Shang Yiming could finish his sentence, he was hung up by the other party. He called him again and said, "Why are you hanging up? I'm not done yet!"

"Didn't you say you were fine?" Ye Ziyao said it as a matter of course.

Shang Yiming: "..."

If Shang Yiming didn't need his help this time, would he have spoken to him so politely?

The truth had proven that he shouldn't be courteous to this fellow!

"The reason I'm looking for you is for you to help me look up a person's contact information. It's from the girl who beat you up at the last press conference for your Ye Group and Jewelry!"

While listening to Shang Yiming's nonsense, Ye Ziyao, who was looking at the documents, suddenly stopped what he was doing.

His silence made Shang Yiming think that he didn't remember who it was, so he kindly reminded him again. After all, this person who only knew how to work and couldn't get rid of himself was really difficult for him to remember someone of the opposite sex.

"The girl who helped you catch the thief! Small people with beautiful eyes? "You know Taekwondo, the one who barks at you?"

Did anyone need Shang Yiming's reminder? Of course, Ye Ziyao remembered who it was.

Ye Ziyao was right at this moment. Ignoring everything else, this brat had a good eye for women!


Ye Ziyao put his work aside and took out a sweet handwritten note from the drawer. It was unknown what he was thinking as he looked at the symbol on his face.

"What other reason could there be? A man wants a woman's contact information? Of course it's to chase after her! " Was Ye Ziyao stupid?

It had been a long time since Shang Yiming had this kind of heart-pounding feeling. At that time, it was really ten thousand years since he saw Su Tang's sweet smile. It felt like time had stopped.

In order to avoid his own hormones, Shang Yiming had to wait for a few more days. However, as soon as he closed his eyes, Su Tang's smiling face appeared in his mind. Shang Yiming felt that he had met a true love.

"Did you get your top student girlfriend? Or did you change to another type? " Shang Yiming's speed of changing his girlfriend was almost as fast as changing his clothes. He even said that he was just infatuated with the spark that appeared instantly when he was moved. However, being together for a long period of time was the most easy way to extinguish the root cause of this love power.

"Brother has just recovered from being a bachelor. He's already so cute and sweet." Shang Yiming was shameless.

"I say, you, this playboy, can you calm down a little and lessen the harm you cause to a little girl?"

Shang Yiming immediately stopped trying to defend himself: "I'm serious this time!"

Ye Ziyao retorted on the spot, "Isn't that what you say every time? It's not trustworthy at all, is it?"

"Hey, hey, hey, brother, there's something wrong with your reaction!" In the past, you were too lazy to bother about this matter, but now, why do you care so much? Shang Yiming immediately felt that something wasn't right after he was swallowed.

"She helped me before, so I can't just repay the kindness with hatred and push her into a pit of fire."

Shang Yiming's heart suddenly skipped a beat. So this place had become a fire pit?

"You're the only one who knows how to be grateful, why don't you repay me with your life!"

Ye Ziyao sneered: "Vulgar!"

Shang Yiming felt that if he continued to talk with this guy, he was sure that you would vomit to death soon. He asked again: "Are you going to give me the way to contact that girl?"

"Nope!" Ye Ziyao also answered cleanly.

Shang Yiming didn't know if he didn't hear it clearly, but why did he feel that Ye Ziyao's words were a little bit … An angry tone?

"You … Do you like this girl? " Shang Yiming asked in a testing manner.

Ye Ziyao quickly replied: "It's useless against me to provoke him."

Without waiting for Shang Yiming to say anything, the beeping prompt told him that the other party had hung up the phone again.

"This stinking brat..." Shang Yiming was still holding the phone angrily.

However, thinking of his good friend's reaction … Abnormal! Abnormal! It was very abnormal!

Ye Ziyao's mood wasn't as stable as usual. On the screen of his phone, the contact list clearly stated: Su Tang.

Ye Ziyao had already gotten Su Tang's contact information from the list at the banquet. It was just that he never contacted her.

[I didn't contact her, so she doesn't want to contact me?

He held the colorful card in his hand, and the smiling face on it seemed to merge with Su Tang's smiling crescent moon shaped eyes …

Finally, he made a call.

Su Tang lied on her bed instead of her corpse this time. Recently, she was quite worried, as there were always things she couldn't understand, such as the plot of her pregnancy, or Ye Ziyao's weird behavior, she felt like she was going to be crippled …

Ding Ling's phone rang. Su Tang was in a bad mood and answered without even looking. "Hello?"

"Su Tang?" The deep voice slowly spoke her name. No one had ever called her by such a pleasant name before.

However, Su Tang felt as if her scalp was going to explode!

She immediately recognized the person who was speaking, and she became extremely flustered.

"... I'm Ye Ziyao. " The other party's self-introduction completely confirmed her guess.

Oh my god, she actually received a call from Ye Ziyao!

What should he do? What should he do? What should she do!

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