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C8 Old Irontree Flowering

Su Tang, who was panicking, didn't even have the time to pay attention to her current location. She immediately propped herself up and fell off the bed when she missed.

This time, she really wanted to cry, but there were no tears …

Looking at the unknown number on his phone, he opened his eyes wide, wishing that the time could go back to the previous minute.

There was a silence at both ends of the phone.

Su Tang had to reply, so she forced a smile and asked, "Ye … Mr. Ye... Is there something you need from me? "

Ye Ziyao heard the sound of something falling on the other side of the phone. It was followed by Su Tang's quiet inhalation, accompanied by a few barely audible "aiyo" sounds.

He fell?

Ye Ziyao subconsciously held the phone tightly. He wanted to ask about the situation, but he quickly realized that Su Tang didn't say anything because she didn't want him to know about her situation.

"It's not important. Last time, you asked me for food. This time, it's my turn."

Su Tang thought to herself as she rubbed her sore butt. You're still going to treat her to a meal?

Didn't the old saying say that if one didn't have anything to offer, then it was a thief? Could Ye Ziyao also have the same plan?

Su Tang's brain was about to burst, but she couldn't think of any good points and specialties that could possibly attract the attention of the owner of Ye Group Group.

Un, he was a little discouraged... But she also had to face the weakness of her life bravely, didn't she?!

But why did this person suddenly treat him so well? This caused her to feel an inexplicable sense of fear.

Suddenly, Su Tang covered her mouth with a regretful expression. Somehow, she managed to voice out her thoughts.

Su Tang! You are not stupid!

"What did you say?" Ye Ziyao didn't hear what she said clearly and asked.

"No …." Su Tang frowned and stammered.

Her mind was in a mess. Then, as if she made a great decision, she took a deep breath and asked weakly: "Mr. Ye … I want to ask. Why are you so good to me? "

Instead of letting her think it through by herself, they might as well explain it all.

Quick Blade Slashing Disorder!

"To you? "It means …?" Ye Ziyao's puzzled voice made Su Tang anxious.

"Look, you gave me a dress and ordered so many novels from me, and now you're even helping me to publish one?" Every time Su Tang said it herself, she felt even more embarrassed.

[Oh my god! She only known Ye Ziyao for a few days, and he got so many benefits in the end?!]

This was to let the two elders in the family know that they had to beat her up!

"Your novel wasn't published because of me." Ye Ziyao emphasized on the point, then he slowly explained, "I just sent the script you gave me to the publishing firm. As for what happened other than that, I don't know. It seems like they are very satisfied with your script! Congratulations! "

"It's really not you?" Su Tang asked doubtfully.

As a CEO, Ye Ziyao didn't need to lie about this, right?

"Although I also really want to take this credit, it really isn't." What Ye Ziyao said made Su Tang heave a sigh of relief.

It was good that it wasn't, it was good that it wasn't! Su Tang finally felt less pressured.

However, Ye Ziyao still couldn't relax on the other end of the phone.

The shrewd Ye Ziyao soon noticed Su Tang's tone of voice. She seemed to be avoiding and embarrassed towards him.

That was why he had no choice but to focus his attention on her. He didn't want to have anything to do with Su Tang.

It was true that Su Tang's work was published by the publishing house due to her writing ability, but Ye Ziyao also played a part in it. After all, it was a document that the president of the corporation had ordered his subordinates to bring over. The staff and time used for the examination would definitely not be treated as they normally would.

However, Ye Ziyao avoided these questions easily, and Su Tang didn't have any extra energy to think about it.

"And this is to your advantage? Your request is that simple? " Ye Ziyao's voice sounded funny, but in reality, his squinted eyes made it hard for people to tell what he was thinking.

So he scared people? She was so frightened that she began to avoid him?

"Err …" Su Tang chuckled dryly as if she had misunderstood something.

At this moment, her heart was filled with joy. Previously, she had mistakenly thought that Ye Ziyao would help her "through the back door". Now that she knew that she had the ability to attract the attention of the publishing firm, the feeling of being recognized was simply too good.

"But why did you put my manuscript in?"

"I feel that your writing is very good. Although I'm too busy with work and haven't finished reading, the first book you gave me already shows that you have the ability to do so."

Su Tang's heart was thumping hard. It was as if she had been walking alone on a small branch of the main road for so many years, but suddenly, a person appeared by her side. This kind of feeling made her excited.

"Do you think so?" Su Tang couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"I'm not the only one who thinks so. The publishing firm's editors are much more professional than me."

Ye Ziyao's words made Su Tang jump for joy.

"Looks like I won't be able to invite you this time." Ye Ziyao said with a troubled tone.

Su Tang did not understand why he said this. "What?"

"Your novel is about to be published. How can it be my turn to treat such a happy thing? …" The restaurant we went to last time was not bad. Do you have any good restaurants this time around? " As if accepting this fact, Ye Ziyao started to talk about the place he was going to eat next.

"I'll treat you, I'll treat you!" I also know a lot of good restaurants, so I'll bring you there! " Su Tang cried out happily. She waved her small hand and spoke with as much pride as she could muster.

Ye Ziyao could feel that Su Tang's attitude towards her had returned to how it was before. His smile also spread to his lips.

I can't rush it. I have to take my time.

The two of them hung up after agreeing on a time and place to meet up.

Su Tang was so happy that she couldn't stop.

He had been imagining many things by himself … Now, it was finally resolved. So it was all a misunderstanding!

The trouble that made her so upset was suddenly one less, and she even found out that her ability was not bad.

For Su Tang, who has been writing like a solo game for a long time, it's just like being a pimp.

It was meaningless for a person to be happy. He even went out to cause trouble for his mother.

When it was almost time for Ye Ziyao to get off work, he packed his stuff and left the office.

Ida, who was at the door, stood up and watched him leave. When she was done, she looked out the window.

How long had it been since they last saw this?

Oh, the sun was rising from the west! No wonder the boss didn't work overtime today and left early.

Tsk tsk, it seems like the president is finally going to blossom!

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