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CEO's Necklace/C9 Did You Eat Your Family's Rice?
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C9 Did You Eat Your Family's Rice?

Su Tang calculated the time that she and Ye Ziyao had agreed to set off early. She changed her shoes at the door leisurely, "Mom, I went out to meet a friend. I won't be eating at home today."

Aunt Su, who was picking vegetables, walked out and gave her a look. She said with approval, "Well, it's better to go out quickly than to stay at home all day!"

Su Tang looked at her mother helplessly. Wasn't it because she often wandered in front of her mother that she had such a misunderstanding?

She spoke as if she had never been out …

Just as Su Tang closed the door, her mother's shout came from behind her, "Play is play, don't come back too late!"

"Alright, I understand!"

Su Tang intended to take the bus, but unexpectedly met her high school classmates who had been out working for many years.

If it wasn't for her mother stopping her, she really wouldn't have been able to tell that the girl dressed in fashionable clothes was the girl who wore thick black-framed glasses.

"Ran Jiajia?"

"Su Tang, long time no see!" Ran Jiajia smiled happily.

When she failed her university entrance examinations, her family didn't agree to let her repeat her studies, so they went out to work. Su Tang hadn't seen her for a few years.

"It's really too hard for us Jiajia to take a long vacation. Working in a foreign company is hard work." Mother Ran said with a pained expression.

"Has Su Tang found a job yet? What is it? "

Suddenly, the other person changed the topic and directly changed it to her.

Su Tang replied with a stiff smile, "Writing novels."

"Aiyo, writing novels can really eat. Do you really think you're some great writer!?" Young people still have to go out to work, see the world, and rely on their parents to raise them! " Mother Ran quickly grasped Su Tang's lack of work and started to teach her.

This wasn't the first time Su Tang had heard her say that. Most people thought that she was "idle" or "unambitious" when she was writing novels at home. Many relatives and friends had said the same about her.

Whenever she encountered this kind of thing, it would be hard for her to explain. After all, in the older generation's perspective, work should be 9 to 5.

"Young people must dare to charge and fight! Look at our Jiajia! Isn't she trying to put her life on the line while she's still young? "You are still a proper university student. Our Jiajia has never been to a university before, so isn't she still doing well?" Mother Ran glanced at her daughter, who was becoming more and more powerful, and felt quite pleased with herself.

He saw that even a proper university student couldn't do much better than his daughter! When Jiajia and the Su Family's daughter were on the same class, they had been compared quite a few times. It was a pity that her daughter could not study, and that had caused her to lose a lot of face.

But now, all of them were giving her face!

When the two of them stood there, their own daughter was wearing an unadorned and delicate outfit. She was exactly the kind of woman who was often described as a professional beauty. On the contrary, this Su Tang looked like a little girl who was still studying!

Su Tang didn't think of people as bad. She took Ran Ma's words as a form of encouragement. She felt that she might just be lacking in expressing something, and that her intentions might be good.

"Alright, I understand." Su Tang took the opportunity to interrupt Mother Ran's words and gave her proper reasons, "Auntie, I have an appointment with a friend to go out for dinner. We'll talk when we have time."

Mother Ran smiled as if she understood what I meant. "You're here to accompany your boyfriend, right?"

Su Tang looked at her in disbelief, unable to understand why she would say that. She took the initiative to explain, "No, no, I'm just an ordinary friend."

Ye Ziyao? Boyfriend?

Su Tang would never put a symbol between the two. It was a long story...

It wasn't because Ye Ziyao was bad. On the contrary, it was too good.

Ye Ziyao was already extremely handsome, his family background was good, and the person in charge of Ye Group Group had a good character … This was the male owner of a novel!

Su Tang was surprised to find that she knew such a powerful figure.

"No?" He needed to hurry up and find a man to protect her in the future. It didn't matter if she succeeded in her career, at least she could find a man to protect herself in the future! Please forgive your parents, but don't let them take care of you all the time. "What I'm worried about is that we'll be busy with our business in the future and not be able to find a boyfriend …"

Su Tang wasn't stupid, so she could naturally hear the flattering tone in her voice. It seemed as if she was looking down on herself and didn't forget to set her own daughter's independence and strength.

Su Tang thought to herself. What's wrong with this baby staying at home? I didn't eat your rice!

However, Su Tang had never been good at arguing about these matters, so she soon fell into a disadvantageous position. Standing there, she felt a wave of frustration. She couldn't leave, nor could she stay.

Suddenly, a black sports car drove straight into the entrance of their sector. The streamlined body of the car, its luxurious and exquisite logo, was out of place in the old surroundings.

The car slowly stopped beside Su Tang. The car door opened and Ye Ziyao got out.

As usual, he was dressed in formal attire, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

"Why are you here?" Su Tang was slightly surprised, but she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. Phew, it's a good thing Ye Ziyao came, otherwise she wouldn't even know how to escape.

"I'll pick you up and go with you. It just so happens to be the peak hour for getting off work, so I'm afraid you won't be able to get a taxi." Ye Ziyao explained as he opened the car door for Su Tang.

"You make a lot of sense. I have nothing to say to that." Su Tang smiled and got into the car, obediently waving goodbye to Ran Jiajia and her mother, then disappeared without leaving a trace on the luxurious car.

"You're still saying it's not your boyfriend, but someone already came downstairs to pick you up." Mother Ran curled her lips and said, "She looks like a star, even though she's good-looking, but the conditions are probably average, so she's too embarrassed to speak up in front of us!"

Ran Jiajia stood aside and said faintly, "Mom, don't speak carelessly if you don't understand. Do you know how much that man's car is worth?"

"How much more can it cost? After all, it's not like it's a car, so how could it be more expensive than a house? "

"The starting price is three million."

"Oh my god, the Su family's daughter is really with a rich person!" "No wonder he doesn't go out to work!" Mother Ran weirdly screamed out.

At this moment, Su Tang, who was sitting in the car, sneezed loudly without any warning. She frowned and whispered, "Who is the one secretly cursing me?"

Ye Ziyao turned around and looked at her with a complex look: "Is it embarrassing for me to be your boyfriend?"

Su Tang was instantly petrified. Thus … Did he hear the conversation?

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