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C1 Perfect man.

Night fell, and neon lights rapidly expanded in all directions. In just half an hour, they had already occupied the entire city.

In front of the YPR Clubhouse, sports cars drove by one after another. No one noticed that at the corner diagonally across the street, Mo Xiaofei, who was wearing a hat, was holding a camera. She hid her body in the darkness, not wanting anyone to find her.

The wind was a little cold. She couldn't help but stamp her feet in an attempt to warm herself. However, her eyes were fixed on the bustling YPR Clubhouse.

"Damn it, why isn't he here yet? If I wait for nothing, I will punish him!" Mo Xiaofei gritted her teeth and said fiercely. Just as she muttered in her heart, she sneezed.

Just as she was distracted, a black Maserati drove over slowly from afar. It steadily stopped at the main entrance of YPR Clubhouse. The shiny black car reflected the club's signboard. At this moment, the waiter hurriedly walked to the car door and opened it.

A man in a silver-gray suit slowly walked out of the car. His chocolate-colored curly hair made him look particularly conspicuous. His thick, curly eyelashes looked especially charming under the neon lights. His eyes were bright. His nose was straight. His lips were thin. He smiled faintly. His perfect facial features made him exude an air of nobility and unruliness. His hand casually hung by his side. His figure was in golden proportions. Even if the women only saw his back, they would still pay attention to him.

"It's Jin Lingfeng!" Mo Xiaofei was stunned just by looking at his back. She did not expect him to be even more handsome than on TV.

"You can go back first. I will settle the rest of the matters. " Jin Lingfeng supported the car door with one hand and bent over to say to the person inside. After he said that, he closed the door.

The black Maserati that blocked her line of sight quickly disappeared. Only now did she see his appearance clearly. The popular idol of Asia, Jin Lingfeng, lived up to his reputation and was indeed eye-catching. With his unparalleled facial features and perfect figure, it was very difficult for him not to be popular.

Due to her profession, she did not forget to press the shutter while greedily looking at handsome men.

Jin Lingfeng frowned and slowly turned around to look around. He did not find anyone suspicious, but he heard the sound of the shutter.

The crisp ringtone of his phone rang. Jin Lingfeng took out his phone and looked at the number on it. With an expression of disgust, he quickly turned around and entered the YPR Clubhouse.

Mo Xiaofei looked at the camera in her hand. She only took pictures of Jin Lingfeng standing in front of the YPR Clubhouse. This did not mean that he had a scandal.

Mo Xiaofei was a famous member of the paparazzi. The information she received was unique and 100% true. That was why she had a group of small fans. In order to get the news she needed, even if YPR Clubhouse was hell, she had to go in!

She swallowed her saliva and quickly pulled down the brim of her hat. She didn't want to be discovered. This was the paparazzi's most important rule. Try not to be conspicuous.

"Only VIPs can enter here. " A man in black blocked Mo Xiaofei's path.

"I think I saw an acquaintance. I'll go greet him and come out!" Mo Xiaofei found an excuse and pointed inside. But he still stopped her. This move was ineffective.

"Fine, I will leave!" Mo Xiaofei puckered her lips. When she saw him relax a little, she quickly pressed close to him and said mysteriously, "You did not zip your pants!"

Taking advantage of the moment when he looked down, she ran towards the door as fast as she could. But she was stopped by another man in black. She laughed awkwardly. Soon, she was pushed onto the road by the two men.

She felt so painful! The camera and other hardware in her bag heavily hit her butt. She quickly got up and the two men were standing at the door. They had already blacklisted her, so they would definitely keep an eye on her. She couldn't go in at all.

As a professional paparazzi, there was no possibility of letting the target escape from her evil clutches. She stuffed the hat into her bag. She knew that the water pipe at the back alley led to YPR Clubhouse. Although it was only a small section, it was enough for her to enter.

She took advantage of the fact that the two of them weren't paying attention and quickly slipped to the back alley of the clubhouse. It was very dark here, and there was only a slightly yellow street lamp, which was suitable for her to move. She quickly found the white water pipe. It just so happened that the narrow window on top of her was partially open.

Mo Xiaofei rubbed her hands excitedly. She jumped and tightly held the water pipe as she climbed up bit by bit. In less than a minute, she had reached in. She gently opened the window, threw the bag in first, and then slowly entered through the window.

When she stabilized herself, a drop of cold sweat instantly flowed down from her forehead. There were three men holding their pants, looking at her in surprise.

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