CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C11 Unable to Withstand a Single Blow
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CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C11 Unable to Withstand a Single Blow
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C11 Unable to Withstand a Single Blow

Lisa knew what he was talking about. Previously, he didn't want to contract with her because he looked like he hated sex fans. But now, she had no choice. Now was the time for her to be at the peak of her career. If she was killed and disappeared in the entertainment industry like this, what would happen to her after that? She didn't dare to imagine.

“. . . ”

"In a while, in Room 5028 of Eisenberg Hotel, I will wait for you!" Director Lee's cheerful voice came from the phone.

Lisa turned off the phone in disgust and took a deep breath. For the sake of the future, she could only sell her body. She walked to the dressing table and carefully put on makeup in front of the mirror. Finally, she walked to the wardrobe, picked a piece of clothing, and walked to the front of the mirror.

The black revealing back dress made her devilish figure even more prominent. Lisa looked at herself in the mirror and could not help but sigh. She turned around and left the apartment.

At the entrance of Room 5028 at the Eisenberg Hotel. She hesitated a little. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, the door suddenly opened. It was Director Lee.

Director Lee's fat body took up two-thirds of the room. He put on a towel and looked at the food at the door. He couldn't help but smile. His golden yellow teeth were shining under the light.

"Miss Lisa, come and pull it. Come in quickly!" Director Lee held Lisa's hand and pulled her into the room. He closed the door.

Once they entered the room, Director Lee wanted to use an angry dog to suppress Lisa. He completely ignored her meticulously dressed up and just wanted to get to the point with her quickly. However, Lisa did not resist his request and just closed her eyes, allowing the other party to slaughter her.

The clothes were torn apart by the other party and there was only a cracking sound. Lisa frowned. Could it be that she was allergic to the sound of a camera? She suddenly opened her eyes and saw that Director Lee was still kissing her body, but there was a man standing beside her. He held a camera in his hand and kept pressing the shutter around them.

"You. . . " Lisa screamed and struggled to get out of Director Lee's arms. She quickly covered her chest with the clothes on the ground.

"The star of the Red Star, Lisa, actually sold herself for the advertisement. Tomorrow, this tabloid title will definitely cause another scandal. " The man in the photo said proudly with the camera in his hand.

"You guys colluded!" Lisa did not expect Director Lee to betray her like this. She quickly got up from the ground and rushed out of the door. She did not expect there to be more reporters waiting outside the door. Her half-naked skin was even paler under the light of the camera.

Lisa hid at home and did not want to go out. She did not answer the phone. She knew that many paparazzi were staring at her from the outside. Looking at the newspaper on the ground in the distance and her untidy clothes, she could not help but bury her head between her knees and cry.

Ding, ding, ding ~

The phone kept ringing. She did not want to pick it up at all. It must be those bored people who wanted to know the inside story.

"Hello, I am Lisa. I am not at home now. Please hear a beep. If there is anything, please leave a message, beep -"

"Lisa, did you offend Jin Lingfeng? Today, when I went to the movie company, I heard someone say that it was because you offended him that you ended up like this. Is this true? " The manager's voice came from the phone, "Lisa, where did you go? Contact me when you hear the message. "

The phone rang when it hung up, and the phone beeped twice. The room fell silent again.

Lisa slowly raised her head. Her tearful eyes had a trace of hatred. That man actually had such a big influence. He would make all the manufacturers and brokers shut her down. Hmph, don't think that he would kill her just like that.

She took out the photo on her phone and looked at the photo of her secretly taking pictures of Jin Lingfeng and Mo Xiaofei entering the hotel. There was a trace of a cold smile on her lips. She did not expect Jin Lingfeng to block her in order to cover up his scandal. This game had already started, so she did not want to stop.

Lisa quickly used her phone to make a call.

Mo Xiaofei looked at the photo of her printed on the magazine and could not help but sigh. Although the photo did not clearly show her appearance and only had one and a half sides, for this matter, she did not have the confidence to do anything and weakly sat in her seat.

"Yo, our famous Mo Xiaofei has now become a soft foot shrimp!" The reporter who opposed Mo Xiaofei walked to her seat and sneered, "Looks like you have really been hit by this explosive news of mine. You really can't withstand a single blow. "

Mo Xiaofei looked up and saw the other party leaving the company coquettishly. She angrily grabbed a pen from the pen holder and threw it at his back.

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