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C12 Fake News

"No, no, no, no, no. " The Chief Editor's roar almost lifted the roof of the office, attracting everyone's attention. They saw the pen that Mo Xiaofei threw out just now was inserted into the Chief Editor's hair and pocket. Everyone held back their laughter and did not dare to make a sound.

Dead, dead for sure!

Mo Xiaofei lowered her head and followed the chief editor into his hellish small office. She slowly closed the door and waited for the other party to flip out, but there was no movement. After a long time, she looked up at her superior.

"Xiaofei, actually I have always admired you. Last time, I just lost my composure. " The chief editor unexpectedly acted out of the norm and revealed a fake smile as he looked at Mo Xiaofei.

"Eh? Chief Editor, I don't understand what you mean!" Mo Xiaofei tilted her head and asked softly. She did not want to make wild guesses and the consequences would be even more severe.

"You are the pillar of our Entertainment Tabloid. The previous incident was just an accident, so I will not blame you, but. . . " The chief editor paused and said, "You must investigate this news to the end. "

The chief editor handed the magazine to Mo Xiaofei and pointed at Jin Lingfeng on the cover.

"Isn't this news already exposed?"

"What I want is a follow-up report. I have already gotten the secret report. It was said that at 4 PM this afternoon, this woman would still go to this room to find Jin Lingfeng. That is why I sent the elite of our elites, you! " The chief editor narrowed his eyes with a hint of threat. "Done, I'll give you a raise. If you don't do it well, you should know what the consequences are. "

Mo Xiaofei looked at the cover of the magazine. There was a secret report that a woman was looking for Jin Lingfeng, so she said she was just an accident. Did Jin Lingfeng have a lover outside? If she could really get hold of this information, not only would she be able to get a promotion, but she would also get revenge for everything.

She pursed her lips and smiled, "I wonder how much your salary will be increased?"

"After this matter is settled, I'll give you an additional 2000 per month. " The chief editor promised.

"Okay, Chief Editor, leave this matter to me! I'll definitely complete the mission! " Mo Xiaofei patted her chest and said confidently.

Mo Xiaofei left the Chief Editor's office and her whole person was completely different from before. She recovered her spirit and quickly ran out with her bag.

Looking at her watch, it was already 3. 50 PM. It would take about 40 minutes to reach Milan Hotel. Mo Xiaofei anxiously looked at her watch and urged the taxi driver to drive quickly. When they arrived at the destination, it was already 4. 25 PM. Looks like that woman should have gone up.

She was already familiar with this place. She quickly entered the elevator and went straight to Jin Lingfeng's room.

Soon, she arrived at Jin Lingfeng's room. Mo Xiaofei stuck her ear to the door, hoping to hear something, but there was no sound inside.

Could it be that the woman had not arrived yet? Mo Xiaofei was somewhat puzzled.

Just as she was hesitating on what to do, the door suddenly opened. An unfamiliar man stood at the door and looked at her with a surprised expression.

"Who are you?" The man frowned and asked.

"I. . . " Mo Xiaofei tilted her head and looked inside. Did Jin Lingfeng have a fetish for dragons? Why would a man open the door? Why was the woman the Chief Editor mentioned not here?

"Hey, what are you looking at?" The man saw that she had some shifty eyes and could not help but roar in a low voice.

"I'm here to find someone!" Mo Xiaofei said somewhat awkwardly.

"My dear, who is it?" A woman's voice came from the room.

Ah, she had indeed found the wrong place. Mo Xiaofei subconsciously looked at the room. This was definitely the room that Jin Lingfeng had brought her last time. Why did it become like this? Could it be that the Chief Editor had gotten false information? This really caused her death!

"There is no one you are looking for. Let's go!" The man was a little impatient. He suddenly saw the security guard in the corridor. "Security, are you being harassed here?"

The security guard saw this and quickly walked over. Mo Xiaofei ran towards the opposite corridor in the next second. The man blinked and before he could react, the security guard ran past him.

Mo Xiaofei followed the security guard to hide from the cat, but the security guard used the walkie-talkie to call more companions. In a panic, she hid in the cart where the waiter changed the sheets.

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