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C13 Exposing Maniac

"Almost caught!" Mo Xiaofei patted her chest and waited for the security guard to leave before coming out. However, as soon as she sat down, the cart started to shake. She quickly opened a corner of the bed sheet and realized that she was being pushed into a room by a waiter.

"Room service!" The waiter stopped in front of a room and used the room card to open the door.

When the waiter was not paying attention, he quickly climbed down from the cart. Fortunately, there was no one in the room, so he quickly hid in the closet not far away.

After an unknown amount of time, Mo Xiaofei heard the door lightly close before slowly opening the closet and jumping down. She did not expect to be so lucky today and was not caught. She closed the closet door and could not help but smile complacently.

"Who?!" A familiar and cold voice came out of the room.

Mo Xiaofei suddenly turned around and saw Jin Lingfeng's handsome face. What was even more unexpected was that he walked out of the bathroom naked without any clothes on.

Jin Lingfeng just stood there naked and stared at the woman who was standing there blankly with his deep and sharp eyes. The skin on his body was as smooth as a top brown silk cloth, and his muscular chest formed a perfect inverted triangle. In the middle of his body was a thin waist that even a man would envy, beneath the thin waist. It was a mermaid line that could make a woman fall, and there was no excess fat on his waist. Six abdominal muscles, which made people drool.

The man who had just finished showering released a suffocating charm. Water droplets slid down along the charming lines and slowly attracted people's eyes. At the same time, it stimulated Mo Xiaofei's fragile nerves. . .

"Ah. . . ! You pervert!"

Mo Xiaofei shouted without thinking. It was Jin Lingfeng's turn to frown. He did not want his naked body to be seen by a third person. Of course, being seen by this haunting woman made him very anxious.

"Shut up!"

The low roar with some anger did not make Mo Xiaofei shut her mouth. Instead, she shouted even more happily, "Go away! You are shameless! Change! Oh!"

"I told you to shut up!" Jin Lingfeng, who was so angry that his head was about to explode, went forward and firmly grabbed the woman who was screaming randomly. He covered her mouth with his big hand and warned her, "If you keep shouting, I will strip you naked!"

Jin Lingfeng was so impulsive that he held Mo Xiaofei tightly in his arms. The water droplets on his body penetrated the woman's clothes. The clothes that were worn in the summer were quickly soaked. His body temperature went through the thin fabric to stimulate the woman's senses.

Mo Xiaofei was so scared that she could not breathe. She looked at the perfect face at a very close distance. The black hair that hung down stuck to her white forehead. The cold water instantly turned into a high temperature. As it slid down her face, Mo Xiaofei felt that her face had unknowingly turned red again. As the scene that she was forced to see appeared in her mind, the red clouds on her cheeks became more and more beautiful.

"Hmm. . . Hmph. . . " His eyes kept blinking. Her small hand grabbed onto the man's big hand and pulled with all her might, but the man still did not move and deprived her of the right to breathe. Mo Xiaofei was so anxious that she kept snorting.

Jin Lingfeng, whose eyebrows were about to be tied, sighed helplessly in his heart. He should be the one who had lost something, but why did this woman look like she was about to die? She moaned and did not know what to say.

"I'll let you go, but you're not allowed to scream anymore!" After giving a stern warning, Jin Lingfeng looked at Mo Xiaofei, who could not stop the electric current, and let go of his grip.

As soon as he let go, Mo Xiaofei left and pushed away the man who was pressing on her. She screamed, "Pervert! Exposing maniac!"

The woman's scream resounded through the room once again. It went through the wall and into the corridor. In the high decibel silent hotel. . .

"You! Damn it! I told you not to shout anymore! "

Jin Lingfeng did not expect this woman to be so brainless. She even told him not to shout anymore! Jin Lingfeng was so angry that he was about to throw this woman out of the room. At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Mr Jin, I'm a security guard. What happened?"

An anxious voice came from outside the door. Jin Lingfeng looked at Mo Xiaofei with a dark face. She seemed to have realized what she had done wrong. She grabbed her bag and rushed out the door.

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