CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C14 She Threw Herself into His Arms
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CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C14 She Threw Herself into His Arms
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C14 She Threw Herself into His Arms


Mo Xiaofei, who had just run two steps, was violently pulled by the man and fell into his arms again. Without waiting for her to react, Jin Lingfeng grabbed the clothes on the ground and tied her up tightly.

"What are you doing!? Hey! "

Mo Xiaofei looked at Jin Lingfeng's scary actions in panic. She struggled with all her might, but before she could finish speaking, she was tied up tightly by the man. Then, she was picked up and walked towards the bedroom.

"Hey! Let go. . . !"

Jin Lingfeng stuffed Mo Xiaofei's sleeve into her mouth and stared at her coldly. He waved his hand and threw her onto the floor of the bedroom as if he was throwing trash.

"Oh!" It hurt so much. . .

Mo Xiaofei, who had tears in her eyes, began to curse this devil endlessly in her heart. However, since she was tied up, she was completely unable to comfort her injured butt. She could only lay pitifully on the ground. All kinds of evil thoughts emerged in her dizzy mind. Of course, it was the evil thing that Jin Lingfeng might do to her. Due to the fact that she was taken advantage of by this pervert after drinking last time, these horrifying thoughts became more and more concentrated and took up all of her breath.

It's over. . . This guy isn't thinking of. . .

No. . . Mo Xiaofei completely panicked this time. She desperately twisted her body and tried to get close to the door, but Jin Lingfeng tied her up so tightly that she couldn't move at all.

Jin Lingfeng, who had temporarily solved the problem, still had a dirty look on his face. The continuous knocking on the door made him irritated. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wrapped it around his lower body. He pulled the door open and shouted rudely, "What is it?"

The security guard, who was shocked by Jin Lingfeng's ugly face, said in a daze, What is it?" Uh. . . Mr Jin. I just heard a woman shouting in your room. . . "

The cold gaze made the security guard break out in a cold sweat. He prayed that he had heard it correctly to avoid offending this distinguished guest.

"Is that so?" Jin Lingfeng's gaze swept across the living room, then he turned and said, Yes. " I am the only one here, Jin Lingfeng said. Did you mishear me?"

"Is that. . . ?" The security guard was stunned. He started to doubt his hearing under Jin Lingfeng's question. He immediately said, Yes. " Oh. . . That might be the guest in the next room. I'm really sorry, Mr Jin. . . I. . . "

" Bang! " Jin Lingfeng didn't even give the other party time to explain and directly closed the door.

Jin Lingfeng, who was in a bad mood, did not bother with the security guards. As long as he said no one would dare to mess around, of course, except for the troublesome plaster in the bedroom!

Mo Xiaofei, who was still struggling, heard the sound of the door opening. She thought the security guards had come. She looked up with hope and saw Jin Lingfeng's eyes with a layer of ice.

Why was it Jin Lingfeng?! Where was the security guard? Where were the people who came to rescue him?

Mo Xiaofei was so scared that she backed away, but she could only watch as the other person kept approaching. Jin Lingfeng strode forward and lifted Mo Xiaofei up and threw her on the bed, then pressed her onto the other person's body.

"No, please, call again!"

He warned the other person, word by word, and ordered with an ultimatum tone, "Shut up! Otherwise, I will really strip you naked and throw you out!"

It was not scary to be stripped naked. Then it would definitely be Mo Xiaofei who would be thrown out naked. She immediately nodded obediently when she did not want to experience such a terrifying thing in her life.

But Jin Lingfeng did not move. He just watched Mo Xiaofei continuously nod her head until he was certain that this woman would not go back on her words. Only then did he slowly pull on the clothes that bound the woman.

Mo Xiaofei, who had been released, scuttled away from Jin Lingfeng's side with a swoosh. She kept rubbing the parts that hurt from the fall on her body. She shouted discontentedly, "Even if I walked into the wrong door, you should not treat me like this! This was too much! She is simply like a hooligan! "

" A hoodlum? " Jin Lingfeng's slightly eased face turned ugly again. He was only wearing a towel and casually sat by the bed. He looked at Mo Xiaofei with contempt and said, "No matter how hooligan I am, I am still in my own room. I don't look like someone sneaking in. Even if you throw yourself into my arms, you still need to see how much you weigh! "

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