CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C15 Who Would Want to Touch Something like a Drowning Dog
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CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C15 Who Would Want to Touch Something like a Drowning Dog
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C15 Who Would Want to Touch Something like a Drowning Dog

"I'm not throwing myself into your arms!" Mo Xiaofei angrily roared in a low voice. "Even if I give it to you, I will not give it to such a freak! You think so highly of yourself! "

Jin Lingfeng raised the corner of his mouth with a sneer. His long and narrow eyes looked at Mo Xiaofei from top to bottom. He slowly spat out vicious words. "You can only give it to me when you are so beautiful. Unfortunately, I have no interest in you at all! Hurry up and get out of my room!"

Mo Xiaofei, who originally wanted to get the headlines this time, felt that she had been schemed against and had a belly full of anger. Jin Lingfeng undoubtedly added oil to the fire.

She angrily walked to the man's side and pointed at him and said, You. . . " Jin Lingfeng, the last incident was just an accident. Don't think that you are really a king! In my eyes, you are just a hooligan with a gorgeous appearance! "

The narrowed black eyes could not hide the anger of the man. Jin Lingfeng waved Mo Xiaofei's hand away and mocked. "Who do you think you are? Why didn't you have such backbone when you climbed into my bed last time?! Hmph, you're nothing more than a dumbass! "

" Pa! "

After the crisp sound, Mo Xiaofei realized that she had slapped the man in her excitement, but she could not retract the slap. She grabbed the bag and left the room without looking back. Her mind was in a mess and she did not have the heart to care about the terrifying expression of the man behind her. . .

"Get out!"

Along with the roar, Mo Xiaofei left the magazine with her face covered in dust. When she went out to pack her things, a cheap face that she did not want to see appeared.

"Aiya, isn't this our favorite? What is going on? Where are you going to go? "

Annoying cockroaches! Disgusting bugs!

Mo Xiaofei rubbed her teeth in her heart and looked at the arrogant smiling face in front of her. When she went out today, did she not look at the calendar or something? It was clearly a great opportunity for her to turn things around, but why did it end up being kicked out of the company by the chief editor?!

She could not understand! Mo Xiaofei could not understand no matter what!

"Hey! I'm talking to you! Stop pretending to be stupid! " The reporter who was ignored felt that Mo Xiaofei was deliberately ignoring him and pushed her angrily.

The woman who was in a daze was fiercely pushed and the cardboard boxes in her arms instantly fell to the ground.

"Are you crazy!"

Mo Xiaofei, who was in bad luck, was not someone to be trifled with. She had been scolded by the other party a few times and had to endure it. Now that she was about to leave, she could not tolerate it anymore. Pointing at the things on the ground, she said, "Pick them up for me!" "Hmph!!" The reporter snorted in disdain," Who would want to touch something that belongs to a drowning dog? "

After saying that, he walked past Mo Xiaofei arrogantly and stepped on her items.


"What are you arguing about?!" Mo Xiaofei was just about to get angry when the chief editor walked out of the room. When he saw Mo Xiaofei, he immediately shouted, "Get lost! I don't want to see a trash like you in the magazine! Get out!"

After being scolded by the chief editor, Mo Xiaofei's anger, which had just emerged, withered again. Seeing that she had yet to get her last salary, Mo Xiaofei squatted down and quietly started to pack her things.

"Haha! Trash!"

The sharp and piercing laughter squeezed into Mo Xiaofei's ears, which she wanted to close with all her might. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she was stubborn and would rather die than cry in front of the villain!

With the fastest speed to pack up, Mo Xiaofei left the place where she had worked hard for the past four years without even turning her head back. . .

At night, the street corner was filled with all kinds of people under the gorgeous lights. No matter where they came from, they only had one goal, to enjoy the madness and indulgence of the night.

"Get out!" A man who looked like a waiter came out of the bar with a woman who could not walk steadily, then let go of his hands and let her slide to the ground.

"Hey!" The woman shouted inarticulately: "I am your guest! Ugly fellow! Call your boss over!"

" Where did this crazy woman come from? What bad luck! "

The waiter muttered with a look of disdain, then turned around and returned to the bar.

Mo Xiaofei, who was sitting on the floor, pouted with grievance. "I am not crazy. . . And I am not unlucky! An impolite fellow! I'm not unlucky! "

Mo Xiaofei, who had not received any response after muttering for a long time, helplessly got up from the ground. She randomly patted the dirt off her body and walked towards her home with shaky steps.

After she left the magazine, she really did not want to go home with that ghostly appearance. Only she would appear more lonely at home, so she randomly found a garbage collector and sold her most precious gossip record. It was the first time in her life that she came to a bar alone to get drunk. Who would have thought that she would really be chased out as a drunkard in the end?

"Should. . . Die. . . "

Mo Xiaofei, who was swaying as she walked, could not stand steadily with her hands on the wall. She touched her slightly hot forehead and laughed foolishly. "Hehe, so hot. . . I can fry eggs now. . . "

Under the street lamp, her red little face coupled with a silly smile. Although Mo Xiaofei looked like she was in a mess of bad luck now, she was still so cute when she looked closely.

This scene was coincidentally seen by a few men at the corner of the street. They gave each other a look and walked towards Mo Xiaofei. The three men surrounded Mo Xiaofei in the middle, blocking the line of sight of the passing crowd.

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