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C16 Saved by Him

"Girl, it's boring to be alone. I'll take you to a good place. "

Her obscene eyes looked back and forth on Mo Xiaofei's body. As she spoke, she even grabbed her wrist with one hand and then touched it.

"Let go!" Although she was a little drunk, Mo Xiaofei still instinctively felt danger. She frowned and looked at the unfamiliar face. "I don't know you! I want to go home!"

The incoherent words made the men laugh. As the night fell, the number of people on the way decreased. The shorter man said in a low voice, "Let's take her away while there's no one else!"

As soon as the words came out, the other two people immediately affirmed it. The man who grabbed Mo Xiaofei pulled her closer to his chest and leaned against her ear and said with disgusting words, "Be good and come with me. I will let you know what it feels like to be intoxicated! Haha! "

Obediently. . .

This sentence made Mo Xiaofei recall the way Jin Lingfeng growled at her during the day. Anger rushed out all of a sudden. She pushed the man away and shouted, "Who the hell wants to be good! Damn pervert!"

"Hey!" The man at the side was shocked. He went forward to grab Mo Xiaofei and said to his companion, "Why did you provoke her? Making such a big commotion, quickly take her away!"

"Who knows!" The man looked at the two sides in panic. He grabbed Mo Xiaofei and walked towards the dark corner.

"Let go!" Mo Xiaofei thought of the man in front of her as Jin Lingfeng and shouted. "Jin Lingfeng is a pervert! Let me go! I won't stick to you! "

" F * ck! What the hell is this woman screaming about!? Who was Jin Lingfeng? Is she crazy?"

Mo Xiaofei did not care what the other party said. She only cared about herself shouting and attracting the people by the roadside to stop. However, the three men's hooligan appearance made the passers-by not dare to look at them. They all dodged.

Jin Lingfeng, who drove by, saw all of this. He originally didn't want to meddle in other people's business, but after hearing Mo Xiaofei's shout, he frowned for the nth time because of this crazy woman.

"Lingfeng, will you go home now?"

Ann Xu, Jin Lingfeng's manager, in the passenger seat, asked, "Or do you want to go to YPR?"

Although he did not know what had happened to Jin Lingfeng today, Ann Xu, as his manager, could tell that he was not in a good mood. It could even be said that he was in a bad mood, to the extent that strangers were not allowed to enter. But usually, he would not ask about things Jin Lingfeng did not want to talk about, so he could only find a way to ease this man's mood.

"I'm not going. "

Jin Lingfeng's eyes were still fixed on the noisy corner of the street. In his sight, Mo Xiaofei was like a wild cat baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, entangled with the few hooligans.

He was still hesitating whether he should intervene or not. When he saw that the woman's clothes seemed to be torn apart, he immediately said, "Ann Xu, help me do something!"

The man was stunned and followed Jin Lingfeng's gaze.

"F * ck! If I don't teach you a lesson today, you won't be finished!"

The three hooligans were angered by Mo Xiaofei and were about to knock the woman out and take her away when an unfamiliar man suddenly appeared in front of them.

They looked at each other and put on a fierce posture and said, "Mind your own business! This is the territory of the elders!"

Ann Xu frowned. He really did not understand why Jin Lingfeng wanted him to do this kind of thing. He looked at the drunk Mo Xiaofei and felt even more helpless.

"Let go of her and you can leave. " Ann Xu pointed at the corner of the street. "I have called the police just now. I guess the police will be on that road soon. You still have time to run. "

"What?!" The men were stunned. The leader thought for a moment and said, "Who are you trying to scare?! Do you think we will believe you?! If you don't want to die, then get lost! "

After he finished speaking, the man threw Mo Xiaofei to his partner and got ready to teach Ann Xu a lesson together with the other gangster.

At that moment, the siren of the police car sounded. The few men were stunned and cursed in annoyance, "Damn it!" They left Mo Xiaofei behind and immediately ran.

Ann Xu looked at the paralyzed woman on the ground and turned to look at Jin Lingfeng's car. He realized that Jin Lingfeng had gotten off the car and was walking towards them.

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