CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C17 Drunk after Drinking
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CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C17 Drunk after Drinking
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C17 Drunk after Drinking

"How do you know such a woman?"

Ann Xu still could not hold back the questions in his heart. He lowered his head and looked at Mo Xiaofei who was in a daze. The woman, who was in pain from the fall, stretched out her hand and tried to grab something. She did not expect that she would pull the corner of Jin Lingfeng's shirt. She used that little bit of strength to pull the man's shirt up.

Mo Xiaofei, who was half hanging on Jin Lingfeng's body, reached out her hand to hold the man's neck. Her small face rubbed against the man's chest. Ann Xu who was watching by the side saw this scene and broke out in cold sweat. After all, as Jin Lingfeng's face became darker and darker, it wasn't hard for him to imagine the scene of this woman being kicked away by Jin Lingfeng.

"Feng, since there is nothing else, we should leave. When she wakes up, she will naturally return home. " Ann Xu did not want to be seen by too many people on the street. Although it was a dark street corner at night, with Jin Lingfeng's reputation, he could not rule out the danger of being followed by paparazzi.

"En. " Jin Lingfeng responded and pulled Mo Xiaofei, who was on him, and threw her into Ann Xu's arms. "I will get on the car first. You bring her up too. "

"Huh? Before he could finish, Jin Lingfeng disappeared in the car. Ann Xu helplessly dragged Mo Xiaofei and followed him.

It was not easy to get the half-drunk Mo Xiaofei into the car. Ann Xu panted as he sat in the driver's seat and asked, "Who exactly is she? Why haven't I seen her before?"

As the manager, Ann Xu could clearly feel the influence this woman had on Jin Lingfeng. With his cold and aloof personality, it was impossible for him to do anything for justice. Let alone getting involved with a drunk woman, could it be. . .

"The scandal two days ago has something to do with her?!" Ann Xu looked at Jin Lingfeng in surprise, wanting to get an answer from her.

Jin Lingfeng gave him a cold look and looked down at Mo Xiaofei, who was lying in the back seat. He did not know why he wanted to save her, but when he saw the gangsters rip her collar open, he felt sulky in his chest.

"Oh. . . It feels so bad. . . " Mo Xiaofei, who had been quiet for a while, started to twist in the seat. She held her head with both hands and murmured, "What should I do. . . What should I do if I starve to death. . . "

The continuous mumbling forced Jin Lingfeng to focus his attention on Mo Xiaofei. The woman did not listen and twisted her body, trying to find a comfortable position. Mo Xiaofei, who could not find where she was, once again rubbed against Jin Lingfeng.

"Mom. . . Your daughter failed again. . . " Mo Xiaofei, who seemed to be about to fall asleep, said loudly.

Ann Xu, who was driving in the front, said in disgust, "This woman's drink is really bad!"

Jin Lingfeng ignored her. He stared at Mo Xiaofei and suddenly asked, "Why did she fail? Why did she not have food to eat?"

Jin Lingfeng did not think about why he asked. He only knew that he wanted to understand the meaning of her words. Mo Xiaofei answered half-drunk and half-dreaming, "It's all because of that damn thing! That. . . Jin Lingfeng is a great pervert! It's all because of him!"

" What does it have to do with him? " Jin Lingfeng's rare patience exploded on Mo Xiaofei.

"It's all because of him. . . I got fired!" Mo Xiaofei said with a sobbing tone, "I was even looked down upon by that slut! Wu. . . It was all because of him! Why didn't he have sex with the female celebrity? Why didn't he kiss her? It caused me to lose my job. . . !"

" She's a reporter?! " This time, Ann Xu could not just leave her alone. He suddenly parked the car by the side of the road and turned his head to look at Jin Lingfeng. He said seriously, "Why do you have anything to do with reporters? Did she pretend to be drunk to get information? "

"Wuuu. . . It's the wrong room. Why did she tie me up? I didn't even get the headlines. . . Jin Lingfeng is a devil! Ruffian! " The more Mo Xiaofei talked, the more energetic she was. She grabbed the man's collar and shook him. Jin Lingfeng's patience immediately disappeared. He pulled the woman's hand away and threw her away.

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