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C18 Compensate Me

"Feng, what the hell is going on?!" If he didn't intervene, Ann Xu's manager position would be in vain. He carefully observed the drunk Mo Xiaofei, wanting to see through the other party's flaw in pretending to be drunk.

"It's nothing. It's just a small matter. " A simple sentence was thrown back to Ann Xu. There were already enough unpleasantness today. Jin Lingfeng didn't want to receive any form of interrogation from Ann Xu before he rested.

"Feng!" Ann Xu felt that Jin Lingfeng was hiding something from him, but he could not do anything about the other party's identity. He could only say, "No matter who she is, send her away now!"

Ann Xu nodded without any objections. He immediately started the car and drove to a nearby hotel. He wanted to solve this problem as soon as possible!

The black car drove on the streets in the night. The gorgeous lights occasionally flashed across the quiet coach and reflected inside through the transparent glass window. Mo Xiaofei felt a little uncomfortable under the light. She originally wanted to sleep on the sofa like this, but she got up and complained. "Who is it!? Turning on the lights so big and flashing! "

As she spoke, she pulled the door handle and sat up. She wobbled to the right and immediately leaned against a warm and strong chest. Just as Mo Xiaofei was about to sleep peacefully again, the increasingly cold aura above her head made her sit up straight in an instant. When she looked up, a face that she would never want to see appeared in front of her eyes.

"You. . . Jin Lingfeng?!" Mo Xiaofei, who had not finished drinking, pointed at Jin Lingfeng's nose and narrowed her eyes. She said, "Great devil. . . Why did you come to my dream?! Get out!"

Jin Lingfeng rolled his eyes at Mo Xiaofei, bored. He slapped off the woman's undisciplined fingers and snorted coldly, "Get out of the car if you are not satisfied!"

Car? Mo Xiaofei looked around blankly and only then did she realize that she was in an unfamiliar car. Even when the high-class car was moving, it could not feel the slightest movement. No wonder she did not notice.

But. . .

Turning her head to look at Jin Lingfeng, Mo Xiaofei frowned and pouted as she called out. "It's great to have a car! You are also a pervert even if you have a car! Exposing maniac! "

" Stop the car! "

Ann Xu stepped on the brakes and Mo Xiaofei slammed into the front seat. She covered her head and shouted, Stop the car! "Jin Lingfeng, you did it on purpose!"

"Get out of the car!" Jin Lingfeng did not bother with Mo Xiaofei's complaints. He walked past the woman and opened the car door. He ordered, "Get out of here right now!"

He really regretted being so meddlesome to save this woman. From the moment he got in the car, he had been calling her a pervert and expose maniac! What the hell was wrong with him, provoking such a troublesome woman!

"Hmph! Get out of the car!"

Mo Xiaofei, who was much more sober, rolled her eyes at Jin Lingfeng. She pulled the corner of her shirt that was pressing down on the man and walked out. She had just stepped out of the car with one leg. She seemed to have thought of something. She turned her head and looked at Jin Lingfeng in a daze and said, "No! You have to compensate me!"

If you want her to get lost, then get lost!? Jin Lingfeng thought that he was really easy to get rid of! Who was the reason why he was fired? It was all because of this detestable man in front of him. Today, she was going to seek justice for him!

Thinking about this, Mo Xiaofei immediately withdrew back into the car. With a bang, she closed the car door and turned to Jin Lingfeng and said, "It was you who caused me to lose my job, compensate me!"

Jin Lingfeng did not expect this woman to be so bold after getting drunk. He said in a low voice with a cold and handsome face, "Get out immediately! Otherwise, I will throw you out!"

This again?! She, Mo Xiaofei, was not trash. This man would throw it away whenever he said it was impolite. It was too much of a blow to his self-esteem!

"You dare!" Mo Xiaofei, who was drunk, threw herself in front of Jin Lingfeng. She grabbed his collar tightly and imitated the man's manner. She growled in a low voice, "If you throw me out again, I will. . . Uh. . . I will. . . "

Halfway through her words, Mo Xiaofei, whose head was muddled, could not think of any threatening words. She blinked her eyes in confusion and her blinking eyelashes swept across the man's face. A warm and sweet breath was exhaled from her tender lips, causing Jin Lingfeng's heart to miss half a beat.

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