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C2 Worried for Them

"I'm sorry, you guys continue!" Mo Xiaofei quickly picked up the bag on the floor and left the room. After closing the door, she realized that there was a big sign on the door - the bathroom.

Thinking of the three men's looks just now, she could not help but laugh loudly. Afraid of being discovered, she quickly covered her mouth and quickly left the scene.

YPR was indeed the most luxurious club in the city. Not only was it gorgeous, but it was also unique. The corridors were all turned. Mo Xiaofei walked for a long time. Every room was the same. Where was the damn Jin Lingfeng? She did not have much time. She had boasted to the Chief Editor that the headlines of the newspaper tomorrow would be Jin Lingfeng.

She had just finished cursing in her heart when she found her target.

At this moment, Jin Lingfeng was hugging a woman. He was saying something to her ear, teasing that woman until she kept laughing.

The smile on Mo Xiaofei's lips became bigger and bigger. It seemed that not only would she be able to complete her work tomorrow, she might even become famous.

Jin Lingfeng, although you have maintained a low profile in the outside world and have never had any scandal, meeting me is considered your misfortune!

Mo Xiaofei saw Jin Lingfeng hugging that woman and slowly opened the door beside him and walked in. She quickly took the camera and rushed over as fast as she could. Unfortunately, Jin Lingfeng still closed the door.

But how could Jin Lingfeng's little trick trouble her? Mo Xiaofei took out a card from her wallet and gently scratched the door. With a click, the door opened and she stuck the camera in through the crack of the door to take a picture.

When Mo Xiaofei found the position, she found that the woman Jin Lingfeng was hugging was the female lead of his latest movie, Lisa. This unexpected gain made her pleasantly surprised. She would definitely take a beautiful picture for them that would make everyone scream.

"How is it? Have you thought about the conditions I mentioned?" Lisa hugged Jin Lingfeng's arm and trapped Jin Lingfeng's arm between her ample bosom as she said coquettishly.

"I won't consider it!" Jin Lingfeng narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman beside him, and said coldly. It was completely not the funny look he had when he was teasing her outside the door.

"Didn't you come here already?" Lisa did not care about his thoughts. She had made up her mind that tonight she would make this man her man. She glanced at the glass of red wine on the table and showed a proud look.

"It does not mean anything for me to come here. " Jin Lingfeng's tone was still cold.

Everyone in the entertainment industry knew Jin Lingfeng's personality. Lisa ignored his cold tone and sat on his lap. She leaned her head on his shoulder and drew a circle on his chest with one hand.

"Stop pretending. You know what I want to do!" Lisa's voice was sexy. She looked at the handsome man in front of her with hazy eyes. She could not help but hold his arm with both hands and put her lips to his mouth.

Hehe, a good show is about to begin. As long as they start kissing, her task tonight would be completed. Thinking of this, Mo Xiaofei could not help but laugh cockily.

Jin Lingfeng raised his eyebrows in disgust and said emotionlessly, "We are only doing this to publicize the scandal that the movie crew deliberately created. "

Lisa was stunned for a moment and quickly revealed a bewitching smile, "Don't you want us to fake it and make it real?"

Jin Lingfeng laughed in disdain.

"What do you mean?" His contemptuous expression made Lisa feel very embarrassed.

Hurry up and kiss! Mo Xiaofei secretly cried in her heart, but seeing that the atmosphere in front of her was not quite right, she should hurry up and finish secretly filming and leave this place. In any case, for her to be able to take such a photo, it was already explosive enough. Tomorrow's newspaper headlines would definitely be very shocking.

"How about we go eat later?" A security guard holding a walkie-talkie said gently. He was patrolling the security of this floor. As soon as he finished speaking, he found a person squatting at the door of a room. She was trying her best to reach into the room. Her entire face was stuck in the gap between the door and the door. She seemed to be doing something.

He quickly walked over, grabbed Mo Xiaofei's collar and scolded loudly, "Kid, what are you doing?"

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