CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C3 I Am Here to Find Someone
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CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C3 I Am Here to Find Someone
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C3 I Am Here to Find Someone

Mo Xiaofei's mouth twitched. She was discovered so quickly? Fortunately, she secretly took a few photos. As an entertainment reporter, she absolutely could not let the photos fall into someone else's hands. She hid the camera in her clothes and shouted loudly, "I'm not a man!"

"So you're a woman!" The security guard was a little surprised.

"I'm just looking for someone!" Mo Xiaofei casually made up an excuse and just wanted to leave quickly. But the security guard tightly grabbed her collar and she could not escape at all.

"Do you think I am a three-year-old child? You're here to steal, right?" The security guard looked at Mo Xiaofei with disdain.

Mo Xiaofei rolled her eyes at the security guard. Right now, her most important task was to protect the photos.

"I am definitely not here to steal anything. I will leave this place now!" Mo Xiaofei pouted and said.

"I saw you hiding something!" The security guard narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows. He wanted to reach into Mo Xiaofei's arms and take out the camera.

Mo Xiaofei was frightened by his actions. She screamed in fear and quickly kicked his abdomen. This sudden movement made her lose her balance and fell towards the door of the room.

The door didn't give her any resistance, but was pushed open by her body. The result was very obvious. Mo Xiaofei fell to the ground. The camera in her arms rolled twice on the ground and laid in an inconspicuous corner.

This movement alarmed the two people in the room.

"What's going on!?" Lisa kept hugging Jin Lingfeng's neck. What she needed now was evidence to prove that they were dating. Although there was anger in her tone, there was also a trace of joy hidden in it.

"I'm sorry!" Seeing this, the security guard quickly bowed and apologized. He grabbed Mo Xiaofei's arm and was about to pull her out of the room. "Hurry up and come out!"

"I don't want to leave!" Mo Xiaofei did not want to leave this room no matter what. Because her most important thing was here.

"This thing is yours?" A cold voice covered the entire room with a layer of cold air.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Jin Lingfeng who was in the room. He pushed Lisa, who was on him, to the side and slowly walked in front of Mo Xiaofei. He slowly squatted down and shook the camera in his hand in front of her.

"This. . . " Mo Xiaofei really did not know what to say. If she admitted it, this man would definitely take the camera away. If she did not admit it, he would not return the camera to her. What should she do!

Jin Lingfeng tilted his head and looked at the woman lying on the ground. Why was her expression so strange?

"Is this yours or not!" Seeing that Mo Xiaofei was a little hesitant, the security guard shouted.

"This is mine!" Mo Xiaofei was shocked and blurted out without thinking. After saying that, she awkwardly turned her head to look at Jin Lingfeng beside her. From her angle, his nose was very straight. Under the warm light, Jin Lingfeng's emotionless eyes looked even deeper. Mo Xiaofei suddenly blushed.

Jin Lingfeng sneered. He slowly pulled out the photo from the camera in front of Mo Xiaofei and exposed it under the light.

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