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C6 So Smelly

"You're the ugly woman!" Jin Lingfeng looked outside the door and then looked at Lisa. His eyes revealed a chill that made Lisa feel afraid. Jin Lingfeng asked, "Didn't you put that drug?"

Lisa did not say anything. Even if she wanted to speak, she did not know what to say at this time.

"I'm warning you. If I find out that you are doing something behind my back again, you can wait to go to hell!" Jin Lingfeng muttered to himself, opened the door, and left YPR with Mo Xiaofei.

"Hey, where do you live?" Jin Lingfeng looked at Mo Xiaofei and could not help but sigh. Mo Xiaofei was really a big trouble. She was drugged and had no consciousness at all. It seemed that they were going to stay outside for the night.

YPR Clubhouse was the center of the high level consumer financial circle. Jin Lingfeng brought Mo Xiaofei to the Milan Hotel at the end of the street.

Jin Lingfeng was a frequent customer here. He owned a hotel apartment here. If he needed to shoot movies overnight, he would come here to rest for a few hours because it was convenient to travel there. Moreover, the facilities and services of this seven-star hotel were first-rate.

As soon as he entered the room, Jin Lingfeng threw Mo Xiaofei onto the bed. He looked at her twisting body and could not help but roll his eyes. He walked to the closet, took off his suit, and slowly unbutton the buttons on his shirt.

His tight and dark skin gradually revealed itself in the air. Just as he was about to unbutton the third button, a pair of white hands hugged him from behind and kept caressing his strong muscles.

He actually forgot that she was drugged!

Jin Lingfeng grabbed the pair of restless hands and turned around to look at Mo Xiaofei's small face. He saw her pout her small mouth and wanted to kiss him with a silly smile.

"This is really troublesome!" Jin Lingfeng muttered. He hugged Mo Xiaofei and rushed to the bathroom. He opened the toilet lid and pressed her head into the toilet bowl.

"It stinks!" Mo Xiaofei wrinkled her nose and shouted. She wanted to resist but could not move at all. Very quickly, she had a feeling of nausea and immediately spat it out. Taking advantage that Jin Lingfeng's hand strength was relaxed, she suddenly jumped up and pushed Jin Lingfeng. Then she could not help but take a step back.

The water that shot out from the shower spray wet Mo Xiaofei's clothes.

"Come out!" Jin Lingfeng frowned. This woman was really troublesome. He reached out his hand to pull Mo Xiaofei out of the bath, but Mo Xiaofei was not willing to. She struggled and even his clothes were wet. He could not help but curse, "Damn it!"

At this time, Mo Xiaofei actually walked out of the bath by herself. The water immediately closed automatically. She walked in front of Jin Lingfeng and tightly hugged him. Her breasts were tightly pressed against his solid chest.

Maybe it was because she just vomited. Mo Xiaofei actually hugged Jin Lingfeng and fell asleep, making a slight nose sound.

Jin Lingfeng stood straight in the bathroom and secretly let out a sigh of relief. He then carried her horizontally and threw her onto the bed. He quickly took off his clothes. At this time, the moonlight shot in through the floor-to-ceiling glass and shone on Mo Xiaofei's small face.

Her hair was thin and soft, and because of the movement just now, it seemed a little messy. A few clusters were still stuck on her face. Her big and watery eyes were currently closed, contrasting with her small and round face. It made her feel as sweet as a baby. Perhaps she had dreamt of something wonderful, her pink and plump lips gently raised upwards. She revealed a fairytale smile. Her wet clothes made her curves faintly discernible, and her hair was still dripping with water. At this moment, he could clearly see Mo Xiaofei's appearance. She was delicate and pretty.

After being stunned for two seconds, he quickly walked to Mo Xiaofei's side and took off her clothes one by one. After taking a glance, he used the fastest speed to cover her with the blanket.

He did not want to sleep on the moist mattress later.

Jin Lingfeng walked to the other side of the bed and laid down. He felt very tired, so he slowly closed his eyes.

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