CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C7 Get out of Here Right Now
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CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C7 Get out of Here Right Now
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C7 Get out of Here Right Now

Mo Xiaofei turned over and could not help but move her body. She felt something beside her. She remembered that she did not have such a huge toy doll on her bed. She thought for a while and remembered that it was Jin Lingfeng who made her drink a lot.

She stretched her body and slowly opened her eyes. When she saw Jin Lingfeng's face, she tensed up and did not dare to move.

Mo Xiaofei completely did not remember what happened last night. She immediately shifted her gaze to Jin Lingfeng's face. This was the first time Mo Xiaofei had looked at him from such a close distance. The skin on his face was very smooth and glossy, making her a little jealous. His long curly eyelashes trembled slightly as he breathed evenly. She couldn't help but want to reach out and touch his face.

After that, Jin Lingfeng made a soft sound.

Mo Xiaofei was so scared that she quickly closed her eyes. After she waited for half a minute, she opened her eyes again and found that he just turned around and continued sleeping.

She immediately crawled out of the blanket and only then did she realize that she was naked and her clothes were scattered all over the ground.

Mo Xiaofei immediately took her clothes and ran to the bathroom. After she put on her clothes, her phone rang. It was her superior who called. She felt that it was not convenient for her to answer the phone now.

Mo Xiaofei immediately took the camera and quickly left. She wanted to pretend that nothing had happened.

Mo Xiaofei returned to the magazine. Everyone was looking forward to the topic she brought, but when they saw her dejected look, they did not dare to speak.

"Mo Xiaofei, come to my office!" A stern voice came from the chief editor's office.

Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath and walked into the Chief Editor's office. After she closed the door, she sat on the chair opposite the Chief Editor with an awkward smile.

The Chief Editor looked at her and patted his belly. Then he picked up the coffee on the table and tasted it. Mo Xiaofei knew that this was the Chief Editor's habit. When he put down the coffee cup, he would go straight to the point.

Mo Xiaofei softly wanted to explain, but the Chief Editor raised his hand and did not let her speak. After he put down the coffee cup, he narrowed his eyes and looked at her.

"Did you bring what you promised me yesterday?" The chief editor said to Mo Xiaofei with a smile.

"There was an accident yesterday, so I did not bring it with me for the time being. " It was the first time Mo Xiaofei did not complete the task given by the chief editor on time. She felt a little guilty.

"Can you repeat what you just said?" The Chief Editor still smiled and said to her, but his eyes emitted a chill.

Mo Xiaofei thought about it and firmly said.

"There were some accidents yesterday. . . "

The editor immediately put away his smile and stared at Mo Xiaofei. Then he said, "You are the elite of our magazine. You actually gave up such explosive news because of an accident. "

She felt that it was all Jin Lingfeng's fault. If not for him, she would have completed the mission long ago. She did not need to waste so much time.

"I don't want to hear your explanation. " The chief editor roared, "Leave this place immediately. If you don't get news better than yesterday's news, don't come back. "

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