CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C9 Make Her Disappear from the Entertainment Industry
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CEO's Order: Be My Obedient Wife/C9 Make Her Disappear from the Entertainment Industry
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C9 Make Her Disappear from the Entertainment Industry

"What the hell do you want?" Mo Xiaofei could not help but roll her eyes. He was too hard to deal with.

"Xiaofei, I am Vian. I have a script for you to read. " Vian's voice came from the phone.

"Sorry, I will be right back!" Mo Xiaofei quickly hung up the phone and left the corridor. Damn Jin Lingfeng, I just met you, but my life has become messy. I hope I won't see you again.

Jin Lingfeng looked at the phone in his hand and frowned.

"What's wrong?" A lazy voice came from behind Jin Lingfeng. The man lying on the sofa had long hair and slanted bangs. His beautiful eyes were slightly narrowed, hiding a cunning look.

His nose was tall and straight, full of heroic spirit. He smiled slightly, with an almost imperceptible evil charm.

"The call was hung up!" He replied emotionlessly.

"The phone was hung up?" Shangguan Ye, who was lying on the sofa, heard the news and sat up. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Jin Lingfeng's back. He repeated, "Someone hung up your phone?"

Jin Lingfeng slowly turned around and stared at Shangguan Ye, who was holding back his laughter.

Shangguan Ye couldn't help but laugh. According to Jin Lingfeng's expression, he was most likely hung up by a woman.

"Are you done laughing?" Jin Lingfeng looked at Shangguan Ye and said angrily. He used a tone that sounded like he was about to kill to warn him.

"This is too funny!" Shangguan Ye did not care about Jin Lingfeng's threat and continued to laugh.

"Do you have nothing else to do? What are you doing here?" Jin Lingfeng sighed. He couldn't do anything to Shangguan Ye, because he was his only friend.

"Of course I'm here to care about you!" Shangguan Ye threw the Entertainment Tabloid on the table. He picked up a glass of red wine and took a sip. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Jin Lingfeng, wanting to hear his explanation.

"I don't think you're here to care about me, but to listen to gossip!" Jin Lingfeng rolled his eyes at him and sat on the sofa, muttering.

"Whatever you say. I just want to know how the reporters took pictures of your scandal!" Shangguan Ye tilted his head and looked at the cover. "Who is that woman? Her face in the photo is not clear. "

"If you really want to meddle in this matter, help me find out who spread this photo. " Jin Lingfeng tilted his head and looked at Shangguan Ye.

"OK, in less than five hours, I can help you find her!" Shangguan Ye shrugged. He took out the phone and said a few words before hanging up. "I have already given the order. Let's drink some red wine and wait for the news!"

Jin Lingfeng narrowed his eyes and looked at Shangguan Ye. He was the empire's gang young lord. The power of the empire's gang was spread all over the country. As long as he said a word, this matter wouldn't even need five hours.

Soon, the news arrived.

"It was a female celebrity called Lisa who used her phone to take those photos and then sold them to a reporter from the magazine. " Shangguan Ye looked at Jin Lingfeng with a playful expression. "What do you need me to do?"

Jin Lingfeng could not help but sigh. It was rumored that he would take revenge for every grievance, but most of the things were instigated by Shangguan Ye. If he didn't agree, Shangguan Ye would keep pestering him.

"I just don't want to be threatened anymore. Just make her disappear. " Jin Lingfeng murmured.

"That's easy. " Shangguan Ye narrowed his eyes and smiled evilly. He looked at Jin Lingfeng and frowned. He quickly said, "I'm joking. I just want her to disappear from the entertainment industry. "

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