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C1 Bottomless Vision

At home.

Inside the grandiose villa, Yu Xi had just finished her bath. She was wearing her home's pajamas and had her hair wet. She was lazily lying down on the sofa watching television.

Above his head, a bright light poured down, illuminating the villa that was shrouded in darkness as if it was bright as day.

This was one of the family's most important properties.

And the 18 year old Yu Xi who was currently living here wasn't one of his family. No, to be exact, she was half a part of his family. This was because she was a child's daughter-in-law adopted by the Cheng family.

While he was lost in thought, all the servants in the entire villa ran out in a hurry, all of them with tense expressions.

Yu Xi turned her head and saw everyone's expressions. She instantly understood what was going on. Before he could choke, he turned off the television, got up from the sofa, and tried to sneak back upstairs.

However …

It was too late.

The heavy door of the villa was pulled open from the inside.

"Sir, welcome back."

A neat and respectful greeting sounded in the night, full of vigor.

The man who was welcomed by such a grand battle was extremely tall and stood at a height of 185cm. Under the crowd's gaze, he walked in, dressed in formal attire.

There was no expression on that indifferent and resolute handsome face. He only looked around once before his gaze finally fell on Yu Xi, who was standing stiffly in the middle of the hall.

This man was just like that.

The atmosphere was oppressive.

Even if he didn't do anything, just his gaze was filled with oppression, making it hard for one to breathe.

Yu Xi stood there stiffly under his gaze, then spoke with a respectful but slightly stuttering tone, "Three …" "Third Uncle."

She called him that after her fiancé, Yun Mingchuan.

Six years ago, when both her parents had died, she had been brought into the family by Yun Feng. Afterwards, by chance, she had become Yun Feng's nephew, Cheng Mingchuan's daughter-in-law, which meant that …

She was now his daughter-in-law.

He had lived in this villa for a full six years. As a close friend of her parents, she ate and slept with him, and was taught to study.

He was often away on business, so he rarely returned to the villa, but every time he showed up, Yu Xi was so nervous that she didn't know what to do.

To her, this man was an elder that she was both respectful and fearful of. In front of him, even her scalp was stretched taut, and she didn't dare to act rashly.

"Why aren't you asleep yet?"

Yun Feng Qing finally opened his mouth.

It was still the same calm and indifferent tone.

He took off his suit and handed it to the servant beside him. All that was left of him was an expensive handmade shirt. Under his shirt, the man's straight body didn't have a single strand of fat on it.

To be able to make the media view him as the most amazing man in A City, the man who could make women go crazy the most, that was an absolute fact.

Whether it was based on one's background or appearance.

Yu Xi's body tensed up. She pinched the corner of her clothes and carefully replied, "I was just about to go to sleep when you came back."

"En!" He walked over to the sofa and sat down.

Yu Xi really didn't understand what he meant by 'yeah'. Did that mean that she could go upstairs to sleep?

"It's almost time for the college entrance exam?" Just as she was thinking about this, Ning Xueluo suddenly spoke up.

"Yes." Yu Xi hurriedly nodded.

"When will you fill in the matriculation?"

"..." The day after tomorrow. "

"Where are you going?" Yun Che's tone was very casual, as if he had nothing to say to her.

Yu Xi felt that she had suffered a moment longer with this unsmiling elder of the family.

However, it was obvious that Yun Feng was more interested in today. She could only reply honestly, "I plan to apply for university in B City."

"City B?" Without even looking at her, he took a sip from the tea that the servant had brought over and calmly asked: "Do you plan to go to the same school as Mingchuan?"

"Yes." Yu Xi nodded and said softly, "Dad Mingchuan said he wants us to go to a school to cultivate our feelings. When I graduate from college, it will be time for us to get married. "

Yu Xi was speaking the truth.

Apart from this, studying B University had always been her greatest dream. It was also the dream her father had once entrusted to her. In these three years, every time she had a hard time studying, she would be happy whenever she thought of getting into B University.

Ning Xi raised her head to look at Yu Xi, her gaze was dark and unfathomable.

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