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C10 Sleeping Drug

It should be his own.

Yu Xi didn't accept it and only sized it up.

The man's nightgown should be his own.

Even though she was an elder and a junior, but men and women were different, so it wasn't really appropriate for her to wear it.

"I'll just wear it. Although it's a man's, it's still brand-new." "Of course, if you find it dirty, then so be it."

"I didn't mean that." Yu Xi explained in a soft voice. Hearing him say this, she had no choice but to take it. Otherwise, it would just seem like he didn't know what was good for him.

When he was satisfied, he said, "Go wash up. In a while, you'll have a good night's sleep in the room downstairs."

"Okay, thank you, Fourth Uncle."

Yu Xi turned around and went to the bathroom. Being drenched like this, his entire body was dripping wet, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Being able to change clothes was a very happy thing for her right now.

What she didn't know was that behind her, her gaze was following her the entire time. From top to bottom, it finally landed on her smooth and tender calves.

His eyes were burning.

"Someone, come."

When Yu Xi disappeared into the bathroom, only then did Ning Xi withdraw her gaze.

The servant stepped forward.

Lu Lei instructed, "Have the kitchen bring out some food to prepare."

"Yes, Master Four."

"And …" After thinking for a moment, he said, "Do we still have sleeping pills at home?"

"There's more."

"Give me two."

The servant was suspicious, but he didn't ask. He obediently sent the sleeping pills out.

He held the white pill in his hand and toyed with it, his lips curling up into an evil smile.

This little girl had been clearly decided by both of them, why didn't he have a share? But the more it was like this, the more he wanted to play first.

Both of them were from the same family. How could they be willing to let them get all the benefits and let them get all the benefits?


On the other side.

Yun Feng Qing's expression was already rather ugly.

He pressed the tip of his cigarette into the ashtray before it burned out.

"Tell me …" She's been in the rain all day? "

Ren Yishen was trembling in fear.

Others might not know what he was thinking about Miss Yu, but he was the clearest. There was no doubt that Miss Yu's self-abuse was related to her abuse.

"..." Yes. However, fortunately, she had gotten into Mister Ning Xi's car half an hour ago. "Looking at the route, it's towards the villa garden."

"Which Mister Ning Xi?"

"Mister Yun Lei."

What is it?

Yun Feng Qing's expression turned cold. The coldness on his face was terrifying. The temperature in the entire office plummeted.

Without a word, he grabbed the car keys and walked out with a heavy step. Ren Yisheng was confused and hurried over, "Director Yun, there's a charity party tonight …"

"He did it!"

The two words were straightforward and forceful, chilling to the bone.

If it had been anyone else, it would have been alright. If it had fallen into the hands of Yun Lei, it would have been like a lamb entering a tiger's den.

He had never been on good terms with Ning Xi before, and he had long since drooled over the little girl. Now that Yu Xi was with him, he wondered what kind of plans he would have.

Very quickly, Yu Xi finished her shower and came out.

He was wearing a blue robe. The robe was very wide and very long, making her look even more petite. The ponytail that was originally tied up had now been loosened and draped over his shoulders. It was as black as a waterfall.

She had just finished her shower, and she was clean and fresh. Pure to the point that it tickled the heart.

Ning Xi sat on the sofa. When she saw Yu Xi like this, she felt her eyes light up. For a long time, he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Yu Xi felt something was wrong. When she looked up and met his gaze, she was momentarily stunned. However, he had already restrained his emotions.

He got up and passed her the milk, "It's fresh, drink it while it's hot. I've asked the kitchen to prepare some food, whether it's appetizing or not. You are growing up at this age. "

Her tone was like that of a competent elder telling a junior, which quickly dispelled the little girl's vigilance.

"Thank you, Fourth Uncle." Yu Xi didn't think too much about it and drank her milk.

Smelling the fragrance, he was truly hungry. She hadn't eaten since she was locked up last night. Without an appetite, he couldn't bear the food anymore.

Although he was very annoyed, he still sat down.

After eating for a while, Yu Xi felt her entire body gradually became muddle-headed as she continuously yawned.

She hadn't slept last night. She had been in a bad mood, but she hadn't expected to fall asleep so quickly.

"The downstairs room has been tidied up by the servants. Seeing that you're so sleepy, don't force yourself. Go to sleep for a while. " Ye Zichen advised her for a different reason.

Yu Xi had originally been holding on for a while, but once she stood up, she felt so tired that she couldn't walk anymore.

In the end, even she didn't know how she fell down. All she knew was that the moment she touched the pillow, she immediately fell asleep.

He was unconscious.


Yu Xi quietly laid down on the bed. She slept deeply, and her breathing was calm and peaceful.

He sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the small face, his gaze becoming increasingly profound.

It was no wonder that Yun Che's cold personality that kept others at a distance had raised this little girl to stay at home for the first time.

She was too beautiful. It was so beautiful that looking at it like this made one feel that the world was peaceful and quiet.

He found it hard to control himself, so he reached out to touch Yu Xi's face.

His breathing became heavier all of a sudden.

"She really is a flirting little demoness …" he exclaimed. Silence.

Yu Xi was sleeping soundly, completely unaware that there was someone at this moment who was planning something bad for her.

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