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CEO's Passion/C12 I'm Gonna Take Her for Sure
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C12 I'm Gonna Take Her for Sure

It was like a peach that was gradually maturing, becoming more and more tempting. Because of this, the number of people who had ideas about her also increased.

If he didn't pay her any further attention, then she would really be known as someone else.

"I'll remember the debt you owe me today!" Before Yun Feng left, Yun Che suddenly spoke out.

He stood up, his face still extremely ugly.

Ning Xi's steps faltered as she hugged Yu Xi and turned around, "This time, Yu Xi is fine, so I won't bother with you." But don't blame me for not reminding you, if there's a next time, I won't let you off lightly! At that time, don't blame me for not thinking about brotherly love! "

Each word was enough to intimidate others.

Ning Xi should be glad that she didn't have the time to do anything to Yu Xi today.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be so relaxed today.

Yun Lei laughed coldly, "Stop pretending in front of me. You dare to say that you and I have the same idea? All these years, you've done so much for this girl, and now you want to do it to her? Heh, maybe you have already slept with her thousands of times, so why pretend to be a righteous man in front of me? "

He had thought that his words would once again anger Yun Che, and he had even thought about retaliating.

However, to his surprise, this time, there was not even a trace of anger.

On the contrary, she went along with his words, retorting without the slightest bit of rebuttal, "You are not wrong. I want this little thing, and I want it for sure! "

He wouldn't deny the words' want to fuck her 'even more.

Both of them were adults now, not to mention that he was an adult who was already more familiar with her than she was.

To sleep with her, or how he was supposed to sleep with her, how he was going to sleep with her, where he was going to sleep with her — this was something he had already mapped out in his mind a hundred times. So, what's there to deny?

He was never a gentleman. If he was a man of honor, he wouldn't have had any designs on his own nephew's fiancée.

And now, this idea — he had made up his mind!

The straightforward, domineering, and irrepressible tone that came out of his mouth caused Yun Lei to be stunned. The seriousness in Yun Che's eyes wasn't concealed at all, it didn't seem like he was joking.

Before he could say anything, Ning Xi had already hugged Yu Xi and left in large strides.

As he looked at the back view of the two figures, a dark mist shrouded his eyes. Was it just a game between him and this girl, or … Did he really fall in love with her?


Ning Xi carried Yu Xi out of the mansion and walked towards her own mansion in large strides.

When the wind blew, Yu Xi became slightly more clear-headed.

The eyelids were heavy. However, he still opened his eyes slightly in distress.

It was good that he did not look, but when he did, he realized that the person hugging him was actually Yun Feng.

Her small face immediately turned into a bun. She thought she was dreaming. But why was it that he could even see this loathsome fellow in his dreams?

She humphed and clenched her hands into fists as she punched him, "You bastard, hurry up and leave …" "I don't want to see you …"

He didn't have any strength left on him. When that fist hit his chest, it didn't seem like he was resisting, but more like he was acting coquettishly.

"I'm not in a good mood right now. Yu Xi, you'd better not provoke me!"

A cool warning.

He didn't even look at her.

He only used his gaze to look straight ahead before steadily moving forward.

"I'm in a bad mood. Usually when I see you, it makes me very depressed. Why didn't you even let me off when I was in my dreams? "I hate you, especially you …

Yu Xi's half conscious mutter seemed to recall the grievances from the past two days, and actually started to wail pitifully.

Yun Che's steps faltered as he lowered his eyes to look at that worried little face. A bitter taste flowed down his throat.

"You … "Do you really hate me that much?"

"Disgusting! Extremely annoying! "Let me go, I don't want you to hug me …" As Yu Xi spoke, her feeble and weak body struggled twice.

Yun Che frowned and didn't let go. Instead, he pulled her even closer to him.

Dusk gradually enveloped them. Under the twilight, his face had a lonely and dark expression.

Yu Xi had been angered for an entire day, and she had been furious since a long time ago. Now, being hugged like this caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Harrumphing coldly, he turned his head and aimed straight at the other party's chest and took a bite.

It was not light.

Let's see if he will let me go!

However …

After biting for a long time, he remained silent.

He only felt that his firm and straight male body was becoming tighter and tighter, like a stone.

[Does this man not know pain?]

She raised her head doubtfully, but unexpectedly, it caught the man's eye.

Under the twilight, his eyes became increasingly black and bright, like a vast ocean, so deep that one couldn't see the bottom.

He just stared down at her with a gaze as dense as a net, causing Yu Xi's breathing to suddenly tighten. She felt as if she was falling into this net.

She wanted to break free, but she couldn't move.

"Where did you just bite?" He suddenly opened his mouth and breathed heavily. The sound line had slightly changed in the twilight.

Yu Xi was stunned.

He glanced at the spot where he had bitten before.

It was fine if he didn't look at it, but upon seeing it, his face immediately turned red. His face was red and hot as if it had been burned by a great fire.

He was wide awake after a short nap.

She …

What a coincidence, she actually bit the little red dot on his chest …

He was wearing a thin white shirt. As he swallowed, the wet small circle became translucent.

It's extremely ambiguous …

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