CEO's Passion/C15 In the Dream There Was Still Him
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CEO's Passion/C15 In the Dream There Was Still Him
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C15 In the Dream There Was Still Him

"Yu Yu, do you know what you're doing now?" he whispered, squinting at her.

She was playing with a man.

Yu Xi's breathing was shallow; she hadn't woken up. His eyes were filled with a piercing light, and the heat in his body became even hotter.

Wanting to kiss her.

He wanted to ignore everything else and focus all his pent-up emotions on this annoying and seductive bright red.

"Yun Che is sharp, I … I hate you the most... "I hate it the most …"

Her red lips moved, and she started to speak softly.

'Ning Xi's edge ', these three words, were clearly spoken in a relaxed manner, but when it came out of her mouth, it sounded so pleasant to his ears.

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

In her dreams, there was still him …

The feelings he had just endured rushed up once again. His gaze darkened as he held her face in his hands. His cold and thin lips pressed against hers.


Kissing, aggravating.

How long he thought about this kiss, how long he recited it, he could not even remember.

He only knew that her lips were softer, sweeter, and sweeter than he had imagined. Just a kiss was enough to cause his mood to surge, as if he was in the clouds …


He was going to fix this tender little thing!

The body was, the heart was even more so.

"Ugh …" "It hurts …"


Her eyelashes trembled as she tried to open her eyes.

She woke up?

Yun Che was stunned as he focused his attention on the space between his eyebrows. What would she think if she found out what she was thinking?

Why was he so disrespectful to his elders? Old? Or was it changing the stage?


She did not wake up. With great difficulty, he turned his body, folded his hands under his face, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Looking at her beautiful appearance, Ning Xi bitterly smiled.

In the end, he didn't want to scare the innocent girl.


I can't be too hasty with this. Otherwise, what's the difference between this and the one I have now?


The next day.

The sky had yet to brighten when Yun Che woke up. In her arms, the cute little woman was still sound asleep. He stared at it for a while and then carefully took out his arm.

He pushed a young lad from the headboard into her arms before leaving.


Yu Xi was woken up by the alarm clock. Rubbing his eyes, he woke up.

Ye Zichen glanced at the young man in his arms, then rubbed his face with a silly smile.

"I slept so well last night. I was carrying you!"

Ha, last night she had a vague feeling that someone was kissing her.

However …

18 years old and already reached the age of dreaming?


It was as if everything was real, burning her to the point where her heart was beating wildly even when she recalled it.

"Yu Xi, what are you thinking about so early in the morning!" He scolded himself shamelessly, then left the young man and rubbed his flushed face. He didn't dare to reminisce about the dream he had last night. He quickly got up from the bed and started to wash up in a daze.

When he saw how his eyes looked like two peaches crying in the mirror, his previous chaotic thoughts were immediately replaced by the unpleasantness he had with that fellow, Yun Che.

"You old scoundrel!" Ye Zichen muttered while brushing his teeth, and rubbed his butt angrily.

Fortunately, it was over and it didn't hurt anymore. However, being spanked at the age of 18 was a great shame and humiliation!

"So what if you are an elder!" As long as one was an elder, he or she could casually hit others! Humph! "When I go to university, I'll see how you'll still care about me if I stay away from you!"

He waved his fist in the mirror to vent his anger. After washing his face, he returned to his bedroom and changed into his school uniform.


After changing his clothes and taking his school bag, he poked his head into the dining room.

The restaurant was empty.

Thank God, the unappetizing fellow was not here!

Yu Xi was gulping down her breakfast, coughing up the milk. Mrs Liu patted her back, "Drink slowly. It's still very early. I won't be late."

With great difficulty, Yu Xi shook her head, "I have to hurry, otherwise, I'll come back when I get back." I don't want to see him for a second. "

"Little girl, you can't even call me 'Third Uncle' anymore?" "Mother Liu lowered her voice and scolded him, glancing at the door." "He's trying to make Mr Xiao Xiao angry again."

Yu Xi was also afraid in her heart. He looked at the door worriedly, but seeing that there was no one around, he calmed himself down and snorted, "I am angry with him now. "Mother Liu, you don't know how annoying he is …"

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