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C17 Made for Me?

He raised his hand and knocked on the door. Her sharp voice sounded out from the door, and she pushed it open before walking in.

Inside the room, Ning Xi leaned against the sofa and looked at her calmly. His gaze swept over her once and asked faintly, "Is there something you need?"

This little girl always wanted to be a thousand feet away from him. Now that she had come knocking on his door, it wasn't like he couldn't figure out the reason.

Yu Xi was just about to speak when she lowered her head and coincidentally saw the fine delicacies placed before her. She was depressed.

With one look, one could tell that these were all booked by the Star hotel. And look at her craftsmanship …

In the presence of these dishes, it was a completely different story.

He felt resentful in his heart. He subconsciously hid the thermos bottle behind his back and corrected himself, "Never mind, it's fine. I was just passing by and came up to take a look. Now. "

There should be no worse reason than this.

Who would believe it? Yun Che frowned, "What are you carrying?"

"Nothing." Fishy wouldn't say.

His gaze turned deeper as he tapped the table with his fingers. "Bring it over for me to take a look."

"…" Yu Xi stood there without moving. When Yun Che's sharp gaze swept over her, her heart trembled, and she could only obediently send it over.

The moment he opened it, the food inside had all been covered in a ball. It was extremely unsightly to look at. Yun Che's expression didn't look too good either. His thick eyebrows frowned in disgust, "When did my family's chef's skills become so bad?"

Just by looking at the shape, he had no appetite at all!

Yu Xi felt that she had lost face at the same time. What are you trying to please me for! Right now, he was simply letting this fellow watch a joke!

"Yeah, it's that bad. It's not for you to eat anyway. Return it to me! " She angrily grabbed the thermos bottle and covered it with the lid.

This was her hard work! Even his parents didn't have the chance to taste her cooking skills.

He grumbled in dissatisfaction as his wrist was suddenly grabbed by the palm of his hand.

She was startled by the heat. Lowering his eyes to meet a pair of deep eyes that were filled with surging dark currents, his heart skipped a beat. He instantly felt the heat on his wrist burn even more, as if it wanted to burrow into his skin.

"Three... "Third Uncle …"

She stuttered as she subconsciously pulled out her wrist.

"You did it?"

Yun Che didn't let go and just asked with a deep voice.

"…" Yu Xi was still unhappy and could only groan in reply.

Ning Xi frowned. She opened her eyes wide and asked again, "You made it for me?"

He asked despite knowing the answer!

Yu Xi felt more and more ashamed. She said uncomfortably and stiffly, "Don't misunderstand. I wanted you to help me change my choice."

He had expected this to happen, and that she wasn't so kind.

"He's trying to get someone to do something with his appearance?" On the other hand, he had already let go of her hand and pulled out his chopsticks to taste it.

Yu Xi originally wanted to retort, but after seeing him take another bite, she suddenly felt satisfied.

He suppressed his words and sat down obediently.

Lowering his eyes, he looked at the wrist that he had held, and his heart skipped a beat. After a long time, he still felt that it was warm there.

She touched it with her hand uncomfortably, causing it to become hotter and hotter …



It was inconceivable to Yu Xi that a man who had to be picky about everything in Michelin's restaurant was now eating it with relish. After tasting it, he threw the chopsticks at her face, which was more like this person's style.

She couldn't help but suspect if her skills were too good to be noticed.

"You want to try it?"

As if he had seen through her thoughts, Ning Xi suddenly asked.

Yu Xi didn't deny it either.

The next moment, he had already picked up a potato and brought it to her. She stared at the potato for a moment.

He … He actually fed her?

No, most importantly... He had used those chopsticks before. This... Does he mind?

"Are you going to eat or not?" Yun Che didn't have much patience.

Yu Xi was just about to shake her head and say forget it, but when someone on the other side frowned, she trembled and forcefully choked back all the words of rejection.

With her white teeth, she gingerly bit onto one end of the potato. No matter how careful she was, the tip of her tongue still brushed past the tip of her chopsticks.

When he thought about the two of them drooling at the same time on the chopsticks, he felt his tongue go numb. He only bit a small piece before hurriedly withdrawing his head.

"Not eating anymore?"

He looked at her flustered and uneasy, then looked at the small piece of leftover chopsticks, and spoke in a low voice.

She shook her head.

In the next moment, Yun Che's sharp actions caused her face to redden immediately. He coughed lightly and turned his face away, pretending to be calm and composed. He was so embarrassed that he didn't dare look at this person again.

He … He actually put the leftover piece of meat into his mouth, not minding at all.

"How's the taste?" Compared to her embarrassment and panic, he was still calm.


"..." "It's not bad." She's bullshitting. Because...

Her tongue was numb and her mind was muddled. She could not taste anything at all. How could he eat what he had left? You don't mind being dirty? Don't know about indirect kissing?

He looked at her meaningfully, and his thin lips curled up slightly.

For a long time, Yu Xi was lost in thought. When he finally regained his senses, the night was even darker. He had even finished all the work he was doing.

After a while, he stood up and said, "Let's go."

Only then did she regain her senses. She stood up and hurriedly followed.

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