CEO's Passion/C18 I Don't Want to Get up
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CEO's Passion/C18 I Don't Want to Get up
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C18 I Don't Want to Get up

At this point, all the employees had left. In such a huge space, only the two of them were left. Yu Xi followed closely behind him as they entered his private elevator.

The awkwardness from earlier extended all the way to this point. After she had taken up the upper left corner, she took up the lower right corner. With her eyes slightly lowered, she leaned against the wall of the elevator and stayed far away from him.

When Yun Che saw this, he didn't say anything. He simply pressed the button for the first floor to let the elevator descend.

Who would have thought that after they got off the tenth floor, the elevator suddenly made a "bang" sound. After rocking for a while, he suddenly stopped.

Caught off guard, Yu Xi staggered two steps, and only then was she able to stand firmly against the wall of the elevator.

"What's wrong?"

Yu Xi asked.

Yun Feng pressed the button to open the door, but there was no response.

"The elevator's broken."

So unlucky?

"Then will we drop?" Yu Xi looked at him with a little fear as her snow-white fingers slightly curled up.

The feeling of falling was what she was most afraid of. Back then … My father fell while doing his aerial homework...

She closed her eyes, refusing to think.

Yun Che looked at her with a sharp gaze and reached out his hand towards her, "Come here."

As she gazed at that thick and broad palm, Yu Xi's eyebrows furrowed, but she didn't move. He still clearly remembered the heat of his palm, which could burn a person … That feeling was very strange, or perhaps it was so strange that she did not dare to rashly approach it …

"Ah —" As he was thinking, the elevator suddenly descended. Yu Xi was too fast, so she wasn't able to stand in time.

"Yu Yu!" His heart tightened and he let out a low cry before he reached out to hug her. Both of them fell to the ground and rolled into a ball.

This was the 78th floor, and he couldn't joke around. If he really fell down like this, he would definitely be smashed into smithereens.

"Third Uncle …"

Yu Xi called out to him, her voice trembling.

"Don't be afraid, hug me!" With a turn of his body, he placed himself under her.

Her legs were clamped tightly around his waist, and she was almost riding him. The speed at which it fell was too fast, it was so fast that it was difficult for Yu Xi to even stand up. Instinctively, her hands trembled as she hugged his neck. "Third Uncle, we …" Will he die? "

"Don't ask stupid things." Ning Xi hugged her tightly.

He wouldn't let anything happen to her. Even if, he would be smashed to smithereens.

"I'm afraid …"

Yu Xi shivered and moaned. His face was close to his face, and he could clearly feel his trembling eyelashes. Ning Xi hugged the back of her head with her large palm and whispered, "Calm down, Yu Yu and Third Uncle are here."

Perhaps his voice had some sort of magic to it, or perhaps this person had a broad chest, a huge body, and a sturdy arm. In short, Yu Xi's flustered heart mysteriously calmed down gradually under the 'Yu Yu'.

Holding him, or rather, being held by him, even in such a terrible situation, she still felt inexplicably safe.

She could even pull herself out of it and listen to him calling her 'Yu Yu' …

Only his most intimate parents would call him 'Yu' …

It had been many years since she had heard anyone call her that since her parents left. Not even Minchuan …

But now, when Third Uncle, the man who had made her feel conflicted, called out to her, she did not feel disgusted at all. Instead, she felt a strange feeling.

These two simple words were like feathers, and they seemed to be tugging at a thin string at the bottom of her heart, causing her to shiver …

She tilted her head and stole a glance at him. From her angle, all that could be seen was the man's resolute profile, which was abnormally close to hers. But with just a glance, he hurriedly moved away …

Her heart beat so fast that it made her panic …

Fortunately, the elevator did not descend all the way down. Only one floor later, it gave a jump and was barely able to hold on.

After a long time …

Yu Xi still didn't dare let go. She was still nervously lying on his neck, her breathing anxious and chaotic …


"Yu Xi?" He called to her in a low voice.

"Hmm?" His eyelids fluttered slightly as a pair of eyelashes swept across the skin on his neck like a fan.

Little demoness …

His breathing became heavier, and his straight body stiffened. "Rise!"

"It won't fall any further?" He did not move, but asked worriedly.

"Not necessarily."

"Then I still can't get up." She shook her head and maintained her original position in fear. The bare snow-white calves beneath the skirt subconsciously exerted force, and like a koala, tightly clamped onto his waist. It was as if this gave him a greater sense of security.

With a grunt, he deserved to die!

This little girl had provoked him with quite a few moves! However, the consequences were not something she could bear right now!

"Yu Xi, I'll say it again — get up!" he said hoarsely.

His voice was harsh.


Yu Xi was afraid of him. She mumbled and got up unwillingly. However, just as she let go of him, before she could get up, the elevator suddenly shook again, causing her to shrink back.

"I don't want to get up!" Now that his legs were weak, how could he muster the strength to stand up?

"Really?" He frowned as he endured.

"..." "Right." She was in danger and did not detect any danger at all.

In the next moment, a large palm suddenly grabbed her waist, and while she was still in shock, it pulled her backwards.

Just a moment ago, she had only been riding on his waist. But now …

She was wearing only a skirt and a pair of thin pants, but she was sitting right on top of him …


This... This...

Yu Xi's breath caught in her throat, and the fingers on his shoulders began to tremble.

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