CEO's Passion/C19 Embarrassment and Embarrassment
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CEO's Passion/C19 Embarrassment and Embarrassment
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C19 Embarrassment and Embarrassment

Her small face was drained of blood. After which, his face turned red, as though blood was about to drip out of it.

Although she had never experienced this before, her high school lessons in physiology were not for nothing. At this moment, she had a vague idea of what was going on.

"Can't get up?"

His gloomy and hoarse voice slowly entered her ears. It was like the voice of a demon, causing her to suddenly wake up. He didn't even dare to say anything as he hurriedly got up.

Now, he wasn't even afraid of the elevator falling.

It was as if the man below was an even more terrifying and ferocious monster.

His body felt light, and his arms were empty.

When he stood up, he saw that she had frozen in the corner. He didn't know if it was due to shame or fear, but his eyes hung down awkwardly, looking at the ground and not looking at him.


She was frightened.

Yun Che squinted his eyes and hid the desire within his body. He reached out his hand towards her and spoke as calmly as he could, "Come here."

His eyelids fluttered slightly.

Yu Xi merely set her gaze on his fingertip, then quickly moved it away. He bit his lips and shook his head.

No! Definitely not!

It was too awkward!

Yun Che ignored her and used his long arm to pull her over without saying a word.

She was in front, he was behind, and her back was against his chest. He was so tall, and she looked so small and vulnerable.

Yu Xi almost reflexively wanted to retreat, but she was held by his waist, "Don't move recklessly, otherwise, if the elevator goes down, you'll suffer the consequences!"

Protecting her in his arms would allow him to completely protect her at the first possible moment.

"Three... "Third Uncle …" After a long while, she finally found her voice. His mouth was dry.

"En" replied to her in a low voice as he rang the alarm.

"I... "Can you stand to the side?"

"No!" Rejecting the offer without any hesitation, the strength in his hands increased once more.

Yu Xi's head was dizzy and her breath was filled with the scent of a man. The fresh cologne carried a faint smell of tobacco. Normally, she couldn't smell tobacco, but when it drifted out from this man's body, it didn't feel bad at all. On the contrary, he felt that this was the so-called masculinity.


The two of them remained in a deadlock in the elevator for who knows how long. Yu Xi only felt her entire body stiffen, and only when her breathing was about to stop did the maintenance personnel arrive late.

Fortunately, during this period, the elevator did not descend.

The repairman was frightened when he saw that the person trapped inside was CEO Yun. How could he dare to be negligent? He used all his strength to quickly rescue the two of them.

The maintenance staff were all mentally prepared for being fired, but to their surprise, CEO Cheng didn't have a very ugly expression on his face, much less rebuke him. However, another young girl, who was a stranger, blushed and took the lead to run out.

This scene caused everyone to be curious about what exactly had happened in the elevator.


When he went back, he personally drove the car.

Yu Xi intentionally kept a distance from him and sat in the back seat.

He did not speak the whole time. His face was just outside the window as the night scenery of the city flashed across his face.

Just thinking of the scene in the elevator made her feel uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassed.

He was an elder, the third uncle of her fiance …

There was a ten-year difference between them...

Yu Xi's hands, which were pressed against her knees, tightened. When the car came to a halt, she was about to push open the door almost immediately. If she stayed in this small confined space with him, she was afraid that she would suffocate to death.

However …

Just as he jumped off the car, the tall figure of a man suddenly enveloped him.

Her oppressive nature was too strong and she was caught off guard, forcing her to take a step back. He was too flustered, his legs became unsteady, and he almost staggered. His arms wrapped around his waist to stabilize himself.

The back of his head almost hit the back of the car, but fortunately, his actions were quick. He raised his hand and horizontally knocked on the back of his hand.

It didn't hurt.

However, this time …

She had originally wanted to escape, but now she was getting closer and closer to him. She was completely trapped between the car and his chest. She felt his heat, his heartbeat, even the strength of a man's chest muscles …

The lights in the villa area were dim, and his statue-like face was faintly discernible in the dark. He seemed to be even more mysterious, making people feel that he was dangerous.

Yu Xi pressed both hands on his shoulders, her snow-white fingertips trembling. He wanted to struggle, but he was so close to him that he felt like he had been drugged. He couldn't move at all.

Especially since they were so close together...

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