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C2 Very Unexpected

Having just taken a bath, her clean face looked even more clean and clear. Her clear eyes reflected the innocence unique to those 18 years old.

Because his gaze swept past her, she was like a frightened little deer as she nervously lowered her head.

This little thing was that afraid of him?

Did he know how to eat people?

Ning Xi frowned, "You're only 22 years old after graduating from university, don't you think it's still too early for you to get married?"

Morning! At 22, she hadn't experienced anything yet, so of course she was far too early to get married.


She really wasn't in the mood to talk to him about this right now.

"I'll follow your arrangements, Mingchuan."

The hand holding the teacup tightened because of her reply.

His gaze on Yu Xi became colder and heavier. It was without anger.

Just as Yu Xi felt that she was suffocated by his gaze, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Go up and sleep!"

To Yu Xi, these four words were like an amnesty.

Relieved, she smiled and said sweetly, "Then I'm going up to sleep. "Good night, Third Uncle!"

After saying that, she ran upstairs without stopping. It was as if he was afraid that he would suddenly go back on his word and stop her.

As he looked at the slender figure fleeing in panic, and thought of how she had filled out the form for him, Ning Xi's gaze darkened.

At least four years before her marriage to Minchuan.

In truth, four years could change a lot. Including, a person's heart.


When the aspiration form was sent down, Yu Xi was the only one in the class who did not receive it.

Yu Xi stood up. "Teacher, did you miss something?"

The teacher did not answer, but left a message. "Come to my office."

Yu Xi was confused as she followed her teacher into the office. The moment the office door closed, the teacher immediately smiled and said, "Take a seat, Little Xi. Don't be nervous."

Yu Xi was slightly stunned by his earnest attitude. As he said so, he sat down across from the teacher.

"Xiao Xi, why didn't you say before that you and Mister Ning Xi are a family? "Your surname is Yu, and Mister Ning Xi's surname is Ning Xi. If you hadn't mentioned it, no one would have known that Mister Ning Xi was actually your real uncle."

Yu Xi had originally wanted to say that Ning Xi wasn't her own uncle, but … that wasn't right.

Right now they wanted to talk about volunteering, it had nothing to do with how sharp Ning Xi was.

"Teacher, my aspiration form …"

"Your aspiration form has already been filled in personally for you."

Yu Xi was very surprised.

"Your first choice was Mr Xiao Xi to help fill in the A University papers for you. With your grade, you'll definitely be able to get an A. "Mister Ning Xi has a good grasp on it."

Big A?

Yu Xi was very surprised.

Firstly, she shouldn't interfere with her aspiration form.

In recent years, although they had lived under the same roof, they had rarely interacted with each other. He had no reason to interfere in private matters like volunteering.

Secondly, that night, she clearly said that her first choice was to get into B University, but why did he get into A University?

"Teacher, I have requested to fill out the form again, I do not miss the A University." "My third uncle might not understand."

"This …" The teacher looked a little troubled, "You may not know this, but your volunteer, Mister Ning Xi, has already been recorded into the system in advance. There's no way to change it."

Yu Xi was once more stunned.

In this way, even an idiot would be able to tell that all of this was done intentionally. But for what reason?


After walking out of the office, Yu Xi's mood was extremely bad as she called Ning Xi. No, to be more accurate, he was calling Yisan, the assistant of Yisan. She had never had a proper private number.

"Miss Yu."

"Assistant Ren, I want to talk to Third Uncle. Is he free?"

"Sorry. "Since you're busy right now, I'm afraid you don't have time to listen to the phone."

"Then will he come back tonight?"

"I will not return tonight. In the evening, Mister has other social engagements. "

"I really have a very important matter to discuss with him. You tell me where he was at night, and I'll be a few minutes late when I find him. "

Since Ning Xi was able to have her aspiration recorded in advance, she clearly had the ability to change it as well. To him, it was just a matter of a sentence.

Ren Yisheng muttered to himself for a moment, seemingly deliberating, and finally said, "How about this, Miss Yu? I can't make any decisions regarding the overall affairs of Yun Che. When we leave later, I'll ask him what he wants and call you back, how about it? "

Yu Xi didn't have any better ideas either. "Alright, then I'll wait for your call."

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't figure out the reason why someone as capable as him would suddenly do all these things.

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