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C4 I Have to Live on My Own

Without looking at her again, he instructed the waiter in a low voice, "Close the door. It's a ruckus outside."

Yu Xi had already made up her mind that she would talk about volunteering with him tonight. Now that it was just a last minute step, how could she let him really shut himself out?

With that thought in mind, he took a step forward and entered. He closed the door behind him.

Yun Che's sharp eyebrows loosened up a little.

Hu Yu looked at the cards and smiled, "Lord Third has played very well." This trick of trying to catch them by force 'has been played to perfection on the card table. "

Ning Xi knew what he meant, so she didn't press him any further. Instead, she turned her gaze towards him and said, "Put out the smoke."

"You didn't even say anything after smoking for the whole night. If you let me extinguish my cigarette right now, you'll die."

Ning Xuelao didn't waste any time with him, he simply pinched the tip of his cigarette and pressed it into the crystal ashtray.

"You weirdo, I don't usually don't smoke too much."

Shen Si Ze and Hu Yu Chen looked at each other.

Was San Ye trying to contribute to the health of a certain teenager?



When had the Third Master of the Xiao family ever had such thoughts about anyone?

The two of them looked curiously at Yu Xi at the same time.

Yu Xi didn't even pay attention to the conversation between Ning Xi and Li Shikai as she walked to his side and stood there.

"Third Uncle, I want to talk to you." She forcefully suppressed the fear she had towards him in the past. At this moment, she had an expression of wanting to throw caution to the wind.

"Yes." "En" was the only sound that came from his nose, neither too strong nor too soft.

She took a deep breath and looked down at him.

Even if this man was sitting and she was standing, his imposing manner was enough to intimidate others.

She did enough psychological construction to say, "I want to redo volunteering. Please say hello to the Education Bureau. "

Yun Che impatiently threw out a piece of seventy thousand, his gaze fixed on it, "Must you recite 'B' really matter?"

"The B's got to be big." Her eyes were firm.

"What if, I said, it had to be A?"

Ning Xi was someone who couldn't figure out his thoughts, so Yu Xi didn't waste any time trying to guess what he was thinking at the bottom of his heart. He only insisted on his own thoughts, "Third Uncle, you are an elder, and you have always given me a great deal of support. If it was a normal day, I would agree without hesitation if you had any request for me. "But …"

The sharp lines on his face tightened.

The young lady continued, "This time, we can't!"

"For Minchuan?"

Every word was cold and hard like stone.

Yu Xi nodded, "B University has always been my dream."

After a pause, she added, "Minchuan too."

The last two words instantly caused the temperature in the room to plummet to freezing point. A chilling air permeated between his brows, "From now on, take back your dreams. Big A, if you want to go, you have to go, even if you don't want to, you have to! "

His tone was tough, not even a sliver of leeway for him to back down.

Somehow, her dream was shattered into pieces. Yu Xi felt unwilling to accept this. "Third Uncle, you can't be so unreasonable."

Yun Che's expression became more and more unsightly.

Very good!

Previously, this little girl was like a timid rabbit in front of him, not daring to breathe loudly. Now, in order to go to school with Minchuan, he actually dared to teach him a lesson!

"The dream is mine and the life is mine. "I know that you have the ability to cover the sky, and I know that I shouldn't have complained about living under someone else's roof. However, I hope that you will not interfere with my life."

What a great line of 'under someone else's roof'! She seemed to be even more wronged than Lin Daiyu. But when did he make her feel wronged?

"Am I spending my money for you to go to school, or are you in love with someone at school?" This was the first time he had looked at her directly. His gaze was so cold that it sent chills down his spine, "Before I get angry, you'd better put away your act of ingratitude!"

The words' don't know what's good for you 'pierced Yu Xi's sensitive heart.

She bit her lip.

"After the College Entrance Test, I will immediately go out to work and earn money. In the future, when I'm studying, I'll provide myself with food. I won't let Third Uncle worry about me anymore. "I have already decided to move out from Third Uncle's house. When I earn enough money in the future, I will definitely repay all the kindness that you've given me these years."

Yun Che's eyebrows twitched.

The cards in his hands were thrown onto the table, producing a loud bang, shocking the other six people to the point that their expressions changed.

When Yu Xi came back to her senses, her eyes were already shrouded by the sharp edge of Ning Xi's tall figure.

He stood there with his large body and stared at her coldly. "Try saying what you just said again!"

His whole body was filled with a cold and harsh air.

Yu Xi's heart trembled. She looked at him and felt a bit of fear in her heart.

Normally, she would have retreated by now. To speak loudly in front of Yun Feng Qing required courage.

But now …

She licked her lips, "Third Uncle, I'm already 18 years old. In the future, I'm going to have to live on my own … "

He hadn't finished speaking. His jaw was suddenly gripped by a pair of long fingers.

He was very strong, as if he wanted to crush her. The pain made her knit her brows. Living independently? In the year he'd brought her back, he'd wanted to let her live on her own, but what had happened?

In the end, while he wasn't around, she took the initiative to make an engagement with the Cheng family! It was simply unforgivable!

"You're only an adult, yet your wings are already so tough. Can't wait to get rid of your relationship with me?"

Yun Che's voice was low and low, without anger. This was the first time in so many years that they had gotten so close to each other. Yu Xi could even smell the faint scent of tobacco on his body mixed with the scent of cologne.

This man was extremely dangerous.

Yu Xi nervously choked on her saliva, and with a man's cold and reserved face, she finally calmed down and spoke, "I'm just a homeless woman, there will be a day that I have to leave your family. Third Uncle … Didn't you just say that I don't know what's good for me? "If I were to remain here brazenly, I will not know what's good for me."

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