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C5 You've Got a Lot of Guts

Was this woman really so impatient to leave him? Did he really like Minchuan that much?

Yun Che's gaze dimmed, the strength in his hands could not help but increase.

For a moment, her face turned pale from the pain and her breathing became heavier.

"Since when did you have the initiative?" His gaze was as cold as an arrow. He lifted her chin, making her look straight at him, "Yu Xi, when I hate you, immediately pack up your things and scram! However, before I chase you away, you better stay at my home! Don't piss me off! "

"Third Uncle, you are too unreasonable!" Yu Xi was angry and her face turned red.

Yun Feng Qing's expression became even colder, "Why are you talking to pets? Yu Xi, are you qualified? "

The word 'pet' pierced Yu Xi's pride.

He was always so high and mighty. The Heavens … the King … the Chief Sovereign! As for her, Yu Xi, she was a lowly slave who was prostrating herself at his feet.

"So Third Uncle has always treated me like a pet." She sneered.

Ning Xi coldly glared at her, but didn't reply.

"In your eyes, I'm actually just a dog that you keep, so you can change my choice without any respect for my dream! Therefore, you think that I should be like a dog, and let you summon me at your leisure, and let me go at once! " Because she was too angry, her voice rose higher and higher.

The center of Yun Che's brows jumped.

In his eyes, she was more like a kitten he had. It looked docile and harmless on the outside, but its extended claws were extremely sharp! After so many years, who would dare to be so soft in front of him?

She, Yu Xi, was the first, and she would also be the last!

"Third Uncle, no, it's Mister Ning Xi!"

Yu Xi changed her words. She bit her lips and said, "From now on, I will never be your pet again! I'll leave tonight! "

With that, she glared at him angrily before turning around to leave.

The six people on the side were dumbfounded.


Where did this fearless little girl come from? She actually dared to challenge San Ye's authority in public? If it wasn't for the unsightly expression on the Third Master Ning Xi's face, he would have really applauded this little girl's courage.

However …

Yu XIen took a step forward, and in the next moment …

His elbow was suddenly gripped by a large palm, like a soldering iron.

She turned her head warily, and before she could regain her senses, she was violently thrown onto the bed in the room.

The bed was very soft. She sagged a little.

When he came back to his senses, he got up almost immediately. However, a deep shadow loomed over them.

Yun Che bent his body downwards and used one hand to support himself by her side, forcing her down.

His aura was too strong. With just a glance, he had 100% damage!

And now, she was in bed with Third Uncle … In fact, it was such an ambiguous position …

They were so close to each other's faces. It was close enough that his breath landed on her face.

Yu Xi's eyelashes trembled so much that her breathing became ragged.

Her heart was in complete disarray at this approach, and she felt uneasy.

It had to be known, even though she and Zhou Mingchuan had been engaged for so many years, neither of them had lain so close to each other on the bed like this …

"Get out of the way." Yu Xi came back to her senses and pushed him with her fist.

The light in his eyes flickered unsteadily as he looked away, not daring to meet Liu Ming's gaze. This situation... This was too strange …

However, with her strength, how could she control this man?

Not only did he not move back, he leaned forward even closer. She could even feel a man's heart pounding like a drum, and …

Under his fist, his powerful chest muscles …

Yu Xi's body stiffened. She was so nervous that her fingers dug into the meat.

Yu Xi's low and deep voice sounded out next to his ears, "Yu Xi, stop challenging me without knowing the limits of your abilities. Otherwise... I'm afraid you won't be able to bear it. "

His voice was very soft.

It was even gentle. From an outsider's point of view, he didn't seem to be angry at all.

However, at this moment, when Yu Xi heard this, she felt a chill down her spine and cold sweat ran down her palms.

If she provoked him, what would the result be?

Facing his deep pupils that were tainted with blood, she breathed heavily, and closed her eyes in fear, suddenly not daring to imagine.

Her lips moved, wanting to retort loudly and go against him. However, his throat was dry from the shock and he couldn't say a word.

Ning Xi stared coldly at her, and finally, she straightened up.

His tall and big body stood straight, unhurriedly tidied his messy shirt, and faintly said, "If you're curious, you can try!"

Ning Xi shook Yu Feng Qing off and left first.

In the room, the atmosphere returned to normal. The rest of the people heaved a sigh of relief at the same time.

It took Yu Xi a while to recover from her shock. Ye Zichen crawled up, wiped his hair in a panic, but still didn't dare to think about what that sharp sentence of Ning Xi meant.

Consequences? What could he do to himself? Did he cook and eat it, or did he chop and fry it?

"Not bad. I didn't expect that you would be so courageous at such a young age!" Shen Si Ze patted her shoulder before he left, his tone full of praise.

Yu Xi didn't understand.

Before Hu Yu left, he also gave her a thumbs up.

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