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C6 With Your Best Friend

"The one who dares to make a ruckus with Lord Third has finally appeared. In the future, keep up the good work!" It looks so good! "

"…" Yu Xi was speechless.

Keep working hard!

He felt great, but she didn't know how to deal with him!

In the end, Yu Xi drooped her head and left the Cloud Hall in embarrassment. The thought that he had come to talk to him about changing his aspirations had turned into a huge argument, and he was annoyed.

Feng Yan called to ask about the situation.

She hung her head. "Nothing."

"It can't be, your Third Uncle is so hard to talk?"

"..." "Right." Yu Xi nodded dejectedly.

"Don't be discouraged, either," said Feng. In any case, there's still so much time before the recruitment. You've been pestering your Third Uncle for the past few days, trying to curry favor with him.

To curry favor with Yun Che?

Yu Xi felt a headache coming.

"You don't know who my third uncle is, but it takes courage to please him."

"Tsk, is it as scary as you say? No matter what, he is still an ordinary person, right? "

Yu Xi remembered the scene of him threatening her and snorted coldly. "Ordinary what? He's simply the King of Hell."

"If it's King Yama, then do you think it's still possible for you to move out to rent a house with me after graduating from high school?"

Yu Xi kicked at the stones on the street, exhaling a sigh of relief. "I don't know."

If he moved out, he might anger Third Uncle. However, if he didn't move out, staying under the same roof as him would be very painful. It was as if they were living years.

Besides, now was the time to shatter her dreams. In the future, he would not know how to control her.

"You have no future. You have to listen to your third uncle." He's not your father. Besides, your father even encouraged me to go out and become independent! "

Yu Xi sighed.

Looking up at the boundless night sky, thinking of his own volunteering, his heart gradually became uncomfortable. If her parents were still here, they would definitely support her dream …

It wasn't like this where she had been working hard for three years and now she had been trampled upon without any respect …

Thinking of this, his eyes turned slightly sour. After hanging up the phone, she gloomily scolded: "Xie Feng Qing, you arrogant bastard! Disgusting! Why didn't I realize before that you were so hateful, so overbearing, and so unreasonable! "

On the other side.

Inside the Bentley.

He sat in the back and sneezed.

In the front seat, Ren Yisan was driving.

"Director Cheng, the person in front is Miss Yu, would you like to take her along?"

Yun Che's sharp gaze pierced through the window and saw her.

A yellow night-light shrouded her petite figure. Perhaps because it was already late into the night, her elongated figure seemed even thinner and dimmer.

Her lowered profile was full of distress.

Was she still brooding over the fact that she couldn't get into B University and could not be with Mingchuan?

Yun Che's sharp gaze became even more intense for a moment.

"No need."

His tone was cold.

He withdrew his gaze and stopped looking.

At ten o'clock in the evening.

Within the villa.

Yun Che looked at the time again and saw that the little girl hadn't come back yet. When he met her on the street just now, it was only 8 PM. No matter how he came back, even if he left, she should have already reached home by now!

"Sir, Miss Yu is still not answering the phone." Mrs Liu said with a worried expression.

Yun Che sat on the sofa, unmoving, and only coldly spat out two words, "Fight again!"


Mrs Liu could only continue dialing Yu Xi's number. However, no one answered.

0 points.

He sat in the hall with a dark expression and told Yisan to go out and look for him.

Very good!

That little girl actually dared to ignore his words. That night, she gave him a hard time! It seemed that he had really let her off too lightly in the past!

"Sir! Sir! "Telephone!"

Mrs Liu suddenly raised her voice.

Yun Feng Qing's expression changed and he stood up, "Yu Xi?"

"Yes …" It was the police. Said it was related to Miss Yu. "

Police station?

Where is Yu Xi now?

At the police station.

With his best friend, Feng Lian.

Earlier, after hanging up with Feng Rong, he felt that he would be unwilling to just go back like that. He called Feng Rong out, thinking to take advantage of the two days of the weekend, the two of them could get on the train and head north to B University to find Lu Mingchuan.

Firstly, he wanted to make it so that he wouldn't be able to find her; secondly, he also hoped that Mingchuan would help him persuade him to be generous and help her change his aspiration form.

However, they didn't expect that something would happen to them before they even got on the train.

"The two young girls, don't learn from the good, learn to fight from others. And you're still a student. You've simply lost the face of two words, 'student'! " The two men were sitting in a corner with their heads down. The police were lecturing.

"Uncle police, I already told you that it was just a misunderstanding." Feng Yan impatiently explained.

She was the one who hit him, because his wallet was stolen. Who knew he found the wrong person. She was a kickboxing practitioner at the black segment of Taekwondo, so her attacks were a bit fiercer. The moment she attacked, she was kicked until she fainted. Even Yu Xi's hand was accidentally injured, but luckily, it wasn't a serious injury.

"No matter how big the misunderstanding is, you guys shouldn't be so ruthless. Now they are clamoring to sue you! It seems like you are still students, so I've already informed your guardian! "

Yu Xi, who hadn't made a sound all this time, frowned when she heard this. "You informed my guardian?" Which guardian? "

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