CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C10 I Found out about Their Conversation
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CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C10 I Found out about Their Conversation
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C10 I Found out about Their Conversation

"Nothing, I just feel like I've failed. It took me six years to be accepted by Min, but Gu Xiaoxiao did it. . . " Hsu Hee's voice carried a hint of sobbing.

Sheng Jinnian looked at Hsu Hee and felt annoyed. "Don't cry. You are still Sheng Min's mother. "

Sheng Jinnian casually comforted her a few times before ending the topic.

Gu Xiaoxiao, who was upstairs, was painting with Sheng Min.

When Sheng Jinnian knocked on the door and came in, his eyes stopped on the door for a second before he looked at Gu Xiaoxiao. "Come out with me. "

He did not give Gu Xiaoxiao a chance to refute and controlled his wheelchair to leave.

Gu Xiaoxiao slightly lowered her eyes and thought for a moment, then went to Sheng Min's side. "I will go and get you some food. "

"Okay. " Sheng Min nodded obediently.

He had also heard what Sheng Jinnian had said earlier.

Gu Xiaoxiao smiled and gently rubbed Sheng Min's hair. She turned around and walked out of the bedroom to Sheng Jinnian's study.

She took the initiative to say, "If you came to find me for Hsu Hee, then. . . I don't think there's anything we can say. "

"Gu Xiaoxiao, she is Sheng Min's mother, his biological mother. " Sheng Jinnian emphasized again and again. He looked at Gu Xiaoxiao with an indifferent and cold gaze.

Gu Xiaoxiao naturally sat in front of Sheng Jinnian and said indifferently. "So? What does this have to do with you calling me out?"

"You know what I mean. " Sheng Jinnian said confidently.

Gu Xiaoxiao thought for a while after hearing what Sheng Jinnian said.

A sarcastic smile appeared on her cold face, "If you can't control your own woman, then don't bother about me. "

Gu Xiaoxiao also did not want to continue to entangle with Sheng Jinnian. She coldly threw out a sentence and stood up to leave.

If others did not offend her, she would not offend others. If others offended her, she would definitely take revenge a hundred times over. It was Hsu Hee who offended her first.

At night.

Sheng Min was still sleeping. Sheng Jinnian took care of his business and drove the wheelchair out of the study.

He wanted to go to the bedroom to check on Sheng Min, but he saw Gu Xiaoxiao's slightly open door.

Sheng Jinnian could still vaguely hear voices coming from inside. There were two familiar voices in the room. One was Gu Xiaoxiao, and the other was Fann Ru.

Hearing the voices of the two people, Sheng Jinnian silently approached.

"Gu Xiaoxiao, I hope you don't forget your purpose of entering the Sheng family!" Fann Ru said in a high and mighty manner.

Facing Fann Ru's question, Gu Xiaoxiao replied calmly, "Did I do something wrong these few days?"

"Your attitude towards Sheng Jinnian and Sheng Min doesn't seem like you are completing the things I have told you. I think you have forgotten how you entered the Sheng family!"

Fann Ru said sternly.

Gu Xiaoxiao's cold and hard lips showed some sarcasm.

"Could it be that the person who made me get close to Sheng Jinnian wasn't you?" Gu Xiaoxiao retorted.

"It's better this way. If you let me know that you have disobeyed me, you will regret it. " Fann Ru threatened.

Since Fann Ru could use her as a chess piece to get her into the Sheng family, her means were naturally profound and ruthless.

She could not afford to anger Fann Ru now.

Following which, Gu Xiaoxiao calmly nodded her head.

Only then did Fann Ru's mood calm down a little.

A cold smile flashed across Sheng Jinnian's eyes. He wanted to see what she wanted to do.

Seeing that their conversation was about to end, Sheng Jinnian controlled the wheelchair and quietly left.

After Gu Xiaoxiao watched Fann Ru leave, she closed the door expressionlessly.

She took her pajamas, stepped on her fluffy slippers and entered the bathroom.

After about half an hour, Gu Xiaoxiao slowly walked out while wiping her hair.

She found that the blanket on the bed was bulging, as if there was a person lying on it.

Gu Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes, her eyes full of vigilance.

She stepped lightly and walked step by step towards the bed.

Before her hand touched the blanket, the blanket was pulled away by a pair of white hands.

In a flash, Sheng Min's little face appeared in front of her.

Perhaps it was because he had been under the blanket for too long, his face was flushed red, and he looked especially cute.

The vigilance in Gu Xiaoxiao's eyes gradually dissipated and was replaced by a loving and smiling expression. She raised her hand and rubbed Sheng Min's head, "Why are you here?"

Sheng Min raised his red little face and opened his mouth with a childish voice, "I want to sleep next to you. "

Gu Xiaoxiao was slightly stunned.

She did not expect Sheng Min to be so attached to her after only knowing her for a few days.

Seeing that she did not speak for a long time, Sheng Min's mood dropped a little. The light in his eyes gradually dissipated, "Can't I?"

His voice was as soft as a mosquito, but he looked at her with anticipation.

Gu Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and smiled. "Of course you can. "

A smile bloomed on Sheng Min's face. "I promise I will be obedient!"

The smile in Gu Xiaoxiao's eyes deepened.

At this moment, Sheng Min lifted the blanket and got off the bed.

Gu Xiaoxiao looked at him suspiciously, "Where are you going?"

Sheng Min picked up the air dryer on the table and waved at Gu Xiaoxiao with curved eyebrows, "Come over quickly. "

His every move made Gu Xiaoxiao's heart inexplicably warm up a little.

"Sheng Min, I can blow my own hair. Lie down obediently. "

Sheng Min shook his head. Before he could say anything, Gu Xiaoxiao spoke first, "You said you would be obedient just now. "

Sheng Min hesitated for a moment and still handed the hairdryer to Gu Xiaoxiao. He opened his mouth like a young adult and said, "You need to dry your hair before you can sleep. "

Gu Xiaoxiao rubbed Sheng Min's head and said in a pampering and helpless tone, "Okay. "

Sheng Min obediently went back to the bed and laid down.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Before Gu Xiaoxiao could react, Sheng Min stuck his head out and said, "Don't let my dad know I'm here. "

Gu Xiaoxiao restrained her gaze and went to open the door.

Sure enough, the person sitting in the wheelchair was the cold Sheng Jinnian.

His eyes that were filled with cold light swept towards her. His tone was cold to the extreme, "Where is Sheng Min?"

Gu Xiaoxiao calmly met his gaze. Her tone was cold. "In my room. "

Sheng Jinnian's face turned gloomy. He shouted at the door, "Come out. "

She knew he was referring to Sheng Min.

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