CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C13 They Were Directing and Acting
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CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C13 They Were Directing and Acting
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C13 They Were Directing and Acting

Hsu Hee almost fainted from anger. She stabilized her state of mind and gently opened her mouth, "Xiaoxiao, I asked you out to have a good talk with you. "

It was not beneficial for her to quarrel with Gu Xiaoxiao now.

Furthermore, Gu Xiaoxiao had a sharp tongue. She was not her match at all.

Gu Xiaoxiao did not speak and looked coldly at Hsu Hee.

"Miss Gu came from a prestigious family. I believe you will not do anything to ruin other people's family, right?"

Hsu Hee actually wanted to kidnap her morally?

Gu Xiaoxiao glanced at her and said coldly, "May I ask if you are the legitimate Madam Sheng?"

Although Gu Xiaoxiao replied with a rhetorical question, her tone was full of ridicule.

Hsu Hee's fingertip was embedded into the flesh but the intense hatred had already covered the pain.

This was something that she had always been brooding over!

She was clearly Sheng Min's mother. But Sheng Jinnian didn't give her the position she deserved!

She had waited for six years, but now Gu Xiaoxiao, this woman, interrupted halfway and snatched the position that should have belonged to her!

Gu Xiaoxiao saw that she did not speak for a long time and the sneer on her lips became deeper, "If you have time to argue with me, you might as well learn how to grasp a man's heart. "

She threw down these words and left without looking back in her high heels.

Hsu Hee's heart was stifled and very uncomfortable. She fiercely stared at Gu Xiaoxiao's back.

After Gu Xiaoxiao disappeared from her sight, Hsu Hee slowly retracted her gaze.

She would chase Gu Xiaoxiao out of Sheng family sooner or later!

Gu Xiaoxiao was just about to return to the Sheng family when she suddenly received a phone call.

Gu Xiaoxiao's face instantly turned cold when she saw the caller.

She was silent for a while before she pressed the answer button.

Huang Yu's cursing voice came from the phone, "Why did you take so long to answer the phone? Are you running away from us?! Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because you entered the Sheng family! "

Gu Xiaoxiao took the phone away from her ear and only when the other party had calmed down did her voice turn cold, "What is it?"

"Of course I have something to do. If there is nothing else, will I look for you? It's not like I have nothing to do after I'm full! "

Gu Xiaoxiao automatically ignored Huang Yu's words and said calmly, "If there is something, say it. If not, I will hang up. "

Gu Xiaoxiao did not want to waste time with her.

Perhaps Huang Yu knew that Gu Xiaoxiao really knew how to hang up the phone, so she calmed down and went straight to the point, "Come back once. "

Gu Xiaoxiao's voice did not have any warmth, "Okay. "

"I will give you 20 minutes!" After Huang Yu finished speaking, she mercilessly hung up.

Gu Xiaoxiao restrained her gaze and called a taxi to Gu family.

Just as she stepped into the hall, she heard a sweet voice, "Dad, mom, don't be angry. Sister probably didn't do it on purpose. "

The one who spoke was her half-sister.

Gu Jiao.

Even if she hadn't seen Gu Jiao yet, just from her tone alone, she felt disgusted in her heart.

The corners of Gu Xiaoxiao's lips curled into a mocking smile.

It had been so long, but she was still so good at pretending.

"When she comes back, I will break her legs!" Gu Jun's tone was filled with uncontrollable anger.

Gu Xiaoxiao restrained her eyes and calmly walked in.

They heard footsteps and looked at Gu Xiaoxiao together.

Gu Xiaoxiao went to the sofa and sat down. She lazily crossed her legs and cast a sidelong glance at them. "Tell me, what do you need me for?"

Gu Jun, who was already furious, saw her careless look and became even angrier. He pointed at her and shouted, "Stand up! I'll allow you to sit?"

Gu Xiaoxiao did not care about Gu Jun's emotions. She lifted her eyelids and said with a lazy tone, "If you called me here to scold me, then there is no need. "

Gu Jun just felt that it was a bit funny. He suddenly looked at her. "If you did not do anything wrong, would I scold you?"

"Then why don't you tell me what I did wrong?" Gu Xiaoxiao paused and said with a playful tone, "You can't scold me for no reason, right?"

Huang Yu mocked, "It is already at this time and you still don't want to admit it. I want to see how long you will be stubborn!"

Gu Xiaoxiao only felt that it was very funny and did not reply.

The more she was like this, the angrier Gu Jun became. His fists were already tightly clenched together, "Do you still think that I am your father or not?!"

Ever since he sent her to bed with a stranger, He was no longer her biological father.

So what if blood was thicker than water? He was not worthy of being her biological father!

Gu Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows and said in a light tone, "Have you seen any biological father who personally sent his biological daughter to a stranger's bed?"

Even though she had already said these words many times.

But at this time, she could not help but retort.

Gu Jun's chest rose and fell. Clearly, he was completely enraged.

He raised his hand and cursed, "You damn girl, I'm going to break your legs!"

A cold smile appeared on Gu Xiaoxiao's lips. She even stretched out her leg personally, "Come, your leg is here. I'll hit you. "

"Do you really think that I won't dare?" Veins popped out on Gu Jun's forehead. He glared at Gu Xiaoxiao fiercely.

He seemed to want to eat her alive.

Gu Xiaoxiao looked lazy and her voice was as calm as water, "Come. "

"None of you should stop me. I must break her legs today!" After Gu Jun said that, he looked around, wanting to find a stick.

Gu Jiao's face showed a fake expression, "Dad, sister knows her mistake. Don't break her legs again. "

Gu Xiaoxiao, who was sitting on the sofa, had a lazy expression, without any hint of admitting her mistakes.

Although Huang Yu hated Gu Xiaoxiao very much, she was also a person who took care of the big picture.

She gently pulled on the corner of Gu Jun's clothes and said in a low voice, "Forget it. Don't bicker with her like that. If you really break her legs, Fann Ru might want to settle the score with us. "

Only then did Gu Jun calm down. His mood also slowly calmed down.

"Besides, we still need to use her. "

Gu Jun took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He said coldly, "Seeing that Huang Yu pleaded for you, I will let you go this time. "

Gu Xiaoxiao looked at Huang Yu and raised her eyebrows. There was a trace of ridicule in her tone, "Then I still need to thank you?"

Huang Yu wished that she could go up and tear off her glib tongue but reason did not allow her to do so.

On the surface, she revealed a smile, "We are all family so there is no need to be so polite. "

Gu Xiaoxiao's lips raised into a sneer, "I am being polite with you?"

At this time, Gu Jiao's watery eyes flashed with a touch of heartache as she protected Huang Yu in her arms, "Big Sister, don't say that about mother. "

Gu Jiao was indeed worthy of being called White Lotus.

But Gu Xiaoxiao was not a vegetarian either as she shot a cold glance at her, "Please add the word 'me'. Thank you. "

Gu Jiao was not a foolish person and naturally could understand what Gu Xiaoxiao meant.

Gu Jiao's eyes were watery and she looked very pitiful, "Older sister, that is also your mother. "

"She gave birth to me and raised me?"

Gu Jiao was speechless.

Gu Xiaoxiao's cold gaze swept towards Huang Yu and replied with a question. "Was it you who gave birth to me? Was it you who raised me?"

Huang Yu's fist had already unknowingly tightened. She did not know why, but when she met her gaze, she actually felt a sense of guilt.

"Although my mother didn't give birth to you or raise you, but. . . "

Gu Xiaoxiao faintly interrupted Gu Jiao's words, "Then you do not have the qualifications to enjoy everything that belongs to my biological mother. "

Gu Jiao's deflated appearance made Gu Xiaoxiao's mood inexplicably much better.

Gu Military berated in a low voice, "Enough!"

Gu Xiaoxiao lazily played with her newly made beauty armor.

Seeing that they had stopped, Gu Jun glanced at Gu Xiaoxiao unhappily, "What have you been doing in Sheng family for so many days?"

"Since you already know, why are you still asking me?"

The anger that Gu Jun suppressed in his body suddenly rose to the tip of his heart. He said angrily, "I brought you into Sheng family to make you listen to Fann Ru obediently, but you have only been in there for a few days and you did not follow her plan!"

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