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Now that it had happened, Gu Xiaoxiao knew without thinking that Fann Ru was the one who told Gu Jun about it.

Gu Xiaoxiao lazily sat on the sofa and looked coldly at Gu Jun. Her tone was light and light, "Which eye of yours saw that I did not follow Fann Ru's plan?"

Gu Jun was instantly speechless.

Fann Ru did not say it clearly, but she said Gu Xiaoxiao was not very obedient, which was why Gu Jun thought of it this way.

Moreover, Gu Xiaoxiao was not obedient to begin with, so it was normal for her to go against Fann Ru's wishes.

But when Gu Jun heard Gu Xiaoxiao say it so righteously, it made Gu Jun feel like he was slandering Gu Xiaoxiao.

After that, Gu Jun coldly warned Gu Xiaoxiao, "You must listen to Fann Ru obediently. "

Gu Xiaoxiao expressionlessly said, "Oh. " "What happened after that?"

Huang Yu could not help but say. Her eyes emitted a resentful light, "What else do you want to do then? If you anger Fann Ru, we will make sure that you will not be able to bear the consequences. "

"Then I really want to see how you guys will make me suffer the consequences. "

Gu Jiao caught the words and her eyes were wide open, "Elder sister, do you really have such thoughts?"

Gu Xiaoxiao very coldly glanced at Gu Jiao, "Did I admit it?"

Gu Jiao bit her lower lip and did not say anything.

Gu Jun coldly ordered Gu Xiaoxiao, "Anyway you must listen to Fann Ru's words. I don't care about the rest. "

Gu Xiaoxiao did not say anything.

"Alright, you can go back. " Gu Jun pinched the space between his eyebrows. He did not want to see Gu Xiaoxiao for even a second.

Gu Xiaoxiao slowly stood up from the sofa.

Suddenly, Huang Yu smiled and opened her mouth, "Xiaoxiao also hasn't eaten at home for a long time. Why don't you stay at home and eat before going back?"

Gu Jiao took a step forward and held Gu Xiaoxiao's arm. There was a smile on her face, "That's right, Big Sister. You can stay and eat. We sisters can also chat in secret. "

"Since that's the case, you can stay. "

This family made a decision for Gu Xiaoxiao with words.

But since that was the case, Gu Xiaoxiao wanted to see what kind of tricks this family was playing.

"Sure. "

Huang Yu's face was full of smiles, "I will go and prepare now. "

Gu Jun glanced at Gu Xiaoxiao coldly and turned around to go upstairs.

Only Gu Xiaoxiao and Gu Jiao were left in the large and luxurious hall.

Gu Jiao's gentle and kind side was removed from her face and gradually revealed a vicious expression. She said to Gu Xiaoxiao in an unfriendly tone, "Gu Xiaoxiao, why did you come back!"

She did not want Gu Xiaoxiao to return to the country at all!

Gu Xiaoxiao had suppressed her in every aspect. At the very least, Gu Xiaoxiao could pretend that nothing had happened when she was overseas.

She could also pretend that Gu Xiaoxiao did not exist.

But when Gu Xiaoxiao returned, Gu Jiao felt that the surroundings were not comfortable and even felt a serious sense of danger.

"If your parents didn't come to beg me personally, do you think I would come back?" Gu Xiaoxiao retorted and the coldness in her eyes was obvious.

Gu Jiao's hand that was hanging by her side tightened the corner of her clothes and a look of displeasure appeared on her face, "If you did not have some value to be used, do you think that my parents would come all the way to beg you?"

Gu Xiaoxiao sneered, "At least I have value. What about you?"

After a pause, Gu Xiaoxiao added another sentence. " I can enter the Sheng family, but you are not worthy. "

"I don't care about entering the Sheng family! Is that trash Sheng Jinnian worthy of having such a beautiful me?"

"If Sheng Jinnian isn't a cripple, then I will be the only one entering the Sheng family, and you won't even have the chance to carry Sheng Jinnian's shoes. "

When Gu Jiao mentioned Sheng Jinnian, her eyes were filled with disgust and disgust.

The sneer on Gu Xiaoxiao's lips became deeper as she asked Gu Jiao, What?" What about you? Do you have the chance to carry Sheng Jinnian's shoes now?"

"I am the daughter of Gu family. How can I carry a cripple's shoes?"

Now Gu Jiao said that Sheng Jinnian was a cripple.

If one day Gu Jiao found out that the Sheng Jinnian she spoke of was not a cripple, Then what kind of expression would Gu Jiao have?

Gu Xiaoxiao was looking forward to it.

"Don't think that you can beat me in every aspect just because you are back!" Gu Jiao proudly raised her chin, " The me now is no longer the me from a few years ago. "

Gu Xiaoxiao coldly snorted, "Childish. "

Gu Jiao clenched her fist tightly and was extremely dissatisfied," Who are you calling childish? "

"Whoever answers me will be childish!"

"You. . . "

Gu Xiaoxiao sneered again.

Gu Jiao was full of anger but she could not release it no matter what and could only forcefully hold it in.

Gu Jiao gave Gu Xiaoxiao a fierce glare and left in her high heels.

Gu Xiaoxiao who seemed to have just experienced a war felt a little tired and laid on the sofa and decided to squint for a while.

Just as Gu Xiaoxiao was about to fall asleep, she felt a chill on her body.

Gu Xiaoxiao could not help but shiver. She opened her eyes and found that her body was completely drenched.

Gu Jiao was holding a basin of water and looking at her anxiously, "Big sister, are you alright?"

Gu Jiao pretended to be innocent again.

It was really disgusting.

Gu Xiaoxiao suppressed this disgust in her heart and coldly said to Gu Jiao, "Do you want to die?"

A trace of fear inexplicably sprung up in Gu Jiao's heart and she unconsciously took a few steps back. Pretending to be calm, she said, "Older sister, I am just helping you out of good intentions. "

Gu Xiaoxiao did not have any reaction.

Gu Jiao's eyes fell and she raised her voice, "Older sister, I really just want to help you. . . "

Gu Jiao cried as she spoke.

Perhaps Gu Jiao's voice was too loud, causing Gu Jun and Huang Yu to run out when they heard it.

Huang Yu saw Gu Jiao crying so sadly and her brows were full of heartache, "Jiao, why are you crying?"

Gu Jiao cried as she pointed her finger at Gu Xiaoxiao, "Older sister doesn't believe me. . . "

Gu Jun's face sank and scolded, "What exactly is going on?"

Gu Xiaoxiao calmly looked at Gu Jiao and her voice carried a hint of ridicule, "Your acting is also only so-so. "

When Gu Xiaoxiao's voice fell, Gu Jiao cried even more hysterically.

Huang Yu's heart ached the most for her precious daughter. She gently patted Gu Jiao's back and softly comforted her. "Jiao, don't cry. Tell me what happened. If Gu Xiaoxiao bullied you, I will definitely help you get revenge. "

"I saw Gu Xiaoxiao's body on fire and then I poured a basin of water to help Eldest Sister extinguish the fire. But Gu Xiaoxiao felt that I purposely poured the water on her body. . . "

Gu Xiaoxiao held back the urge to roll her eyes and instantly felt worried for Gu Jiao's intelligence.

After a long time, Gu Xiaoxiao calmly opened her mouth, "Then tell me, where did the fire on my body come from?"

"I. . . I don't know. I saw it when I came. . . "

"Why didn't I feel that there was fire burning on my body?"

Gu Jiao's eyes flickered as she forcefully explained. "It might be that elder sister did not notice when she fell asleep. "

After a pause, Gu Jiao's tone had a trace of complacency, "If it was not because I happened to be here, Older sister might have been burned beyond recognition. "

Gu Xiaoxiao mockingly said to Gu Jiao, "Then thank you?"

"Elder sister, there is no need to be polite with me. " Gu Jiao said.

Gu Xiaoxiao sneered, "You don't need to draft a script even if you lie? If there is a fire burning on my body, there will definitely be traces of it burning when the fire is extinguished. "

Gu Jiao bit her lower lip impatiently.

Gu Jiao was unhappy with Gu Xiaoxiao so she splashed water to wake her up from her deep sleep.

When Gu Xiaoxiao just woke up from the water, Gu Jiao was a little confused. It was still the excuse that she came up with at the last minute.

Although it was a bit absurd and her father and mother might not believe it, her father and mother would definitely stand on Gu Jiao's side unconditionally.

Gu Jun narrowed his eyes and forced out a dangerous light, "What are you two sisters doing?"

Gu Jiao knew that her father was giving her a way out and sensibly stopped crying.

Huang Yu continued, "Alright, stop messing around. Let's eat. "

Gu Xiaoxiao was not stupid. She could tell that Gu Jun and the rest were siding with Gu Jiao.

But why would Gu Xiaoxiao let Gu Jiao bully Gu Xiaoxiao so easily without paying the price?

Thinking about this, Gu Xiaoxiao pretended that she did not notice and said, "If my Mr. Sheng knew that I was drenched by the water, he would not let the person who watered me go easily, right?"

Gu Jiao bit her lower lip and said righteously, "I was helping you!"

So what if Gu Xiaoxiao and Sheng Jinnian complained?

What could Sheng Jinnian do to the Gu family?

Furthermore, Gu Xiaoxiao had only just entered the Sheng family. How could Sheng Jinnian possibly protect her?

Gu Jun's expression was somewhat serious.

Huang Yu, on the other hand, glared at Gu Xiaoxiao unhappily, "Don't use Sheng Jinnian to threaten us!"

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