CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C16 Gu Xiaoxiao Came Uninvited
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CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C16 Gu Xiaoxiao Came Uninvited
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C16 Gu Xiaoxiao Came Uninvited

Gu Xiaoxiao stopped walking and looked at Sheng Min gently, "You learn first. Mom will cook for you. "

Sheng Min's eyes lit up. "Mommy, do you know how to cook?"

Gu Xiaoxiao nodded.

"Do you only cook for me?"

Gu Xiaoxiao looked at Sheng Jinnian, whose face was full of coldness. She was silent for a few seconds and did not say anyone's name. "Anyone can eat it. "

Gu Xiaoxiao paused, pursed her lips and smiled, "You stay here obediently and learn. Mommy will go and cook for you. "

"Okay, Mommy!" Sheng Min jumped up in joy.

Because of this, Sheng Min was not in the mood to learn.

His eyes were always looking at the door.

Sheng Jinnian was still as cold as ever. Sheng Jinnian looked at Sheng Min and said, "If you want to go, then go. "

"Really?" Sheng Min immediately jumped down from the chair. "Dad, then I will go and find mom. "

When Sheng Min ran to the door, she thought of something. She turned around and looked at Sheng Jinnian. She said in a good tone, "Dad, you will also come to eat later. "

For some reason, Sheng Jinnian unexpectedly replied, "Okay. "

Gu Xiaoxiao went to the kitchen and found an apron to put on. Then she opened the fridge to see if there were any ingredients inside.

At this time, a voice sounded from behind her, "Miss Gu, may I ask what you are doing?"

Gu Xiaoxiao was stunned for a few seconds. She turned around and saw that it was butler who came. Butler's face was expressionless and even his tone did not have the slightest bit of emotion.

"I want to cook personally. "

Butler understood in his heart.

Butler felt Gu Xiaoxiao was just trying to please Sheng Jinnian.

However, butler did not show any expression on his face. Like a robot, he introduced the ingredients in the fridge one by one.

Gu Xiaoxiao recorded down all the ingredients in the fridge and did not forget to thank, "Thank you. "

Butler did not say anything and turned around to leave.

Next, Gu Xiaoxiao started to get busy.

Suddenly, Gu Xiaoxiao's legs were hugged by a pair of fleshy hands.

Gu Xiaoxiao looked down and saw Sheng Min looking up at her and smiling at her, "Mom, I'll accompany you. "

Gu Xiaoxiao put down the things in her hands and washed her hands. After that, she squatted down and looked at Sheng Min. Gu Xiaoxiao held Sheng Min's little hand and said gently, "Min, you have to wait outside obediently. Mommy is done. Can I tell you later?"

Sheng Min's eyebrows curved and he nodded frequently. "Okay, I will listen to Mommy. "

Gu Xiaoxiao raised her hand and rubbed Sheng Min's head. "Be good. Go. "

Sheng Min walked out with his short legs.

When Sheng Min's small figure disappeared at the door, Gu Xiaoxiao smiled and withdrew her gaze. She continued to focus on cooking.

In a short one hour, Gu Xiaoxiao made six dishes.

She carried the dishes out one by one and just as she set them up, Sheng Min ran over with his short legs, "Mom. It smells so good. . . "

"You need to wash your hands before eating. "

Sheng Min obediently went to wash his hands and looked like he was begging for praise. "Mom, I've already washed my hands. "

Gu Xiaoxiao seemed to have understood everything as she looked at Sheng Min. Gu Xiaoxiao praised Sheng Min, "Our Sheng Min is really obedient. "

Sheng Jinnian was attracted by the fragrance that assailed his nose and his eyes lit up.

Sheng Jinnian sat in the wheelchair and stared at Gu Xiaoxiao and Sheng Min who were talking and laughing not far away.

Especially when Gu Xiaoxiao said "our Sheng Min," the smile on Gu Xiaoxiao's face seemed to come from the bottom of her heart. It did not seem like she was pretending.

Sheng Jinnian sensed Gu Xiaoxiao's gaze and returned to his usual coldness. Then he controlled the wheelchair and drove it to the dining room.

Sheng Min saw Sheng Jinnian coming and was very happy. "Dad, quickly try it. These are all made by mom herself!"

Sheng Jinnian said coldly, "En. " Then he didn't say anything.

Gu Xiaoxiao brought Sheng Min to sit on the seat.

The dishes on the table were all fragrant, making people want to have a taste.

Gu Xiaoxiao picked up a piece of roasted tender meat and put it in Sheng Min's bowl. "Eat more. "

The fragrance that assailed his nose made Sheng Min's appetite greatly increase. He suddenly nodded. "Okay, Mom. "

Sheng Jinnian, who was sitting in the wheelchair, had not touched his chopsticks.

Gu Xiaoxiao ignored Sheng Jinnian and continued to eat.

"It's delicious, Mom. Sheng Min sighed as he ate.

"Mommy will make more for you in the future. "

Sheng Min's face was filled with the two words "Happiness. "

Perhaps it was the fragrance that assailed his nose, but Sheng Jinnian still moved his chopsticks in the end.

Sheng Min looked at Sheng Jinnian with a look of anticipation. "Dad, how's the taste?"

Sheng Jinnian's movements were noble and elegant. After carefully tasting the taste, he opened his mouth coldly. "The taste is still okay. "

Sheng Min thought that Sheng Jinnian felt that it was very delicious. Sheng Min hurriedly picked up a piece of meat and placed it in his bowl. "Then Dad needs to eat more. "

Sheng Jinnian looked at the meat in the bowl. His eyes changed.

In the past, Sheng Min was depressed at the dining table. He only ate and did not speak much.

However, after Gu Xiaoxiao came, Sheng Min started to become very lively.

Sheng Min even took the initiative to give Sheng Jinnian some meat.

Sheng Jinnian closed his eyes slightly and elegantly picked up the meat and put it into his mouth.

He did not know if it was because the meat made by Gu Xiaoxiao was too fragrant, or because it was Sheng Min's first time picking food for him, but he actually felt that this piece of meat was exceptionally delicious.

Suddenly, a voice broke this beautiful and harmonious scene.

"Jinnian, Min. " Hsu Hee had a sweet smile on her face as usual.

After that, Hsu Hee slowly sat beside Sheng Jinnian.

Sheng Jinnian's expression became colder and did not look at her.

The smile on Sheng Min's face gradually faded.

Gu Xiaoxiao gently rubbed Sheng Min's head. Gu Xiaoxiao leaned close to Sheng Min's ear and said in a low voice, "Don't let others affect your mood. "

Sheng Min was stunned at first, then he smiled obediently, "Mom, I know. "

Hsu Hee saw this scene and felt that it was very eye-piercing and very unpleasant.

Hsu Hee forced herself to calm down and opened her mouth weakly, "Jinnian, this is a dish that I personally cooked. "

After Hsu Hee finished speaking, she opened the box and placed the dishes on the table.

Sheng Min puffed up his cheeks and said unhappily, "My mother has already made a large table of dishes. "

The implied meaning was that she did not need your dishes.

Hsu Hee revealed a surprised expression. This large table of dishes were all personally cooked by Gu Xiaoxiao?

She originally wanted to show off her skills and take the opportunity to understand what Sheng Jinnian liked to eat, but she did not think that Gu Xiaoxiao would beat him to it!

The smile on Hsu Hee's face became even brighter, "Min, I am your mother. "

Hsu Hee paused for a moment and pushed the food she made in front of Sheng Min, "Come, try what mom made. "

Sheng Min frowned. She looked very unhappy. "You are not my mom. I don't want to eat the food you made!"

Hsu Hee was a little angry. Her tone was heavier. "Min, you have grown up. You need to be polite. How can you treat your own mother like this?"

"You are not my biological mother!" Sheng Min emphasized again.

"Although you do not admit it, the fact that I am your biological mother cannot be changed. "

As soon as Hsu Hee finished speaking, Sheng Jinnian looked at Hsu Hee with a cold gaze, "He is still young. Don't tell him these things. "

Sheng Jinnian was siding with Sheng Min again!

Sheng Jinnian and Sheng Min bullied this weak girl together!

But what could they do?

Hsu Hee still wanted to be the mistress of Sheng family, so she could not anger Sheng Jinnian.

Thinking of this, Hsu Hee's voice became much gentler, "Min, mother was impulsive just now. Can you forgive mother?"

Sheng Min did not even give her a glance. He lowered his head and ate the rice in the bowl.

Hsu Hee specially picked the food that she personally made and placed it in Sheng Min's bowl.

Before the food was put into the bowl, Sheng Min quickly moved the bowl away.

The dish fell onto the table.

Hsu Hee's hand froze. She almost got angry. "Mom almost forgot that Min doesn't like celery. Mom will give you other dishes. . . "

Gu Xiaoxiao picked up the chopsticks, picked up the celery she made, and put it into Sheng Min's bowl.

"Thank you, Mom. " Sheng Min did not show any rejection on his face. He put the celery into his mouth happily.

Hsu Hee was very jealous that Sheng Min treated Hsu Hee so differently from Gu Xiaoxiao.

Sheng Min obviously did not like celery, but he ate the celery that Gu Xiaoxiao gave him.

In the end, Sheng Min still did not like Hsu Hee!

Hsu Hee had spent six years, but she still couldn't make Sheng Min like her.

After that, she fell into silence, and the silence was filled with awkwardness.

Hsu Hee smiled and picked up a piece of meat and put it in Sheng Jinnian's bowl. "Jinnian, eat more. "

Sheng Jinnian looked at the meat in the bowl and instantly lost his appetite. He put down his chopsticks and said coldly, "I'm full. "

Hsu Hee was even more unhappy.

After a few seconds, her expression became pitiful. Her eyes were still glistening with tears. "Jinnian, did I not cook well enough?"

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