CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C18 She Wanted to Distance Herself from Him.
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CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C18 She Wanted to Distance Herself from Him.
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C18 She Wanted to Distance Herself from Him.

At least not to Sheng Min.

Sheng Jinnian heard footsteps coming from inside and closed his eyes. Just as he was about to control the wheelchair to leave, the door opened.

"Dad, you're here? I was going to find you. . . " Sheng Min came to Sheng Jinnian happily and said, "Dad, please come in. "

After he said that, he made way for Sheng Jinnian.

Sheng Jinnian thought for a moment and drove the wheelchair in.

Sheng Min had a bright smile on his face. "Dad, mom, you guys talk first. I have to go back and do my homework. "

Gu Xiaoxiao kept staring at Sheng Min without saying a word.

She knew that Sheng Min was giving them a chance to be alone.

Before Sheng Min left, even the door was closed.

Only Gu Xiaoxiao and Sheng Jinnian were left in the plain room.

Gu Xiaoxiao's eyes were cold and did not contain any emotions from Gu Jun.

In the end, Sheng Jinnian broke the silence. "I heard from Sheng Min that you were drenched when you came back?"

This little guy actually told him everything.

Gu Xiaoxiao's eyes became cold. She slightly raised her eyebrows and said, "Does this have anything to do with Mr. Sheng?"

Gu Xiaoxiao did not want to continue discussing this topic with him. She changed the topic and said, "Mr. Sheng, you should take care of your own woman first. "

Because she only wanted to investigate what happened that year.

At least she did not want to care about unrelated people.

But if someone came looking for trouble, She wouldn't be polite.

Sheng Jinnian narrowed his eyes, revealing a trace of danger.

The matter of her entire body drenched was indeed related to Hsu Hee.

He could tell what Hsu Hee was thinking.

But in these six years, he had also forced himself to try and accept her, but he could not do it.

Many people said that Hsu Hee was his woman, but he never refuted.

But when he heard her say this, he was inexplicably very angry.

He raised his head and said coldly, "She is not my woman. "

Gu Xiaoxiao thought that she heard wrongly and was stunned for a moment before she reacted.

Then she smiled. She said sarcastically, "Mr. Sheng, what will your woman think when she hears this?"

Sheng Jinnian's expression sank and he did not say anything.

"She has already given birth to your child. Isn't she your woman?" Gu Xiaoxiao paused. Her tone became more serious. He said seriously: "Then tell me what kind of woman can be your woman?"

She did not care about Hsu Hee's feelings, nor did she pity Hsu Hee. She just felt that Sheng Jinnian had said too much.

She had already given birth to a child for him. But he still refused to admit that she was his woman.

She wanted to know how to become Sheng Jinnian's woman.

Sheng Jinnian instantly stared at her with a cold gaze. He said mockingly, "You asked so clearly, do you want to become my woman?"

Gu Xiaoxiao's face was cold. She said disdainfully, "Do you think it is possible?"

Sheng Jinnian instantly became very angry.

She was the first woman to treat him so arrogantly.

Before he could say anything, she coldly said, "Don't worry, I won't fall in love with you. "

Sheng Jinnian's eyes became cold and he said coldly, "That's the best. "

After he said that, he quietly controlled the wheelchair and drove it out.

Gu Xiaoxiao was stunned on the spot. When he disappeared from the door of the room, only then did she come back to her senses.

She came here to investigate what happened that year.

She didn't want to be with someone who was impossible for her.

Not long after Sheng Jinnian left, Fann Ru appeared at the door.

Gu Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment and a trace of shock flashed across her eyes.

She did not know how many conversations she had heard between them.

Fann Ru walked in with large strides and walked in front of her with an unhappy expression. "What exactly are you doing?"

Fann Ru told her everything. She heard all the conversations between them.

It seemed that when she talked to Sheng Jinnian in the future, she also had to be wary of outsiders.

After all, Fann Ru's spies were secretly observing her every move.

Gu Xiaoxiao's expression was still as cold as usual. Her tone was also indifferent. "I didn't do anything. "

"I already heard your conversation, do you still want to argue with me?" Fann Ru's eyes became even more fierce. She glared at her fiercely.

Gu Xiaoxiao calmly sat on the sofa. Her tone was languid and did not contain a trace of warmth, "What did you hear?"

Her actions made Fann Ru even more furious.

"Since you have entered the Sheng family, then you are Sheng Jinnian's woman. But you just said that you don't want to be his woman?"

Gu Xiaoxiao did not feel that what she said was inappropriate. "Is what I said wrong?"

Fann Ru was so angry that her breathing became heavy.

She let Gu Xiaoxiao come in to gain Sheng Jinnian's trust, not to go against her!

If she resisted her, then what was the use of her wanting her to enter the Sheng family?

If Gu Xiaoxiao did not have any benefits to her, or if she made her lose something, then she would not hesitate to chase her away.

"His lower body is in a wheelchair, how can he make me his woman?"

Fann Ru was instantly speechless.

Furthermore, what she said did make sense.

Fann Ru was silent for a long time before she thought it through. She said coldly, "Even if you can't really become his woman, you are still his woman on the surface. "

Gu Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows and asked back, "Am I not his woman now?"

What she needed to do now was to confuse Fann Ru's thoughts.

Fann Ru frowned. She actually felt that what she said made sense.

She was silent for half a minute before continuing. "Then why did you just say that you won't fall in love with him?"

Gu Xiaoxiao suddenly smiled and said, "To you, I am just a chess piece. Do chess pieces need emotions?"

She was right. She was just a chess piece of Fann Ru. She did not need feelings.

Otherwise, she would only break her plan!

She was only angry for a moment. She hadn't thought of this earlier.

It seemed that Gu Xiaoxiao was still very quick-witted.

Fann Ru nodded her head in satisfaction.

A few seconds later, Fann Ru suddenly realized that something was not right.

She coldly said, "Gu Xiaoxiao, you actually lied to me?"

Gu Xiaoxiao casually played with her nails. She said faintly, "No. I dare not lie to you"

Fann Ru sneered, "Gu Xiaoxiao, are you stupid?"

Gu Xiaoxiao looked at her coldly but did not reply.

"You said you don't like Sheng Jinnian. Didn't you want him to stay away from you?"

Gu Xiaoxiao did not say anything but that was exactly what she wanted.

She originally did not want to have any interaction with Sheng Jinnian.

She only wanted to investigate what happened that year.

"I want you to gain Sheng Jinnian's trust. I don't want you to distance yourself from him!"

Gu Xiaoxiao kept silent in the face of Fann Ru's words.

Fann Ru frowned tightly. It was very obvious that she was already angry. She fiercely glared at Gu Xiaoxiao. "It seems that you already want to betray me!"

Gu Xiaoxiao no longer looked at her nails as she looked at Fann Ru and lightly said, "If I wanted to betray you, I would not have said these words without fear when you secretly observe me. "

She still needed to stay in Sheng family, so she couldn't anger Fann Ru now.

Before Fann Ru could speak, Gu Xiaoxiao spoke again. "Furthermore, I am using a strategy to attract him. Men all like this, don't they?"

Fann Ru narrowed her eyes and looked at her doubtfully.

"The more I am like this, the more he will like me, right?" Gu Xiaoxiao's expression was very serious. She did not seem to be lying to her.

But she was indeed lying to her.

Fann Ru fiercely glared at her. She warned, "You must always remember your mission and not do anything that goes beyond the rules!"

Although Fann Ru had warned her, perhaps she believed her words.

Otherwise, according to Fann Ru's character, if she did not get a reasonable explanation, she would not let her go.

Gu Xiaoxiao calmly said, "I understand. "

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