CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C19 Ask Xu He to Come to the Sheng Family
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CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C19 Ask Xu He to Come to the Sheng Family
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C19 Ask Xu He to Come to the Sheng Family

"Although it's good that you use this method, Sheng Jinnian is not an ordinary man. If this method doesn't work after some time, you will have to find another way out. "

Gu Xiaoxiao lifted her eyelids and casually replied, "Okay. "

"Also, you have to treat Sheng Min better. " Fann Ru paused for a moment and her eyes became more fierce. "After all, he is Sheng Jinnian's biological son. If you treat him well, he will naturally change his view of you. "

Gu Xiaoxiao suddenly laughed and asked in a flat tone, "I have been very good to him during this period of time. "

The Sheng family was filled with Fann Ru's informants everywhere, so Fann Ru naturally knew how she treated Sheng Min.

Fann Ru cast a sidelong glance at her and her tone became heavier. "I want you to treat him better and better, so that you can gain Sheng Jinnian's trust faster. "

Gu Xiaoxiao nodded with an indifferent expression.

A while ago, she did not understand why Gu Xiaoxiao treated Sheng Min so well.

Now she had figured it out. After all, being good to Sheng Min was also a strategy.

It seemed that she had chosen the right person.

Fann Ru withdrew her thoughts and looked at the time. "It's getting late. You should sleep early. "

Without waiting for Gu Xiaoxiao to reply, she took the lead and walked out.

A trace of coldness appeared in Gu Xiaoxiao's watery eyes. It was only when Fann Ru disappeared at the door that she slowly stood up from the sofa.

She closed the door and went to the French window.

In Fann Ru's eyes, she was treating Sheng Min well with a purpose.

However, she was the only one who knew that was not the case.

She did not know how long she had been standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. She only knew that when she came back to her senses, it was already ten o'clock at night.

Oh no, she promised to tell Sheng Min a story every night!

Gu Xiaoxiao hurriedly picked up a coat, put it on, and walked out in large strides.

She came to Sheng Min's bedroom door, and just as she was about to raise her hand to knock on the door, the door opened.

Sheng Jinnian sat in the wheelchair, and his face was still as cold as ever.

The moment he saw her, a trace of hostility climbed up his brow. "He fell asleep. "

There was a fleeting embarrassment on Gu Xiaoxiao's face, and then she returned to her usual coldness.

"Oh," she said and left without looking back.

But just as she took two steps, his low and emotionless voice entered her ears. "You lost your money. "

Gu Xiaoxiao's footsteps subconsciously stopped.

After a full ten seconds, she turned around and looked at the ground. She did not see the money he was talking about.

Gu Xiaoxiao's lips raised into a mocking smile. "Is this very fun?"

Sheng Jinnian restrained his eyes and swept his gaze towards the staircase.

Gu Xiaoxiao was stunned for a few seconds. She followed his line of sight and saw the money on the ground.

Furthermore, the money was red and there was more than one.

She was just about to take a step when she remembered that she did not bring any money when she just came out.

Besides, she didn't even pass the staircase when she came here.

So the money on the ground wasn't dropped by her at all.

Sheng Jinnian sneered. "You don't even pick up money?"

If the money was hers, she would definitely pick it up without hesitation.

But unfortunately, it wasn't hers.

Thus, she said expressionlessly, "It's not my money. "

A trace of unprecedented astonishment flashed across Sheng Jinnian's eyes.

He even had an awkward feeling in his heart.

In just a few seconds, he suppressed this embarrassment in his heart. He cast a cold glance at her. He glanced at her. "I said the money is yours. Then it's yours. "

His tone was very forceful.

Gu Xiaoxiao felt that it was quite funny. She did not intend to pay attention to him. Just as she turned around, she heard his low voice again, "Are you sure you don't want to pick up the money?"

She finally understood. He was not happy to vent his anger on her!

Just because she said those things in the room, did he want to show off now?

Gu Xiaoxiao curled her lips in disdain. Just as she was about to retort, she saw a few maids looking at her from the corner of her eye.

If she did not guess wrongly, those maids were definitely Fann Ru's informants.

She held back the words that were about to come out of her mouth and took a deep breath. She took a few steps forward and bent down to pick up the money on the ground.

Then, she turned her head to look at Sheng Jinnian. "Mr. Sheng, are you satisfied?"

Sheng Jinnian did not even look at her. He controlled the wheelchair and drove it to his bedroom.

Gu Xiaoxiao was left alone on the spot.

Gu Xiaoxiao looked at Sheng Jinnian's back and then looked down at the bills in her hands. There was a subtle look in her eyes.

He was really a petty man.

The next morning.

Gu Xiaoxiao walked down from upstairs. When she passed by the hall, she saw Hsu Hee sitting on the sofa and her gaze was glued to the television not far away.

Ah, she came again.

Hsu Hee kept showing her presence in front of Sheng Jinnian. She was afraid that she would beat him to it first, right?

She was really childish.

Suddenly, Hsu Hee raised her eyes and looked at her. Her eyes were filled with anger.

Gu Xiaoxiao expressionlessly looked at her for a few seconds and she slowly withdrew her gaze and walked towards the restaurant.

Hsu Hee subconsciously clenched her fists and resisted the urge to go forward and tear her apart.

She came very early, but Sheng Min did not welcome her and disliked her talking too much. Sheng Jinnian had not come down yet, so she could only sit here and watch TV.

Gu Xiaoxiao came to the restaurant and found out. His back was lonely and lonely, and a touch of heartache arose in her heart.

She sat down beside Sheng Min.

Sheng Min's eyes were filled with joy. "Mom, you're here?"

"Min, so early?"

"Mom, I won't stay in bed. I'm not like Dad. He hasn't woken up yet. "

Gu Xiaoxiao rubbed his head dotingly. "You're so obedient. Quickly eat. The food won't taste good when it's cold. "

Sheng Min nodded obediently and buried his head in eating breakfast.

After a while, Sheng Min looked up at her and said angrily, "That auntie came to our house again. "

Gu Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and smiled and looked at him dotingly. "Be good, you can eat. "

Sheng Min did not say anything else. He lowered his head and continued eating.

Just when Gu Xiaoxiao thought that Sheng Jinnian would not come down, he suddenly came down and sat at the furthest spot away from her.

The two of them looked at each other and there were sparks in the air.

Sheng Min felt that the situation was not good. He did not dare to make a sound and buried his head in breakfast.

At this time, a sweet voice broke the atmosphere.

"Jinnian, you finally came down. I was watching TV and did not notice you. " After Hsu Hee finished speaking, she took the opportunity to sit beside him.

Gu Xiaoxiao saw Hsu Hee and instantly lost her appetite, so she softly opened her mouth to Sheng Min. "Min, I am full. You eat slowly. "

Sheng Min frowned between his brows. "Mom, but you didn't eat anything either. . . "

"Be good. " She turned around and went upstairs.

Sheng Min was confused.

What happened to his father and mother?

Weren't they fine yesterday?

Hsu Hee saw Gu Xiaoxiao's back as she left and the corners of her lips curled up complacently.

It would have been good if she had known what she was doing a long time ago!

But it was not too late for her to know her own limitations now.

After all, no one would be able to defeat her!

Sheng Jinnian pinched the space between his eyebrows. He looked at Hsu Hee with a hint of impatience in his eyes. Even his tone of speaking became more alert. "You should come less in the future. "

Hsu Hee's eyes immediately widened. She suspected that she had misheard him.

Jinnian actually asked her to come less here?

Why did he treat her like this?

Was it because of Gu Xiaoxiao?

It was Gu Xiaoxiao, this slut again!

Hsu Hee suppressed the unwillingness in her heart and gently said, "Jinnian, did I do something wrong? Tell me, I will change. "

Sheng Jinnian did not even give her a look. Her tone was extremely cold. "This is not your home. "

The meaning behind his words was. . . This is not your home. You can't come as you wish.

A trace of astonishment and shock flashed across Hsu Hee's eyes. She only reacted after a long time.

Tears flashed in her eyes. She looked extremely pitiful and pitiful. "Jinnian, tell me, what do you think? This is not my home? I have long regarded this place as my home. Do you know why?"

Sheng Jinnian's expression was cold, and he remained silent.

" Because my lover and child are in this home, that's why I treat this place as my home. "

"Jinnian, I just want to see you and the child every day, that's all. "

"You don't want me to look at you, do you also want to take away my rights as a mother?"

Hsu Hee said a few words in a row. Her face was full of sadness and she could not stop sobbing.

She looked so pitiful.

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