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CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C20 Where Is Her Child?
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C20 Where Is Her Child?

However, Sheng Jinnian did not feel anything about Hsu Hee's crying. He seemed to be a little impatient. He looked coldly at Hsu Hee and said, "You have seriously affected my life. "

"Jinnian, you said I have seriously affected your life? Didn't you seriously affect my life? "

"You unexpectedly impregnated me, and even brought this child into this world. My life, which should have been peaceful, has now become like this. "

"It's been six years, and you still haven't admitted that I'm your woman, but as long as you have me in your heart, I don't care if you admit my identity"

Sheng Jinnian didn't answer Hsu Hee's question. Instead, he glanced at Sheng Min, who was immersed in suffering. He said to Sheng Min coldly. "Go upstairs and find your mother first. "

Sheng Min hesitated for a moment and put down his chopsticks.

Hsu Hee frowned and said to stop Sheng Min from going upstairs, "Jinnian, why did you let Sheng Min leave here? Sheng Min is our child. He has the right to hear this. "

After a pause, Hsu Hee's tears started to fall. "Also, I am Sheng Min's biological mother. What right do you have to make him call another woman his mother?"

A trace of coldness flashed across Sheng Jinnian's eyes. He said word by word, "Does that Sheng Min recognize you?"

Sheng Jinnian's words were like a knife, fiercely stabbing towards Hsu Hee's heart.

That's right. Sheng Min did not think Hsu Hee was his mother.

It had been six years, but Sheng Min still firmly denied that Hsu Hee was his mother.

"Even though Sheng Min did not recognize me, can you allow him to call other women 'mothers'?"

"If Sheng Min likes to call anyone 'mother', it is Sheng Min's freedom. " Sheng Jinnian replied.

Hsu Hee's eyes were red, perhaps because she had cried too much. Her eyes were even bloodshot. Her tone was also helpless. "Over the past six years, I have put in a lot of effort and treated Sheng Min very well. However, Sheng Min still did not accept me as his mother. What can I do? I have really tried my best. "

When Sheng Min heard these words, he could not help but refute. "You are talking nonsense. You are not good to me at all. I have never felt the feeling of having a mother in you. "

"On the contrary, I did not feel the motherly love in you. I could feel it from Xiaoxiao's mother. " When Sheng Min mentioned Gu Xiaoxiao, the joy and tenderness in his eyes could not be faked.

Sheng Min really liked Gu Xiaoxiao.

Sheng Jinnian's eyes flashed with an unfathomable look.

Hsu Hee racked her brain and thought for a while before she opened her mouth with a sad face, "Min, is it because I did not do my duty as a mother, or is it because you have no feelings? Even if a stone was covered by me for six years, it should be hot now. "

Sheng Min said, "But I am not a stone. "

At the right time, Sheng Jinnian looked up at Sheng Min. His tone carried an order that could not be ignored. "You can go upstairs. "

Sheng Min was silent for a while, then he ran upstairs with his short legs.

At this time, only Sheng Jinnian and Hsu Hee were left in the dining room.

Sheng Jinnian did not show any signs of wanting to speak.

In the end, Hsu Hee could not help but speak to Sheng Jinnian, "Jinnian, I really just want to come to you and the child's side. "

Sheng Jinnian said calmly, "Have you had enough of this nonsense?"

There was still impatience and hostility in Sheng Jinnian's eyes.

Hsu Hee stirred her fingers and said uneasily, "Jinnian, I really am not messing around with you. "

"And then?"

"I just came to see you when I wanted to think about you. That's all. "

"I'm not against you coming to see me. " Sheng Jinnian's eyes turned cold. "But you have indeed affected my life. "

Didn't Sheng Jinnian mean to ask Hsu Hee not to come here?

Hsu Hee was not a fool. Of course she understood what Sheng Jinnian meant.

But if Hsu Hee came less, Perhaps one day Gu Xiaoxiao, this woman, would climb onto Sheng Jinnian's bed again and take away the heart that belonged to Hsu Hee.

Hsu Hee was really afraid that things would develop to such an extent. That was why she wanted to try her best to create a sense of existence in front of Sheng Jinnian.

Not only that, Hsu Hee was also afraid that the matter of Gu Xiaoxiao being Sheng Min's biological mother would be known by Sheng Jinnian and the others.

Even though the evidence had been destroyed, she was still afraid.

After a long time, Hsu Hee choked and said, "Jinnian, I didn't know that my appearance had affected your life. I'm sorry. "

She had been too impulsive just now, so she had to minimize her losses.

Hsu Hee wanted to show her consideration and generosity.

"Unless I want you to think that you are beyond cure, I will not come to you so often. "

"Jinnian, although I will not come to you often, you must remember that I have you in my heart. " Hsu Hee's tone was gentle. After she said that, she pretended to be strong and wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes.

Sheng Jinnian's eyes were calm and did not show any signs of being moved. He gave a perfunctory "En. "

In just a few short years, Jinnian's attitude towards her had completely changed.

In these six years, although Jinnian did not accept her, he would not be as perfunctory to her as he was now.

Gu Xiaoxiao had completely become the thorn in her heart.

Hsu Hee must think of a way to get rid of Gu Xiaoxiao.

"Jinnian, I am not by your side. You need to take care of yourself. " A gentle and generous smile hung on Hsu Hee's face.

Sheng Jinnian lifted his eyes and said, "Okay. "

Hsu Hee took a deep breath and picked up her bag. She looked at Sheng Jinnian reluctantly, "Jinnian, I really am leaving. "

Sheng Jinnian said indifferently, "Yes, be careful. "

Hsu Hee felt a touch of excitement in her heart.

Sheng Jinnian told her to be careful!

She seemed to still have hope!

As expected, a considerate and sensible woman was someone who would attract the love of others.

"Jinnian, you don't need to ask butler to send me. My driver sent me here. "

Sheng Jinnian, who had no intention of letting butler send Hsu Hee away, replied perfunctorily, "Okay. "

Hsu Hee reluctantly left the Sheng family.

In the car, Hsu Hee made a phone call. "Are you sure you destroyed all the evidence?"

"It was indeed destroyed. Miss Hsu, don't worry. " The person on the other end of the phone replied.

Hsu Hee heard this and felt slightly relieved, "That's good. "

This secret would sink to the bottom of the sea and no one would know.

Gu Xiaoxiao would never know that Sheng Min was Gu Xiaoxiao's biological son until she died!

Hsu Hee took a deep breath and was calculating carefully.

She had to be obedient for a period of time, and then maintain some mystery. Then, when she appeared in front of Sheng Jinnian, he would definitely want to understand her deeply.

Gu Xiaoxiao returned to her room and felt a little tired, so she laid down.

Just as Gu Xiaoxiao was sleeping soundly, a ringtone woke her up.

Her sleepiness did not dissipate, and her entire person was in a daze.

She lay on the bed and did not make any movements.

It was only when the bell rang that she turned over, suppressed the anger in her heart, and picked up the phone that was on the table.

When Gu Xiaoxiao saw the caller on the screen, she did not hesitate to press the answer button.

The caller's voice was mixed with a trace of seriousness, "After we found out about the Sheng family, there were no clues. "

Gu Xiaoxiao's face sank, and the strength of her grip on the phone increased a little. "It has been so long, but there are still no clues?"

"Yes. " The other party paused for a few seconds before asking, "Do you still want to continue investigating?"

Since there was a trace of clues, Gu Xiaoxiao would investigate to the end and would not give up easily.

"Investigate. "

"Okay. If there is any news, I will inform you immediately. "

After hanging up the phone, Gu Xiaoxiao casually threw the phone onto the bed.

She used the pillow to cover her head and fell into deep thought.

Where was her child?

She didn't know if her child was safe or not.

At this moment, the knocking on the door interrupted her thoughts.

Before Gu Xiaoxiao could speak, Sheng Min's tender voice once again entered her ears, "Mom, it's me. "

Hearing Sheng Min's voice, Gu Xiaoxiao's mood was also healed, and her gloominess was swept away.

She had just opened the door when Sheng Min pounced into her arms. His little head rubbed against Gu Xiaoxiao's chest, "Mom, I miss you so much. "

Gu Xiaoxiao's eyes lit up. "Little guy, how long has it been? Do you miss me already?"

Sheng Min nodded. "I really miss my mother!"

Gu Xiaoxiao rubbed Sheng Min's head and suddenly realized that he was not wearing shoes. She frowned and asked, "Why are you not wearing shoes?"

"I lost the shoes when I ran up. I was afraid that the bad woman would chase after me, so I didn't turn around to pick them up. "

Gu Xiaoxiao's heart tightened. She looked at Sheng Min with a touch of heartache. "Min, with mom around, you don't have to be afraid. "

Sheng Min was in Gu Xiaoxiao's arms. His voice was tender and soft. "Mom, with you around, I won't be afraid anymore. Because mom will protect me well. She won't let me be caught by bad people. "

"Yes, mother will protect you well. "

Sheng Min suddenly thought of something and looked up at her. "Mother, last time I was afraid of being caught by the bad woman, so I ran away and hid. It was mother who saved me and brought me back. "

Gu Xiaoxiao did not dare to imagine what would happen to Sheng Min if he did not meet her that day.

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