CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C8 The Troublemaker Is Here
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CEO's Pursuing His Cutie/C8 The Troublemaker Is Here
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C8 The Troublemaker Is Here

The next day.

A rapid and ear-piercing doorbell rang, breaking the silence of the early morning.

Gu Xiaoxiao heard the doorbell ringing downstairs and frowned. She was very unhappy. She lifted the bed sheet on her body and put on her shoes before entering the bathroom.

"Open the door! I am Hsu Hee. " Hsu Hee stood outside the villa with a sunken face. Her beautiful eyes were filled with unconcealable anger, and her chest rose and fell due to her anger.

The door was opened from the inside, revealing butler's expressionless face.

Hsu Hee was stunned when she saw butler's sudden appearance, but she immediately reacted, "Where's Jinnian? He hasn't returned to the company yet, right?"

Butler did not respond to Hsu Hee's words. He turned around silently and walked back to the living room.

Hsu Hee was obviously used to the housekeeper's attitude. She naturally closed the open door and walked upstairs.

However, when Hsu Hee stepped onto the first block of the stairs, she met Sheng Jinnian's profound gaze. "Jinnian, I went to the company to look for you just now. They said you haven't gone to the company yet. "

Her words seemed to contain some grievance.

Sheng Jinnian heard Hsu Hee's words and walked down with an indifferent expression. "What do you want from me?"

"Me!" Hsu Hee was at a loss for words. After she realized what she had come for, she suddenly thought of her purpose and looked around.

Perhaps because he noticed Hsu Hee looking at him, Sheng Jinnian looked impatient, "What are you looking at?"

"Jinnian, I heard Auntie found you a woman. Did she move in yesterday?" Hsu Hee asked tentatively.

The relationship between her and Sheng Jinnian was a public secret in Sheng family. In the Sheng family, she naturally left a lot of people to monitor Sheng Jinnian's movements. Regarding the matter of Gu Xiaoxiao staying in the Sheng family, she was the first to know.

"Yes. "

Sheng Jinnian also did not seriously investigate where Hsu Hee found out about Gu Xiaoxiao moving into the Sheng family. His expression was cold and indifferent, and did not give Hsu Hee too much attention.

Lightly pursing her lips, Hsu Hee unwillingly bit her lower lip and came to Sheng Jinnian's side. Her hands were placed on the wheelchair's handle and was about to push Sheng Jinnian into the living room.

When she pushed her hands slightly, Sheng Jinnian's voice came from in front of her.

"No need. "

When Hsu Hee heard Sheng Jinnian's words, she could only watch as Sheng Jinnian controlled his wheelchair to go towards his destination.

Not knowing how much time had passed, the relationship between the two of them had become distant and indifferent.

Squeezing her fingertip, a fake smile appeared on Hsu Hee's face. She followed closely behind Sheng Jinnian. "Who is that woman?"

Even though Hsu Hee tried her best to restrain her tone, Sheng Jinnian could still hear some resentment and anger in her tone.

"Jinnian, I know I shouldn't be meddling in other people's business, but I really can't ignore this matter. " Hsu Hee pretended to feel wronged and lowered her head as she spoke.

She had been with Sheng Jinnian for a few days. It had been six years, a total of six years.

During these six years, she had mentioned more than one request to move into the Sheng family's old residence and live together with Sheng Jinnian. However, every time she was rejected by Sheng Jinnian in a stern manner, he said that living together before marriage was bad for the long-term development of their relationship.

Now, a woman had moved into the Sheng family's old residence. Hsu Hee's heart could not calm down.

Sheng Jinnian quietly listened to Hsu Hee's complaints and said at the end, " So you're here to question me?"

His indifferent tone carried some dignity.

When she heard Sheng Jinnian's words, the grievances and complaints in Hsu Hee's heart were hidden in her heart.

"I'm sorry. But I can't help it. " She paused and pretended to be pitiful as she lowered her head and said softly, "I'm so afraid that you will leave me. "

Because of Hsu Hee's words, the atmosphere in the living room had an inexplicable feeling of sadness, oppression and heaviness.

At this moment, a tender and soft voice interrupted the atmosphere between the two of them. "Father. "

Both of them looked towards the source of the voice and saw Sheng Min.

The sleepiness on Sheng Min's face also disappeared after seeing Hsu Hee's figure. His face suddenly became fierce and cold.

Sheng Jinnian was constantly paying attention to Sheng Min's movements. He never missed the subtle changes on Sheng Min's face. He said coldly, "Why did you get up so early? Have you slept enough?"

Sheng Min laid his eyes back on Sheng Jinnian. He strode with his short legs and jumped towards Sheng Jinnian. "I have slept enough, but Mom seems to be still sleeping. "

Sheng Min pouted. He was very cute.

Sheng Min only said that Gu Xiaoxiao was still sleeping, but Hsu Hee could hear other meanings from his words.

When Hsu Hee heard Sheng Min call Gu Xiaoxiao "mother, her face suddenly changed, Min, you don't recognize me? I am your mother. "

How could Sheng Min mistake Gu Xiaoxiao for his mother? Sheng Min's mother, the female master of Sheng family, and even Sheng Jinnian's wife could only be Hsu Hee.

The other women had no right to stand beside Sheng Jinnian. There was no one more suitable than her to be with Sheng Jinnian.

"Sir, little master, breakfast is ready. " butler did not care about the relationship between Hsu Hee and Sheng Jinnian. He did what he needed to do, like a robot without emotions.

Sheng Min, who wanted to avoid Hsu Hee, heard butler's words and immediately walked towards the dining table with his short legs.

Seeing Sheng Min's actions, Sheng Jinnian naturally put down the work in his hands and walked towards Sheng Min.

Behind him was Hsu Hee.

Hsu Hee sat beside Sheng Jinnian with a calm expression. Opposite her was Sheng Min. When her gaze touched the breakfast on the table, she inevitably revealed a surprised expression.

"Didn't Min usually not eat these dishes? Why did all these dishes appear today?" Hsu Hee asked suspiciously, her eyes revealing obvious doubt.

Hearing Hsu Hee's question, Sheng Min just minded his own business and ignored Hsu Hee.

When Sheng Jinnian saw Sheng Min's actions, he also naturally ignored Hsu Hee's question.

Without getting any response, Hsu Hee bit her lips unwillingly. She hid her hands under the table and clenched them into fists. Her nails almost penetrated her skin.

In front of Hsu Hee, Sheng Min put the food that he usually disliked into his bowl and chopsticks. There was a hint of unwillingness on his face.

Sheng Jinnian naturally knew the reason behind Sheng Min's actions.

After learning that Sheng Min was overly picky about food last night, Gu Xiaoxiao and Sheng Min made an agreement. If Sheng Min could improve his habit of being picky about food, Gu Xiaoxiao would come to his room every night to tell him stories before sleeping.

"Jinnian, does Sheng Min hate me more?" Hsu Hee looked up at Sheng Jinnian pitifully with tears in her eyes.

It was as if Sheng Jinnian only needed to say no. The tears in her eyes would fall.

Seeing Hsu Hee's heartbroken look, Sheng Jinnian's heart softened. He raised his hand and gave Hsu Hee a bowl of water, "No. "

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