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"Gu Wanwan, go and die!" A fierce voice sounded from behind him.

Gu Wanwan's heart trembled. It was already too late to dodge as his body, which had lost balance, tumbled down the stairs and fell into a pool of blood.

She opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, "Save ?" "Save me ?"

"Save you?" The lady on the stairs walked down slowly, with a trace of ruthlessness in her eyes: "Gu Wanwan, you should die early!"

Gu Wanwan's consciousness started to slowly blur as he looked at the woman in front of him, his pale face revealing a self-deprecating smile.

If one had to blame something, they could only blame their own eyes, which was why they were deceived by this Su Ziyi, this third son, repeatedly, and had even lost their lives in the end.

"You ? "I hate you ?" Before he finished speaking, Gu Wanwan's body suddenly went limp, and there was no more reaction.

Hate, how could he not hate!

If her life could happen again, she wouldn't let this happen ?

"It's painful ? ?" Gu Wanwan's petite body curled up on the bed. Her mouth was muttering, and her delicate face was pale.

Where was this? Underworld?

The sound of running water stopped and the man opened the door and stepped out. His eyes fell on the tiny figure on the bed.

A hint of ridicule flashed past Shen Chenghang's profound eyes. He tore off the towel around his waist and walked over, covering his entire body.

Feeling his body suddenly turn cold and his clothes being lifted, Gu Wanwan frowned and moaned. Before he could resist, his lips were covered by a cool kiss.

Gu Wanwan knew that he was being violated.

However, the weakness of her body made it impossible for her to resist. She could only passively endure the waves of impact until she lost consciousness.

The next morning.

Gu Wanwan opened his eyes in a daze, and what entered his eyes was an unfamiliar room.

Where was she?

Scratching his hair with his hands, Gu Wanwan accidentally caught a glimpse of the scars on his arms.

Her snow-white skin was covered with bruises, a dull ache in her lower body, and a mess on the bed ?

Could it be ? Last night was not a dream!

She clearly remembered rolling down from the second floor, and that woman called Su Ziyi was standing at the top of the stairs.

Gu Wanwan checked his body. Other than the warm mark the man left last night, he did not find a single wound.

"This... What exactly is going on? "

She was clearly dead, so why would she appear here?

The cloakroom door opened, and Shen Chenghang walked out. A clean suit accentuated his tall figure and handsome face.

When Gu Wanwan heard the voice, he raised his head, and his gaze immediately sunk into a pair of pitch black eyes.

This scene had a sense of d?j? vu.

The man didn't say anything. He glanced at the woman on the bed with disdain, then picked up the documents on the table and walked out.

"You ? "Who are you?" Gu Wanwan hugged the blanket tightly, his voice trembling as he stared at the man in the room.

The moment the words left her mouth, her mind recalled what this man had done to her last night.

"You hooligan!" Gu Wanwan bit her lips, grabbed the pillow on top of the bed and threw it.

Being hit right in the back, Shen Chenghang's footsteps paused, and a hint of sternness appeared on his cold face, "Pretending to be wronged?"

The next second, he turned around and pinched the woman's chin, "I'm not interested in a woman like you who has delivered herself to my doorstep, so don't play any tricks to refuse and welcome me!"

He was strong enough to crush her jaw.

Seeing her frown, Shen Chenghang sneered, took out a stack of money from his wallet, and threw it on the bed, "Do you want money? I'll give it to you! "

This beast! Sleeping and insulting her!

Gu Wanwan grabbed the money on the bed and fiercely threw it in Shen Chenghang's face, "Take your stinky money and go to hell!"

The fury on Shen Chenghang's face became even stronger, he grabbed the woman's wrist and pulled her towards him, "Becoming a bitch, you still want to establish a memorial archway?"

This woman actually dared to talk to him in such a manner. She was truly daring!

In this instant where their four eyes met, Gu Wanwan suddenly felt as if she was struck by lightning. She stared stupidly into the pair of fierce eyes in front of her, and couldn't say a single word.

The familiar feeling from his memories once again assaulted his senses, followed by ? The words that almost came out of his mouth came out, "You hooligan, I want to sue you!"

"Is that so?" The man laughed sarcastically, dropped his business card and left. "I'll be waiting!"

With a "bang", the door was closed.

Gu Wanwan felt a headache coming on as something was constantly flashing in his mind. She frowned and lowered her head, looking at the name written on the name card: Shen Group's CEO, Shen Chenghang!

Gu Wanwan's finger trembled, and the name card fell to the ground.

It was him!

No wonder there was a familiar feeling, the same person, the same words ? She had experienced this two years ago.

That night, because she was drunk, her body was torn by a strange man, and that man was Shen Chenghang!

Gu Wanwan's face turned pale, her trembling hands picked up her phone and looked at the time. May 10th, 2017.

The image of her tumbling down the stairs appeared in his mind once again. Gu Wanwan covered his mouth in disbelief. He had been reborn ? Back to two years ago ?

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