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CEO's Silly Girl/C1 Marriage Is a Big Thing
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C1 Marriage Is a Big Thing

"Xiaoxiao, come home with Dad."

The shiny leather shoes stepped into the dilapidated courtyard, causing dust to fly everywhere.

Su Xiaoxiao secretly curled her lips. Her scum dad really came.

The good show was about to begin.

She slightly raised her head and carefully took a few steps back, hiding behind the door. There was a trace of vigilance in her innocent eyes. Her voice was low and timid, "Xiaoxiao doesn't have a father."

Su Haisheng stared at her face and was stunned on the spot.

It was too similar.

She was too similar to her mother.

She was beautiful and beautiful, like a blooming poppy flower, causing one to sink into oblivion.

The only difference was the purity in her eyes, or rather, she was a fool.

However, this contrast seemed to be even more alluring.

After a short pause, Su Haisheng fell into wild joy.

It was worth it this time!

With such a beauty, what could that dissolute young master of Qi family complain about?

He immediately put on a kind expression and said, "How could it be? Xiaoxiao, I am your father."

Before Su Xiaoxiao could say anything, an energetic old lady walked in from outside the courtyard. The moment she saw him, she picked up the broom in her hand and beat him up.

" I will beat you to death, you son of a b * tch. You actually have the face to come to my house and call yourself Xiaoxiao's father! "

Su Haisheng did not expect that he would not be able to avoid this fierce old lady and get hit by a few brooms in a row. Helplessly asking for help, he could only suppress the anger in his heart.

He called out loudly, "Old lady, I came this time for Xiaoxiao's marriage!"

"Marriage?" The old lady was even more furious and her hands were even more forceful. "Marry to who? Marry scum like her mother, and end up in a tragic death? "

Su Haisheng could not stand it any longer. He grabbed the broom and threw it on the ground. He said coldly, "Old lady, I'm telling you this because I respect you for raising Xiaoxiao for so many years. But she is my daughter after all. I have the final say in marriage. "

"Bastard, have you come to see Xiaoxiao in these past ten years? Have you raised Xiaoxiao for a day? What right do you have to say that she is your daughter?"

"Based on the fact that she has the blood of my Su family on her!"

Su Haisheng tidied his clothes and looked at Su Xiaoxiao's clean clothes. He smiled gently and enticed," Xiaoxiao, Dad brought you home. When we go back, I will buy you many beautiful clothes and delicious food, okay? "

Su Xiaoxiao lowered her head and almost laughed out loud.

This scum of a father really did not care about lying to her.

She covered up her ridicule and timidly raised her head to look at him. Her eyes were jumping with joy, "Really?"

"Of course it's true. Come, come to Dad's place."

Su Haisheng waved at her and took out a picture of a handsome man. "Do you see this brother? This is your future husband. He will treat you well in the future."

Su Xiaoxiao exclaimed, "Wow, such a beautiful brother! Grandma, look!"

The old lady moved closer to take a look. The man had a pair of glistening peach blossom eyes. One look and one could tell that he was a source of trouble.

Su Haisheng took the opportunity to persuade her," Old lady, this is the young master of Qi family. Xiaoxiao was able to marry into Qi family only because of three lifetimes of good fortune. "

Su Xiaoxiao shook her arm coquettishly, "Grandma, I want to see a pretty big brother. Can I come back and see you in the future?"

The old lady sighed deeply. The previous fierceness was instantly vented, "I'm old, I'm old. It's up to you."

She seemed to have aged a lot. She shook her head and walked into the room with her back hunched.

The sound of the car's engine was heard and it gradually faded away.

The melancholy on the old lady's face was swept away. She slowly turned on her phone to listen to the music.

Xiaoxiao, this girl, had been a ghost since she was young. She had already expected today's show yesterday.

Su Haisheng would never have guessed that he had picked up a great Buddha!


Inside the carriage.

After confirming that the girl in the backseat had no chance of escaping, Su Haisheng put away his kind attitude.

Through the rearview mirror, he saw Su Xiaoxiao, whose face was full of curiosity, touching left and right. He said sternly, "Xiaoxiao, don't touch her."

Living in that kind of old and dilapidated courtyard, this fool's body might be dirty!

Su Xiaoxiao heard the scolding and quickly retracted her hand. She straightened up and looked at him timidly, "Xiaoxiao is very obedient. Xiaoxiao is obedient."

Su Haisheng disdainfully snorted lightly and withdrew his gaze.

Even if he said that this was his daughter, he would still find it shameful!

If Deng Wan had not begged him nicely last night, he would not have come to pick up this fool.

The time was back to last night.

"I won't marry!"

With a cry, the crystal urn fell to the ground.

With a crashing sound, Su Haisheng's eyebrows jumped.

Su Miaomiao's eyes were red as she looked at the man on the sofa with a solemn expression. "Dad, the eldest son of Qi family changed into a young model every few days. Even the family business was taken away by the illegitimate child. Everyone knows about his dissolute and incompetent reputation. You want me to marry such a man? "

Su Haisheng spoke in a deep voice," Miaomiao, the Su's is in trouble now. We need you to marry someone... "

Su Miaomiao suddenly stood up. Her eyes were filled with anger and grievance. "The Su's! Su's! Don't tell me my happiness in my life can't be compared to a Su's?"

"Miaomiao, you are not young anymore. You should be more sensible."

"More sensible?" Su Miaomiao repeated in disbelief. This sentence actually came from her father who had doted on her since she was young. "So it turns out that I am not willing to destroy the hands of a scumbag man for the rest of my life. Is it because I am not sensible?"

"The company is run by you, but the price is paid by me?"

This sentence was like a slap to Su Haisheng's face. He only needed to say that he was useless.

Su Haisheng flew into a rage out of humiliation and slapped the table hard. "Whether it is through marriage or not, it is not up to you!"

"Even if I die, I will never marry Qi Jincheng!"

Su Miaomiao picked up a fragment and placed it on her thin white neck. Tears fell down and her body trembled.

"You!" Su Haisheng was so angry that he was breathing heavily.

"Miaomiao!" Even though Deng Wan was secretly angry, she only looked at her husband gently and made him shut up, "Miaomiao, don't do anything stupid. Be good and put it down. Mom has a way to not let you get married."

She softened her voice and slowly moved to Su Miaomiao's side. She took the fragment from her hand and gently held her in her arms.

Su Miaomiao buried herself in her chest and sobbed.

Deng Wan slowly stroked her long hair and gently said, "Haisheng, isn't there another candidate to marry the young master of Qi family?"

Su Haisheng was surprised, "Who?"

"Su Xiaoxiao."

"Su Xiaoxiao?" Su Haisheng did not remember who it was.

"Lan Yan's daughter." Deng Wan reminded.

Su Haisheng hesitated. "Isn't Su Xiaoxiao stupid?"

"Stupid! Think carefully about the position of the young master of Qi family in Qi family. As long as no one finds out before the wedding, no one will care after the wedding."

"Anyway, I have my own ways. You just need to bring her back from the countryside." She glared at Su Haisheng and handed him a step. "Otherwise, are you willing to let our only precious daughter marry the young master of Qi family and suffer?"

The dark clouds on Su Haisheng's face cleared up and he laughed a few times. "I can't bear to, of course I can't bear to! Miaomiao, it's father's fault this time. Father will apologize to you."

Deng Wan followed to persuade him a few more times and Su Haisheng promised to buy Su Miaomiao the limited edition handbag that she had long wanted. Only then did Su Miaomiao laugh out loud with tears in her eyes.

Sweeping her gaze across the harmonious father and daughter pair, the corners of Deng Wan's mouth curled up into a cold smile.

Lan Yan, oh Lan Yan, you were my stepping stone more than ten years ago. Now let your daughter be my stepping stone!

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