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C10 You're Not Allowed to Call Me Pretty Brother

When the fat woman heard her husband's words, she felt relieved and quickly snatched her son back from Hsing Li.

Qi Jincheng did not say that he wanted to keep the child, so Hsing Li did not mind. In any case, if he wanted to take the child away later, it would only be a matter of reaching out his hand.

If Qi Jincheng had something to say, even ten fat women wouldn't be able to snatch the child from Hsing Li.

Cheng Keji's face darkened, and he looked in the direction the fat woman had pointed out.

Qi Jincheng was standing where he was, looking at him indifferently.

When he saw that sinister face, Cheng Keji's pupils shrank instantly, then he hurriedly walked towards Qi Jincheng.

"Eldest young master!"

Cheng Keji's body bent to ninety degrees. His tone was extremely respectful, like Qi Jincheng's most loyal servant.

The fat woman opened her mouth wide in shock, and the onlookers instantly exploded.

"That woman just said that her husband is the right-hand man of the Qi's's president? Did they kick an iron board or the iron board of their boss? "

"That is the news of your life's misfortune. The president of Qi's is no longer this young master!"

"That's right. The young master of the Qi's has long been kicked off the altar. His position has been snatched away for many years!"

"So this is the young master of the Qi family who can't even defeat an illegitimate child!"

Hsing Li clenched his fists tightly. He wished he could give each of these people a slap in the face, and shut these ignorant people up.

However, seeing that Qi Jincheng's expression was the same as usual, as if he didn't care about it, he didn't want to make a move. He just quietly walked behind Qi Jincheng and stood behind him.

The fat woman also walked over with her son. Cheng Keji still maintained his bow posture.

Qi Jincheng did not speak. He did not dare to get up, and the fat woman reached out to pull him.

"Why are you bowing to him? Our superior is not this trash. Get up quickly!"

"Nonsense, a beautiful brother is not a trash, I won't allow you to say that to him!"

Su Xiaoxiao waited for an opportunity to build a good impression of him. When she heard the fat woman's words, she immediately acted as if she wanted to seal her mouth.

But before she could walk out, she was stopped by Qi Jincheng.

"She scolded you, beautiful brother. I won't allow her to scold you!"

Su Xiaoxiao turned around and blinked her bright eyes, pretending to be angry.

Qi Jincheng looked at the little girl's clear and sincere eyes and felt extremely complicated in his heart.

When she was bullied, she only knew to sit on the ground and cry, to be beaten and scolded at will.

Now, he had only been scolded once, and now he wanted to rush up and fight with her with his life on the line?

Why did she do that?

Before Qi Jincheng could figure it out, he heard that annoying voice again.

"I'm telling the truth, you idiot. Only you would think that!"

The fat woman pointed at Su Xiaoxiao and mocked her. Her fat face trembled.

Su Xiaoxiao had already raised her small fist, but there was someone who was a step faster than her. It was that woman's husband.

"Shut up, you idiot!"

Cheng Keji slapped away the fat woman's hand and bent his waist even deeper.

"Young Master, the lowlife is foolish and reckless, please don't lower yourself to her level, this subordinate will definitely bring her back and teach her a good lesson!"

Qi Jincheng did not say anything, but Cheng Keji became even more nervous. He looked up at Su Xiaoxiao.

Seeing the injury on Su Xiaoxiao's arm and thinking about his wife's words, he knew the whole story after thinking for a moment.

"Young Master, I will pay for the medical expenses of this young lady. After that, I will definitely bring my wife to ask for forgiveness! Please forgive me!"

Qi Jincheng still did not say a word, but the warmth in his eyes clearly became colder.

Cheng Keji frowned, but in the end, he still gritted his teeth, turned around, and gave the fat woman two slaps.

"Cheng Keji, how dare you..."

Before the woman could finish her sentence, she had already been beaten back. It was not until she had completely knocked her out that the applause stopped.

"Eldest Young Master!"

Cheng Keji bowed once again.

Qi Jincheng sneered and pulled Su Xiaoxiao towards the underground garage. Hsing Li followed closely behind.

After the commotion ended, the crowd quickly dispersed.

Today, the young master of Qi family really made them open their eyes.

There would definitely be a piece of news in the future, but this was just a farce. It was estimated that not many people would pay attention to it.

The defeat of the young master of Qi family was already a fact. Even if today's reputation was spread out, it would only mean that he could still borrow the support of the Qi family to show off. He was still a useless person.

Qi Jincheng didn't care about these things. People always followed the direction of the wind.

Those who truly controlled the wind naturally wouldn't care about those who were controlled by the wind.

After confirming that Qi Jincheng had really left, Cheng Keji found someone to help take his wife and child to the hospital.

The helper who was found to know what had happened here was also very puzzled.

"Brother Cheng, our young master doesn't even have a position in the company. He definitely won't be able to stand up. Why are you so aggrieved, sister-in-law?"

"Today, this matter has happened. There are only benefits and no disadvantages for us!"

Cheng Keji carried the person into the car and sneered.

"There are no disadvantages? Sister-in-law was knocked unconscious!"

The boy who helped didn't know about Cheng Keji's scheme.

Cheng Keji glanced at him and didn't intend to explain anything. He smiled and changed the topic and got someone to get in the car.

After the boy sat in the car, Cheng Keji also sat in the driver's seat. No one saw the hatred and greed in his eyes.

Today's incident happened on the pedestrian street. There were many people coming and going, so it would definitely be spread.

At that time, it would be a huge blow to Qi Jincheng's reputation.

With Cheng Keji's understanding of Qi Hanyi, he would definitely not let go of this opportunity.

When the time came, the news would be, "The useless young master of Qi family bullied his subordinates on the streets. His subordinates feared power and could only tolerate humiliation."

As long as Qi Hanyi did something about this matter, it would be beneficial to them without any harm.

At that time, Qi Hanyi would trust him even more. Who knew!

Binhai, city hospital, outside the examination room.

"Young master, do we need to do something about today's matter?"

Hsing Li asked with a serious expression.

After all, it was caused by a commotion on the pedestrian street, and there were so many people who saw it. If we don't do something about it, Qi Jincheng's reputation would be tarnished.

"There's no need for that."

Qi Jincheng shook his head expressionlessly.

The moment Cheng Keji bowed to him, he saw through his plan.

However, that family didn't know that the public opinion outside wouldn't cause any pressure to Qi Jincheng.

"Young master, do we need to teach Cheng Keji a lesson?"

Hsing Li continued to ask.

This group of people was extremely daring, and they had already set their sights on Qi Jincheng.

They thought that they were smart, but no one could see through them.

In fact, the moment he bowed to Qi Jincheng, Qi Jincheng and Hsing Li had already seen through his plan.

"Send the news of him stealing the plan last year to Qi Hanyi."

Qi Jincheng stood up and walked to the examination room.

It was time for them to bite the dog.

The good show was about to begin!

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