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CEO's Silly Girl/C11 You're Not Allowed to Eat Either
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C11 You're Not Allowed to Eat Either

Su Xiaoxiao twisted her thin and curved eyebrows. The pain on her face was obvious.

Her eyes had already turned red and there were tears flashing in them. However, she gritted her teeth and did not want to cry out.

Qi Jincheng walked closer and the more he looked, the more interesting he felt it was.

He couldn't help but wonder if this girl had been like this when she was beaten up in the past.

After the doctor finished checking, he passed the report to Qi Jincheng.

Actually, it was not a big problem at all. It was just that Su Xiaoxiao's skin easily broke, which was why the wound was shocking.

After coming out of the examination room, Qi Jincheng took her to the doctor to apply medicine.

The wound was touched by the disinfectant, and the tingling sensation spread throughout the entire body.

Su Xiaoxiao's eyes became even redder, and even her body was trembling.

"If you want to cry, cry."

Qi Jincheng stood behind her. His expression did not change, but his voice was not cold. The coldness in his eyes also disappeared.

Hsing Li was stunned at the door.

Their young master had never been so gentle to anyone!

"Wuwuwu... Beautiful brother, I'm afraid!"

Su Xiaoxiao had been waiting for those words. She immediately used her other hand to hug Qi Jincheng and cried.

Her hug always caught Qi Jincheng off guard.

However, in the end, it was the second time that he was familiar with the second time.

This time, Qi Jincheng was not stunned for long. One of his hands landed on Su Xiaoxiao's back and caressed her gently.

Hsing Li suspected that the sun came from the west today.

Otherwise, why would he always see his young master make an exception?

The rumors outside had made Qi Jincheng extremely dissolute.

However, he knew very well that his young master was the cleanest person, and he had not even been in contact with a woman for a long time.

It was not that he had never met a woman who tried to get close to him. Which one of them had a good ending?

For Su Xiaoxiao, not only had she not been pushed away, she had not been disliked. It was even the first time that her young master had taken the initiative to console her!

Hsing Li had already started to think about how to be careful in the future and not offend Su Xiaoxiao.

Who asked his young master to make so many exceptions for her?

After coming out of the hospital, Su Xiaoxiao's stomach was already growling with hunger.

They had been out for too long and the sky was already dark. Su Xiaoxiao had not eaten yet so of course she was hungry.

"Beautiful brother, didn't you say you would bring me to eat delicious food?"

Su Xiaoxiao pouted and looked up at the tall and straight man beside her.

His face was angular and his lines were cold and firm, but his face was a little pale.

But this added a bit of charm to his face. It was so beautiful that people could not bear to look away.

Su Xiaoxiao could not help but think, even though he was sick, he was still so good-looking. If he was healthy and healthy, wouldn't that be even more amazing?

"The burger is lost. Shall we go home and eat it?"

Qi Jincheng lowered his eyes and asked.

He had left in a hurry. The hamburger that he had packed had already been thrown to an unknown place.

The sky was already dark, and Qi Jincheng did not want to stay outside with this silly girl.

Hsing Li consciously went to drive.

"Okay, I will listen to pretty brother!"

Su Xiaoxiao nodded obediently like an obedient kitten.

Suddenly, a cunning light flashed in her eyes. She looked up and looked innocent again.

"Does the beautiful brother know how to make hamburgers?"


Qi Jincheng shook his head.

He only reacted when he got into the car. He asked, "Do you want hamburgers?"


Su Xiaoxiao shook her head. Her bad intentions were not here!

Qi Jincheng did not respond, but Su Xiaoxiao would not give up. She hugged his arm again and blinked her eyes as she asked him.

"Then does that pretty big brother know how to cook?"

Qi Jincheng wanted to say something, but Su Xiaoxiao beat him to it.

"Xiaoxiao wants to eat the food cooked by the pretty brother. The food cooked by the pretty brother must be delicious too!"

Her bright eyes were filled with hope, which made people unable to reject her.

Qi Jincheng also knew how to cook. He had been fighting alone overseas for those years, and he did not have a good life.

It was also a form of training that he could save a lot of money by cooking.

However, Qi Jincheng did not plan to cook for the little girl.

Thus, he only said half-heartedly, "There's someone cooking at home."

A sense of defeat flashed through Su Xiaoxiao's heart.

However, very quickly, this trace of feeling disappeared completely.

They had a long way to go!

The car quickly drove into Qi Jincheng's villa.

The two of them got out of the car, and the smell of food drifted over from the restaurant.

Su Xiaoxiao did not even care about Qi Jincheng as she ran towards the restaurant.

She was really hungry. She grabbed the bowl and prepared to eat.

"Go wash your hands."

Qi Jincheng followed her in and ordered with a stern face.

Su Xiaoxiao pouted and went to wash her hands obediently.

Hsing Li did not follow her in. It seemed like Qi Jincheng had something else to tell him to do.

After washing his hands, Qi Jincheng returned to the dining table. Su Xiaoxiao pretended to be unconvinced.

"Why didn't you wash your hands, beautiful brother? You are not allowed to eat either!"

She boldly reached out and snatched the rice that Qi Dong had just prepared for Qi Jincheng. She pouted and pointed at the bathroom.

"Beautiful brother, quickly wash your hands!"

Qi Dong and the maids who served the dishes froze on the spot. They secretly sized up Qi Jincheng's face.

Qi Jincheng had used a wet towel to wipe his hands. He did not play with the sand. In fact, he did not need to do it.

Qi Dong and the others also knew that it was because of this that they were sweating for Su Xiaoxiao.

However, what everyone did not expect was that the matter of the Eldest Young Master impatiently throwing the little girl out did not happen.

On the contrary, Qi Jincheng, who had always been impatient with women, actually stood up and walked towards the washroom!

What they did not know was that what Qi Jincheng was thinking at this moment was to set an example for Su Xiaoxiao.

In his eyes, Su Xiaoxiao was a five-year-old child and needed positive guidance.

And washing his hands would not bring him any trouble. It was still a good habit and of course he would not reject it.

Seeing Qi Jincheng return after washing his hands, Su Xiaoxiao sat beside him and started to eat happily.

From time to time, she would give Qi Jincheng something that she liked to eat.

She would tell him how delicious those things were.

Such a suicidal action undoubtedly made Qi Dong and the maids' hearts jump to their throats again.

And what happened next made them start to doubt if there was something wrong with their understanding of Qi Jincheng in the past.

Qi Jincheng slowly picked up the food Su Xiaoxiao sent over and ate it!

He did not resist at all.

This was the first time that this had happened. It was no wonder Qi Dong and the others were shocked.

When the meal was almost finished, Hsing Li came back from the outside in a hurry.

"Take your time."

Qi Jincheng naturally noticed it. He called Su Xiaoxiao and got up from the dining table to leave.

Hsing Li did not need to say anything and had already followed.

"Yes, yes!"

Since Qi Jincheng was not around, Su Xiaoxiao also felt bored by herself. Very quickly, she finished eating the rice in the bowl and walked upstairs.

Just now, the two seemed to be going up to the third floor. Su Xiaoxiao also stopped on the third floor.

After carefully looking around and making sure that there was no one, Su Xiaoxiao flashed and disappeared from where she was.

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