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CEO's Silly Girl/C12 Xiao Xiao Likes You
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C12 Xiao Xiao Likes You

"Is everything done?"

Qi Jincheng raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the person who had followed him into the study.

"Cheng Keji's side has been arranged, but there is one thing..."

Hsing Li pursed his lips and frowned.

He seemed to be in a difficult position to say.

Qi Jincheng sat on the chair and took out a cigar from the drawer.

Hsing Li immediately went forward and helped light the fire.

"If you have something to say, say it."

Qi Jincheng took a breath, and the faint smell of tobacco spread in the study.


The boss gave the order, and Hsing Li did not dare to hesitate any longer.

"There is a batch of goods going into Binhai overseas. They were supposed to pass the customs, but they were dragged back by the Qi's to re-investigate!"

This news was also received by Hsing Li on the way back.

Qi Jincheng was still sitting in his chair and smoking a cigar, his expression normal.

Hsing Li continued, "Eldest young master, do you think that the people from the Qi's have discovered something?"

If they had not discovered something, why would they target their goods?

"What did they come in for?"

Qi Jincheng put out the cigar and asked in a low voice.

"It's a batch of jewelry."

Hsing Li quickly replied.

Qi Jincheng lowered his eyes and looked at the extinguished cigar. He did not say anything.

Hsing Li furrowed his brows and didn't dare to make a sound.

At the same time, a slender figure jumped into the room next to them.

Su Xiaoxiao moved quickly and laid on the wall.

She found the position and attached a miniature listening device.

Very quickly, the voice from the next door entered Su Xiaoxiao's ears through the monitoring device.

"Ask the customs to check the goods. If they are looking for trouble, send someone to educate them."

Qi Jincheng's voice was cold, without any warmth.

Hsing Li bowed and agreed, then left after receiving the order.

He didn't ask the question at the beginning, the answer was already very obvious from the young master.

This time, it was only the idiots from the Qi family who were looking for trouble.

As for their goods, they didn't have any problems, so they weren't afraid of being investigated.

As for that idiot from the Qi family, how dare he look for trouble with them?

He had to be prepared to pay the price!

Hsing Li left, and the study fell into silence.

Su Xiaoxiao was not sure whether Qi Jincheng had left or not, and she did not dare to act rashly.

In fact, she did not come this time to eavesdrop.

The clues left behind by her mother were pitifully few, and the only clue was still very vague.

This operation was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Although she could already make a move in the Qi family, she actually had no idea where to start.

This time, she wanted to go to the study to see if there were any clues.

Qi Jincheng would only go to the study when he was discussing important matters.

Furthermore, that place, without Qi Jincheng's permission, no one was allowed to enter.

Even the maids who were cleaning the house did not dare to approach.

Usually, it was only after Qi Dong had asked Qi Jincheng for permission that he could enter and clean the house.

With such a high level of security, there must be a lot of secrets stored inside.

Su Xiaoxiao's destination was here.

But it was useless to say all these now.

Because Su Xiaoxiao had yet to find a suitable opportunity to enter the study.

After Hsing Li left, she could hear him clearly, but after that, there was no movement in the study.

Qi Jincheng's footsteps were light and his breathing was light, like a ghost.

If he wanted to confirm his movements, he would have to go out and take a look with his own eyes.

With this thought, Su Xiaoxiao quietly left the room.

Not long after, Qi Dong, who went upstairs to give Qi Jincheng clothes, saw Su Xiaoxiao.

At that time, the little girl was staring at her sleepy eyes and walking forward in a daze.

She walked quite quickly, and after a few turns, she had already arrived at the door of the study.

Qi Dong was shocked, and he hurriedly ran over.

"Miss Su, why are you here?"

Su Xiaoxiao raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. She looked confused.

She looked around and asked in confusion, "What is this place? Why am I here?"

Su Xiaoxiao's room was also on the third floor, not too far away.

She pretended to be sleepwalking and would not be suspected.

As expected, Qi Dong heaved a sigh of relief and lowered his voice.

"Miss Su, you cannot enter here. I will bring you back to your room!"

What a joke. They were now standing in the young master's study.

That place was his, and he had to ask for permission before he could enter.

Su Xiaoxiao had made an exception for the young master in some small matters.

But in the end, she had not married Eldest Young Master.

Eldest Young Master would definitely not allow an outsider like her to step into the study.

"Mmm, thank you, Uncle Butler!"

Su Xiaoxiao nodded as she turned around.

However, her eyes were still on the door of the study and she was suspicious.

The commotion outside was not small. Qi Jincheng did not even come out...

Could it be that he had already left the study?

Su Xiaoxiao was guessing when the door of the study was suddenly opened. She was so scared that she quickly looked away.

Qi Dong also heard the door open and immediately stopped in his tracks.

"Young Master, I'm sorry to disturb you!"

He looked at Su Xiaoxiao and then turned around to explain, "Young Madam seems to be sleepwalking. I was just about to bring her back to her room!"


Qi Jincheng stared at Su Xiaoxiao and a suspicious look flashed across his eyes.

Su Xiaoxiao felt his gaze and immediately looked up to greet him.

"Hehe, beautiful big brother, I finally found you!"

Su Xiaoxiao's clean voice was filled with surprise.

Before Qi Jincheng could say anything, she had already walked over and hugged his arm tightly as if complaining.

"Beautiful big brother, there was a bad person who wanted to take Xiaoxiao away just now. Xiaoxiao couldn't find you, so she ran all the way to Uncle Butler's place!"

As Su Xiaoxiao spoke, her tears had already fallen.

At the same time, there was a look of grievance and fear on her face, as if she really had a nightmare like this just now.

Qi Jincheng didn't have much doubt about it. After seeing the person beside him, it disappeared in an instant.

"Why are you looking for me?"

He lowered his eyes to look at the little girl beside him, somewhat puzzled.

Actually, this answer wasn't that hard to find.

Qi Jincheng just couldn't be sure if the feeling in his heart was real or fake.

"Because the beautiful big brother is good to Xiaoxiao! He will give Xiaoxiao good food and protect Xiaoxiao!"

Su Xiaoxiao answered without hesitation. Her voice was clear and her tone was certain.

Qi Jincheng narrowed his eyes and looked at her. He did not know what to say.

Su Xiaoxiao secretly laughed in her heart. Without waiting for him to speak, she went into his arms.

"Xiaoxiao likes beautiful big brother. She wants to be with you for the rest of her life! Never be separated!"

It was that sentence again.

They will never be separated for the rest of their lives!

Qi Jincheng's eyes gradually darkened. He only felt that these words were distant and distant.

To him, it was even more unrealistic.

The person beside him was lively and lively, and was currently tunneling into his embrace.

It was as if he had really been treated as a haven, a guardian that could protect him forever.

Qi Jincheng snorted lightly. It was unknown whether he was mocking others or mocking himself.

"Go back to the room."

He reached out and took her out of his arms and walked forward with him.

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