CEO's Silly Girl/C13 There Was Someone in the Study!
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CEO's Silly Girl/C13 There Was Someone in the Study!
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C13 There Was Someone in the Study!

Su Xiaoxiao's wrist was grabbed by Qi Jincheng.

She frowned and followed behind him.

How could the dissolute young master of Qi family not hold a girl's hand?

The corner of Su Xiaoxiao's mouth curled up. She broke free and grabbed Qi Jincheng's hand with both hands.

When Qi Jincheng looked at her, Su Xiaoxiao's face had that innocent and silly smile again.

Qi Jincheng let her go.

The butler stood behind the two of them and watched them leave.

With Qi Jincheng sending them back, there was naturally no need for him.

Seeing the back of his young master disappear, Qi Dong left.

On the other side, Qi Jincheng entered the door and let go of Su Xiaoxiao's hand.

Su Xiaoxiao grabbed him again.

"Still not sleeping?"

Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao had no intention of letting go, Qi Jincheng could not help but ask.

"Beautiful brother, don't go, okay?"

The smile on Su Xiaoxiao's face finally disappeared and turned into uneasiness.

Her acting skills were extremely good. In order to complete the lie from before, she also put in a lot of effort.

Fortunately, Qi Jincheng believed it. Otherwise, all her hard work would have been in vain.

"Scared alone?"

Qi Jincheng looked down at her quietly. After a while, he opened his mouth and asked.

Su Xiaoxiao nodded without hesitation.

She acted all the way to make him believe that she ran to the study because she was afraid of nightmares.

"Beautiful brother, stay! Stay!"

Su Xiaoxiao could feel that Qi Jincheng was moved. She struck while the iron was hot and acted like a spoiled child to him.

She had already said so many sweet words on the way.

She knew very well that acting like a spoiled child at this moment would definitely fulfill her wish.

Su Xiaoxiao thought so in her heart, but she would not show it on her face.

When Qi Jincheng looked over, her face was still full of hope.

This girl looked at him with a burning gaze. Qi Jincheng couldn't even think of rejecting her.

He casually pulled a chair over and sat beside the bed.

Su Xiaoxiao was still standing there.

"Go to bed, go to sleep."

Qi Jincheng's voice was very calm, but Su Xiaoxiao could hear the urge.

Could it be that he still had something to do later?

The answer to this question naturally would not be told to her.

Su Xiaoxiao quickly nodded her head and pretended to be excited as she got into the blanket.

She blinked her bright eyes and looked at Qi Jincheng's side face.

This fellow was simply too handsome!

Exquisite lines, fair skin, and a perfect figure.

It was not excessive to say that he was favored by the heavens.

Qi Jincheng held a book of impurities in his hand and casually flipped through it.

The way a man quietly read a book was also an enchanting scenery.

The maids in the villa looked at Qi Jincheng with a bit of fear in their eyes.

When doing things, everyone was also very careful, as if he was really some terrifying wolf.

Su Xiaoxiao thought, They don't have eyes. Qi Jincheng is not that scary!

He was still very good-looking!

Especially now, he was quietly reading a book. It was as if he had walked out of a painting.

Su Xiaoxiao's undisguised prying eyes were quickly discovered.

Qi Jincheng closed the magazine in his hand and restrained his eyes, "Close your eyes and sleep."

He urged again. Was there really something he needed to do?

Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled. She originally wanted him to go and do something.

Before she could say anything, she realized that such words were definitely not something she could say right now.

She went to find Qi Jincheng because she was afraid of nightmares. It was not easy for her to find Qi Jincheng. How could she let him go?

Su Xiaoxiao nodded silently in her heart. Very soon, a crafty light flashed across her eyes.

She did not even sleep. She got up from the bed and looked at Qi Jincheng.

"Beautiful brother, dad and aunty both said that you are my husband and I am your wife!"

Qi Jincheng didn't understand what this little girl wanted to do.

He looked up and quietly listened to her continue.

"Mom said that husband and wife need to sleep together. Beautiful husband, why don't you sleep with me?"

Su Xiaoxiao knew that Qi Jincheng would not agree to this matter.

So she was more daring and also asked a question that was very difficult to ask.

"Could it be that the beautiful husband is preparing to secretly slip away and not want Xiaoxiao anymore?"

... ""

Su Xiaoxiao's insecure look made Qi Jincheng suppress the urge to throw her out.

She only had the intelligence of a five-year-old child and did not understand these things.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the wrinkled magazine and the corner of her mouth could not help but twitch. At the same time, she began to laugh loudly in her heart.

The reputation of the Qi family's dissolute young master was too fake, right?

Didn't they say that the young models would change every day?

Why would she vent her anger on the magazine when she said such things?

"Go to sleep, I'm not leaving."

Qi Jincheng threw the magazine aside and his face darkened.

Su Xiaoxiao saw that it was almost done, so she did not continue.

She also could not get the answer to that question.

"Oh, okay then!"

The little girl pouted and crawled back into the blanket under Qi Jincheng's gaze.

However, she still reached out a hand and grabbed Qi Jincheng's clothes.

Qi Jincheng had a complicated look in his eyes.

How insecure was she?

The night deepened, and the lights in the villa were almost extinguished.

Only a room on the west side of the third floor was still lit.

Qi Jincheng was still sitting beside Su Xiaoxiao's bed, and the corners of his clothes were still gripped.

He stared at the computer in front of him and sat beside Su Xiaoxiao to work.

Recently, there were many things that required him to make decisions for the overseas corporations.

Qi Jincheng originally planned to handle it in the study room. When he encountered this matter in the middle, he shifted it to Su Xiaoxiao's room.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Xiaoxiao turned around.

The corner of her clothes that she was holding loosened as well. It seemed that she was already sleeping soundly.

Qi Jincheng turned off the computer and turned to look at the person on the bed.

She had a quiet sleeping face, and the outline of her face could be considered a beauty.

It was a pity that her intelligence was not complete.

If she was healthy and healthy, as his wife, it would not be a bad thing...

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, it was thrown out by Qi Jincheng.

This idea was too crazy!

He stood up, picked up the computer, and quickly walked out.

After Qi Jincheng left, the last light in the villa was extinguished.

Not long after, the person on the bed who was "sleeping" turned over and stood up.

Su Xiaoxiao quietly walked out and lectured the direction in her memory to find the study.

She must go in tonight to take a look.

The door of the study was closed and there was not a trace of light.

Just in case, she brought the monitoring equipment with her and placed it on the door to listen for a while.

There was no light, no sound. There was absolutely no one inside.

After confirming this matter, Su Xiaoxiao lifted the door handle and was just about to press it when she heard a "Hua La."

She turned her head. There was nothing unusual in the villa. That sound came from the study room.

Su Xiaoxiao frowned and raised her hand to put on the other headset. She listened carefully.

"Eldest Young Master, the people from the Qi's have been taken care of!"

Hsing Li's voice came from the study.

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