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CEO's Silly Girl/C14 You Are a Tree That Blooms?
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C14 You Are a Tree That Blooms?

Hsing Li's words shocked Su Xiaoxiao. Their efficiency was really fast.

It had only been less than five hours since she started eavesdropping.

She had already returned to report. Qi Jincheng was indeed very good at controlling his subordinates.

Qi Jincheng only responded with a simple "En."

The voice of this fellow was really not loud. If it was not for his full concentration, he would not have been able to hear it clearly.

Su Xiaoxiao wanted to hear it clearer and could not help but move forward.

But she forgot that she was using a listening device now.

Even if she moved forward, it would be impossible to open that door.

Just like that, she almost hit the door. Coincidentally, there was light downstairs.

It was probably some servant who woke up at night. Su Xiaoxiao did not dare to stay any longer. She put away the equipment and left on tiptoes.

The matter that the two people inside wanted to discuss did not help Su Xiaoxiao much.

And with the two of them staying in the study room tonight, the possibility of them entering was also reduced to zero.

Continuing to stay here would increase the risk of being discovered.

If she was seen by others again, she could not guarantee that Qi Jincheng, that person who pretended to be a pig to eat a tiger, would not doubt her.

Until she laid back on the bed, Su Xiaoxiao was still puzzled.

Why did Qi Jincheng sit in the study room in the dark?

He only turned on the light when Hsing Li went over.

It was fine if it was dark, but Qi Jincheng didn't make a sound.

Su Xiaoxiao had been lying at the door listening for a long time just in case, but she did not find a living person inside.

Speaking of which, it was all thanks to Hsing Li's timely return that night.

Otherwise, once the door opened, Su Xiaoxiao wouldn't have been able to escape.

The moon fell and the sun rose. When the first ray of sunlight shone into the room, Qi Jincheng opened his eyes.

He felt that something was wrong. He subconsciously frowned and turned his head to look.

Su Xiaoxiao was holding her face and laughing foolishly. Her gaze did not deviate from his face at all.

"Why are you here?"

Qi Jincheng raised his hand and rubbed his forehead. It was obvious that he was tired.

He had been so busy last night that he had to rest very late. Coupled with the fact that he had recovered from his injuries in the later half of the night, he slept very soundly.

He didn't even notice that there was a living person squatting beside him.

"Beautiful brother, breakfast is ready. I want to eat with you!"

Su Xiaoxiao stood up with a sincere face.

Qi Jincheng did not have the habit of eating breakfast.

The maids at home also prepared breakfast because Su Xiaoxiao came.

He originally intended to refuse, but when he saw Su Xiaoxiao's pitiful appearance, he nodded in agreement.

Qi Jincheng let her go down first. He only went out after he finished washing up.

When eating, Su Xiaoxiao was still the same as yesterday, always giving what he thought was delicious to Qi Jincheng.

Qi Dong and the servants were already used to it.

Su Xiaoxiao had almost finished eating, so she would glance at the man beside her from time to time.

He was really a "work of art." No matter what he was doing, his actions and actions were as beautiful as a painting.

It was clearly just a simple breakfast, coupled with Qi Jincheng's noble temperament and perfect face, it gave off the feeling of sitting in the palace and having a royal feast.

"What are you looking at?"

In the end, Qi Jincheng still discovered the movements of that little person.

Su Xiaoxiao peeped at him and was discovered. She did not hide it and turned her head to look openly.

"Beautiful big brother, didn't you promise Xiaoxiao not to leave? Why did you leave again?"

It turned out that she was haggling about this matter.

Qi Jincheng put down his chopsticks," I have something to do. "

Without waiting for Su Xiaoxiao to ask anything else, Hsing Li walked in from outside.

"Young Master, the car is ready! We can set off at any time!"

Hsing Li still had a pair of golden eyes on his nose bridge, and he had the temperament of a weak scholar.

However, Su Xiaoxiao had never felt that Hsing Li was the same as what he had shown. He was a weak scholar.

It didn't matter whether it was the scene that she saw on the first day she entered the Qi family or the report she heard last night.

Both had left a deep impression on Su Xiaoxiao. She also knew that Hsing Li wasn't simple, and Qi Jincheng wasn't simple either.

"Go up and change your clothes. Let's go out."

Qi Jincheng did not respond to Hsing Li. Instead, he looked at Su Xiaoxiao.

"Go out? Does the beautiful brother want to bring Xiaoxiao out to play again?"

Su Xiaoxiao immediately cooperated and revealed an exaggerated surprised expression.

"Sort of!"

Qi Jincheng's expression did not change and said quietly.

"Great, we can go out and play again!"

Su Xiaoxiao immediately jumped up and gave Qi Jincheng a big bear hug. "Beautiful brother, you are so good!"

After she said that, she ran upstairs, leaving the people in the hall stunned and shocked.

Hsing Li, Qi Dong and the others were carefully looking at Qi Jincheng's face as they muttered in their hearts.

"This Miss Su is really too bold. She actually went to hug Eldest Young Master so rashly!"

A strange color flashed across Qi Jincheng's eyes. He was still immersed in the bear hug from before.

That little girl had a unique fragrance on her body. It was very refreshing and very clean.

That smell gave people a sense of relaxation and peace.

When Su Xiaoxiao bumped into him and rushed over to hug him, Qi Jincheng actually did not guard against it at all.

Even he himself was shocked. The person who should have been pushed away had been carried by her just like that, but he was not angry.

Maybe it was because she was still a child!

Just like the children in the orphanage that he had helped out before, those children would not reject him even if they hugged.

Hsing Li, Qi Dong, and the others were completely shocked when they saw Qi Jincheng really let Su Xiaoxiao do whatever she wanted.

In the future, there was one more person that they could not offend, and it was already set in stone!

Su Xiaoxiao did not know where she was going. The clothes that the maid gave her were also very common and very casual.

When she reappeared downstairs.

Qi Jincheng had also finished packing. When he saw Su Xiaoxiao, he waved at her.

Su Xiaoxiao played the role of a fool seriously.

Qi Jincheng waved his hand and she ran over excitedly, even giggling at him.

The two of them walked out of the door and climbed onto the Maserati that Hsing Li had prepared earlier.

Very quickly, the car drove out of the villa.

Their destination this time was a high-order studio in the northern part of Binhai.

In a few days, they were going to attend the Qi family's family banquet.

Although the fact that Su Xiaoxiao was a fool could not be changed, it was still right to tidy up and tidy up.

She was good-looking and could disguise herself a little. At least, she would not be seen through by anyone at a glance.

Qi Jincheng knew very well what kind of people could appear at the Qi family's banquet.

They were competing for beauty, and each of them was putting on an act.

If this little girl left with her face covered in dust, she would definitely become the target of bullying.

Hsing Li was fast but steady.

This racing skill was one of the best in the world.

In less than half an hour, they arrived at their destination.

"Aiyo, what wind is blowing today? It can actually blow you, Young Master Qi, to my place!"

Before the few of them entered the room, a sharp voice was heard.

"He even brought a little beauty with him!"

The man in red and green, full of makeup, stopped in his tracks when he reached the door.

He could not help but look at Qi Jincheng. "You finally made the iron tree bloom?"

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